200TH EPISODE SPECIAL: Our Origin Story

In the 200th episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share reflections on our backgrounds, on how we met, and why we started the Catholic Talk Show

A special thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through 200 episodes! We have so much gratitude for all of you!


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2 comments on 200TH EPISODE SPECIAL: Our Origin Story

  1. Andrea says:


    Happy 200th episode guys! You were all handsome WITHOUT the hair growth!! I LOVE the pictures of you guys and I only have one word for you three good-looking dudes – SHAVE!

    You guys have put on some great podcasts. You may have 200 new ones in you especially with help from your viewers. One of my favorites was on Guardian Angels. You could do follow-up shows asking viewers to tell you their guardian angel rescue stories because we all have them. Get The Chosen stars on for an interview. Do a podcast on how viewers found you and what a difference you have made in their lives. You made a difference in my life. I was trying to get back my faith after a few traumatic spiritual warfare attacks and you came along at the right time. I also got to watch The Chosen because of you guys. Then I found Keith Nester because of you guys! You have made huge contributions to my journey to Jesus and I will stick by you guys always. I have been a fan of yours for the 4 years you have been on.

    Thank you so much for all that you do for your viewers. I am sending you hugs and blessings.
    Luv ya!
    P.S. I am from Boston and I know all about Bishop Reed and his TV channel.

  2. Gloria Haschke says:

    I really liked the episode “Death and The Catholic Church”

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