What Did Jesus Christ Actually Look Like?

Everyone thinks they know what Jesus looked like according to art and iconography. But how accurate are these representations? In this episode, the guys are joined by actor Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in the series “The Chosen” as they discuss what Jesus would have looked like according to scripture, sacred art, archaeology, and miraculous visions.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What does the Bible say about Jesus’ appearance?
  • What early does Christian art teach us about how Jesus really looked?
  • What extra-biblical sources from pagans teach us about Jesus’ appearance
  • Based on the Shroud of Turin, what did Jesus look like?
  • And Much More!


10 comments on What Did Jesus Christ Actually Look Like?

  1. Lucila Ayala Castro. says:

    Muy bien e interesante me ayudó a ubicar los diferentes iconos sobre Jesús. Gracias. También lo entendí mejor en español que es mi idioma.

    1. Jim says:

      When Jonathan was talking about the movie he played in where the clothing was advised by a Jewish scholar who was educated in first century clothing, I was thinking (dare I go here) “Was he going commando?” What was the undergarment of the time? Was there package protection?

  2. Tessa says:

    Thanks for the episode, guys! loved that documentary on the Shroud you mentioned (just cannot recall the title, where did you say you’d put the links?)
    Oh, and I’m praying for you and your mission in Vilnius, the city where st. Faustina had the visions, the Chaplet dictated and where the original image of Divine Mercy is, if you wanna come visit 🙂

  3. Deb Arrup says:

    Thank you guys for letting us meet “Jesus “!!!!!!!!!! By all accounts Jonathan Roumie,,,,does look like
    our Lord. But what impressed me most is when he spoke in the Language of Christ, you had to feel
    something very strong and pulling you closer to Him!!!! I Pray for MANY good roles for Jonathan!!!!!
    Our WORLD needs JESUS CHRIST,,,,,NOW,,,,,more than EVER !!!!!!
    My PRAYERS go out to your male audience ,,,,our MEN don’t KNOW …..how GREAT your show is !!!
    If Laughter is the BEST ….MEDICINE……then……you guys are the gurus of good HEALTH!!!!!!!
    May the Peace of the Lord be with YOU and YOURS!!!!!!

  4. Lvchang says:

    It is truly fun and educational on your show. Jonathan does look like the image of Jesus. It is great to have a living representation. I wish you all the best.

  5. Alejandro Ulate says:

    This was nice. Very informative and laid back. It would be nice if during the video things you guys talked about showed up in the videos. I pray you all feel the spirit of God around you always.

  6. Jackie says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on ‘what did Jesus look like’. Our Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic….that sent shivers through me. Very moving. I work at a church in the U k and a discussion the staff have from time to time is the day the Catholic Church accepts women priests. I am not in favour of this. Could you have a discussion on this topic. It gets very heated here with the reasons why women should be priests against why they shouldn’t. What do you think?

  7. Dan says:

    I would guess He would have looked middle eastern.

  8. Samantha says:

    Such a powerful episode. The prayer at the end made me tear up.

  9. Catherine Oliveri says:

    I just recently watched “The Chosen” a pilot series that would be a weekly show in the life of Jesus. It is awesome! Very unique from other biblical shows. The fellow that portrays Jesus resembles the fellow on your show. Is he one and the same?

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