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The Catholic Origins of Easter Traditions

Is the Easter Bunny Catholic? Does Easter have pagan origins? In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys share the Catholic origins of Easter traditions like the bunnies, eggs, and more!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where does the name Easter come from?
  • Does Easter have some sort of secret Pagan origins?
  • Why does Easter happen on a different day each year?
  • Is the Easter Bunny Catholic?
  • How Eggs became associated with Easter
  • And Much More!

The 10 Worst Catholic Church Songs Of All Time

In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys reluctantly listen to 10 awful songs that should be torn out of the hymnals and never be sung in a Catholic Church again.

What Happens When You Die And Hopefully Go To Heaven?

Everybody dies, and YOU will too. So that leads to an important question: What happens when we die? In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about what the Catholic Church teaches about death and the afterlife.

In this episode we’ll cover:
  • Is your soul judged immediately when you die?
  • What can your body do in Heaven?
  • What have Saints who have seen Heaven said about it?
  • Will we eat in Heaven? Will we wear clothes?
  • Does time pass in Heaven?
  • And much more!

7 Badass Catholic Saints

When you picture of a Catholic Saint, you probably think of a meek and frail figure. But these 7 saints were some of the toughest people to ever walk the face of the Earth who’s badassery was only eclipsed by their holiness.

In this episode we’ll cover:
  • The Saint who hired a prostitute every night
  • The 70-year old warrior saint
  • The most unlikely war hero of all time
  • The saint who would likely be an MMA champ in today’s world
  • The saint who live for 38 years in the oddest place
  • The saint who gave the most defiant answer ever when being tortured
  • The female saint who led a guerrilla army against persecution

10 Things Catholics Are Sick Of Hearing

On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys dispel 10 fake and erroneous claims about what Catholics believe and practice. These are things that every Catholics is sick and tired of hearing!
In this episode we’ll cover:
  • Do Catholics Worship Mary?
  • Did Catholics Change The Bible?
  • Do Catholics Worship Statues?
  • Can Catholics “Buy Heaven” With Indulgences?
  • Does The Catholic Church Hate Gay People?
  • Did Priestly Celibacy Cause The Abuse Scandal?
  • And Much More!

The Truth About The Historical Saint Patrick & Irish Catholicism

Saint Patrick’s Day has become one of the biggest celebrations of the year, whether you are Irish or just claim to be on his feast day. On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys drink some green beers and talk about the REAL Saint Patrick and how his feast become so popular!
In this episode we’ll cover:
  • What Was Saint Patrick’s Birth Name?
  • Was Saint Patrick Even Irish?
  • Is The Shamrock A Good Analogy For The Trinity or Heretical?
  • Why Drinking Was Illegal on Saint Patrick’s Day In Ireland
  • PLUS: The Irish Saint Who Discovered America 1,000 Years Before Columbus!

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