What Did Jesus Do For The 40 Days After The Resurrection?

After rising from the dead on Easter, Jesus didn’t immediately ascend into Heaven. Instead, He spent 40 days still on Earth in His resurrected form. What did Jesus do during this time? Who did He appear to? What is the meaning of His appearances? In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about each appearance of Jesus during the 40 days between Easter and the Ascension!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How many times did Jesus appear after His resurrection?
  • Who did Jesus appear to first?
  • Why did people not immediately recognize Him after the resurrection?
  • What are the deeper meanings of each appearance?
  • And Much More!

10 comments on What Did Jesus Do For The 40 Days After The Resurrection?

  1. Cecilia Tang says:

    The Resurrected Christ, in the splendour of His paradisiac appearance, go to His Mother first. It was fair that He should go to Her first instead of Mary Magdalene because, besides being His guardian and comfort, the Mother gave Him life and love.
    Mary, the ever virgin Mother could touch, hug and kiss the Resurrected Jesus because She was the Pure, the Beloved, the Beloved Saint of God.
    And after showing Himself to the Pure Mother,to Whom by right of Holiness and Maternity it was just that the Son-God should go, the Resurrected Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, the redeemed woman, whom He had come to free her from the sting of lust. The Magdalene deserved this reward of seeing the Resurrected Jesus because of her ability to rise through her own will from the sepulchre of her vices, to strangle Satan who held her, to defy the world out of love for her Saviour and her God. She was able to divest herself of everything that was not love, and she was able to be nothing but love that was consumed for her God.
    But the Resurrected Jesus did not let the Magdalene touch Him because she was not the Pure One, Who could touch, without contaminating Him, the Son Who was going back to the Father. She had still much to purify through penance. But her love for Jesus deserved that reward. Mary Magdalene, the one revived to Grace, had the first vision of Grace Risen.

  2. Manuela Marques says:

    I enjoy listening to your talks and I have learn much from them. However, I just have one question to ask. In all your shows, I notice that all the figurines on the table are very still, except for Jesus. His head is always moving. I find rather interesting.\
    Thank you
    God bless

  3. Deb Arrup says:

    What the 3 of you men do,,,,,is ,,,,,of so much importance!!!!!!!!! Father Pagano, even your name
    Pagan..No,,,,seems to spread the word of Christ !!!!! You are bringing the Word of Our Lord to MEN !
    ESPECIALLY!!!!!!! Men who are LOST,,,,and WANT ….ANSWERS!!!!!!! Men…..who want to be
    BETTER,,,,SONS,BROTHERS, FATHERS!!!!!!! Men……who want to LIVE the WAY of CHRIST,,,but
    DO NOT KNOW …..where to BEGIN!,,,,,!!!!!! Ryan,Ryan,and Father Rich, you are HELPING them!
    Life is more Difficult for men with RELIGION….because….they think it NOT…..manly !!!!!!!!!
    You,,,Three……take away the Stigma!!!!!! You are MANLY MEN with a CAUSE !!!!!and your cause
    is WORKING!!!!!!! You are PULLING in men as Jesus Christ was a Fisher of men!!!!!!

  4. Gabe Theriot says:

    Wait, you say that the whole church was Mary alone, for the 3 days of the Triduum. What about Mary Magdalene or the Apostle John? John was there for Jesus to say, “son, behold your mother. Mother, behold your son.”

    1. Mike Galway says:

      I think they mean only Our Lady was the only one who still believed that Jesus is indeed the son of God. All of the others still loved Jesus but thought it was over after his death.

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    You are right, Fr. Rich, you can be lonely even with a large network of friends and relatives because you try to fit into their schedules and vice versa. It ain’t easy. A podcast may just be the answer to a lot of people who are lonely because they are not blessed with a social network at all never mind a busy one. You do more than one service. You inform. You teach. You entertain. You are there. This was one of your best podcasts.

    I am a new fan who is a barefoot at home writer. My first book is being published either October 1 or November 1, and it is inspirational and entitled Thoughts on God. You can get it through Amazon or Barnes & Noble once it is released. Once I know the release date I will put it in the comments section.

    Although it is long after Easter this is an excellent podcast. I never heard about the Church’s oral tradition that he went to greet his mother before he went back to the tomb for discovery by his apostles. I knew Mary Magdalene was the first to see him, out of his disciples, and report on his resurrection. That was deliberate. I wonder if his apostles felt any jealousy about this.

    Excellent and interesting point about Mary, the Mother of God, being the only believer of Jesus and his resurrection and then Mary Magdalene right after. The apostles, or the male followers of Jesus, were the last to see the resurrected Jesus and then receiving their ministry.

    After this Jesus ascended into Heaven and then appeared to them in the Great Commission. He also made further appearances afterward. I have read 1Corinthians about the crowd Jesus appeared to. I need to read the letter from James. I pick and choose books from the OT and the NT to read about the adventures of God, the Father and his prophets, then God, the Son.

    Thank you for sharing the first Eucharistic miracle according to scripture that occurred during the appearances of Jesus after his resurrection. Personally, I would prefer to become a spiritual being or soul without the encumbrance of a body.

    Ryan Scheel don’t be silly, fish have no souls so they don’t get eaten then recycled back into Heaven. If you are incapable of love you have no soul. Animals must have souls, even if they are animal souls, because they have a great love for us. I fully expect to see family pets up there having a great time and happy to be reunited with us.

    Doubts are part of the thought process and can appear unbidden or unattached to any external event. I pray every time I have doubts and that immediately strengthens my connection to God. This has to be part of the reason why there are monks and nuns praying all day long. They pray for us and they pray never to lose their connection to God.

    His transfiguration is a miracle and a mystery since he was not recognized back in his time. We will only know what he looks like now because we didn’t live back then. We won’t know the difference in appearance until and unless we get to Heaven and maybe get blessed with conversations with his Mother and/or apostles.

  6. Joanne says:

    Through this whole talk show…the bobble head Jesus is shaking his head YES!!!! Interesting 🥰

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