7 Things Every Catholic Needs To See In Rome Before They Die

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about amazing and obscure sites in Rome that every Catholic should visit in their lifetime and our upcoming pilgrimage to Poland and Rome.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What is under The Vatican?
• The Church in Rome with the embaled hearts of 22 Popes
• The location where St. Paul was martyred
• Where to see the sign that hung above Jesus on The Cross
• Where to see the head of St. John the Baptist
• The peaceful Abbey that makes amazing beer
• and much more

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Join us on Pilgrimage to Poland and Rome!: jpii.catholictalkshow.com

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2 comments on 7 Things Every Catholic Needs To See In Rome Before They Die

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I wish you a wonderful experience on your latest pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are only possible with people who have discretionary funds to afford trips for one thing, and experience relatively good health for another. You three are lucky for you have both qualifying circumstances. The tradition of pilgrimage is definitely a privilege but saying it is a must, aka Catholic duty, is a bit much, Fr. Rich. Life itself is a pilgrimage, I agree with Pope St. JPII and many others who say the same. Our individual journeys to God are pilgrimages. I agree Fr. Rich it is a movement toward Heaven. A spiritual movement.

    Thank you for sharing your previous experiences in mystical Rome! I look forward to a follow up show or two about your travel experiences. I love hearing about legends but am like RD and am a bit skeptical about them. People like to fortify their beliefs. We all have imaginations and many times it is the imagination that leads us astray or gets us in trouble.

    I find it amazing that prisoners in these dungeons were allowed to correspond and receive correspondence and gifts. Paul was a prolific writer during his incarcerations. An inspired writer through the Holy Spirit. I wonder if they had to bribe their captors for everything making life livable, and if yes where they got the wherewithal to do this. Whatever they arrived with would have been confiscated up front. These dungeons or prisons were almost like having living quarters until your day of execution arrived. I knew Paul was beheaded but had never heard the legend of the three fountains.

    Thank you for such a good show and shared memories and experiences. Easiest inquisition question you have had to date Fr. Rich. I have a tight ‘cassock’ too Fr. Rich and it is only the start of winter. There is no bad place to eat in Italy or Rome. How awesome that you will be visiting the Vatican museums.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all three of you for your service and knowledge. I’m in all of the wonderful history of our Father, son and Holy Spirit, of Catholic faith and all it has to offer us! I must admit when I first came across your pods about a year ago I was like are they for real , are they serious, are they mocking because of all the laughing and joking. (Sorry, I was raised old school when sisters were in charge of Catholic schools!). Curiosity got the best of me, God. Opened my heart, reminding me not to judge and I tuned in again & again and am now a excited, faithful, listener that laughs right along with you as you share all the rich pod topics. So again a big sincere Thank you. God Bless you and continued success of the show!!!

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