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8 Fascinating Facts About Saint Joseph

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss little known facts about the foster-father of Our Lord, Saint Joseph. You’ll learn how Saint Joseph met the Virgin Mary, why he is known as the Terror of Demons, the end-times prophecy of how his body will be discovered, and much more!

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How did Saint Joseph Meet Mary?
• Was Saint Joseph and old-widower or a young virgin?
• Why are no words of Saint Joseph recorded in the Bible?
• Where is Saint Joseph buried, or was he assumed into Heaven?
• Why are demons terrified of Saint Joseph?
• And much more!

10 Mindblowing Facts About The Shroud Of Turin

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about mind-blowing facts about the Shroud of Turin, including the earliest historical mentions of the Shroud, the science behind the Shroud, and other facts that make the Shroud the most interesting single object on the face of the Earth.

In this episode you’ll learn:

• The ancient Hungarian codex that may be the oldest reference of the Shroud
• What are the Vignon markings and how do they prove authenticity
• The scientific study of pollen on the Shroud that ties the Shroud to Jerusalem
• How the Sudarium of Oviedo connects with the Shroud
• The amazing electromagnetic finding scientists found when they opened Christ’s tomb
• And much more!

Things You Didn’t Know About Pope Saint John Paul II

Saint John Paul II was one of the most well-known people of all time, but there are some incredibly interesting things about him that you probably don’t know.

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys reveal little known facts about JPII like his childhood his nickname, his first girlfriend, the multiple times he was almost killed, the miracles that supported his canonization, and more!

In this episode you’ll learn about:
  • Did Padre Pio predict his Papacy?
  • The time he was nearly killed by Nazis
  • His relationship with his Jewish girlfriend
  • The little 2nd assassination attempt on his life
  • and much more!

Catholic Prophecies About The End Of The World

The End Is Near! …or is it? On this episode, the guys talk about Catholic prophecies that predict the destruction of the Church and the end of times.
In this episode you’ll learn about:
  • What did Nostradamus predict about the Church?
  • Did Saint Malachy predict Pope Francis would be the last pope?
  • The end time prediction hidden in the art of a Roman church
  • What Is the TRUE 3rd Secret of Fatima?
  • and much more!

What Are The Real Names of God, Jesus, & The Apostles?

In this episode, the guys talk about the hidden meanings of the true historical names and God, Jesus Christ, Mary, and the Apostles.
In this episode you’ll learn about:
  • Where does the word “God” come from?
  • What would Jesus have been known as during His time on Earth?
  • What does Mary’s name mean?
  • What do the names of each Apostle mean?
  • And Much More!

6 Amazing Mothers Who Are Also Catholic Saints

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, in celebration of Mother’s Day, the guys are talking about amazing mothers who became Catholic Saints!

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The mother who became the patron saint of archaeologists
  • The mother who became the first American-born saint!
  • Who is the grandmother of Jesus?
  • The saint known as “The Mother of Saints”
  • The widowed mother who wrote more words than Aquinas, while raising 9 kids!

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