The Miraculous Divine Mercy & The Visions of Saint Faustina

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys explore the history and miracles around the Divine Mercy image and Saint Faustina Kowalska. Jesus, I Trust In You!

In this episode, you will learn:
• What visions did Saint Faustina experience?
• Where is the original Divine Mercy image?
• Are The Divine Mercy & The Shroud of Turin related?
• Why was the Divine Mercy suppressed by the Vatican?
• What role did Pope St. John Paul II have?
• How to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy
• and much more

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3 comments on The Miraculous Divine Mercy & The Visions of Saint Faustina

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    All I know about St. Faustina is what I read when I searched the EWTN website. EWTN has a Chaplet to Divine Mercy as you all probably know. For some reason I do not like the chants and don’t understand how you meditate if you are singing. I haven’t watched the program from beginning to end as yet. However, it draws me in even though I find it a bit much.

    What amazing determination she had to obey Jesus and become a nun despite her trials and wandering like a vagabond in Warsaw trying to live off small household jobs. Interesting name she took for the religious. I believe the root of the name means fortunate and she must have felt unbelievably fortunate that Jesus called her Himself. Visions are hard to prove even to yourself. Are they hallucinations or are they visions? The person experiencing them doesn’t often know for sure. No-one would feel themselves to be in such a state of grace that Christ would appear to them. They disbelieve unless a purpose for these visions and these conversations is given. Unless Christ gives you your personal message to share with the world. Hearing voices and seeing images and even interacting with them can all be hallucinations sent to you by your brain otherwise. The brain is an awesome computer but it does have its transmission problems.

    Fr. Rich what a wise statement you made as an observation on the 28 tries it took to get the image of Christ that St. Faustina saw in her visions. Jesus is a handsome man in that image. Yes, Fr. Rich, Jesus is working a miracle in each of our lives. Part of it is his love and mercy and part of it is his invitation to us all to be with him through eternity. Does he need the company I often ask. Is it because you always want to be surrounded by those you love or who love you I ask. (I know I can be entertaining but it will be tough being a stand up comic for Jesus throughout eternity.)

    Her story is amazing especially her following that occurred after her death. Then the ban on her devotions that lasted 20 years. The ban came about because of faulty translations from her book according to RS. Polish to French. French to Italian. All the original translations happening under the Nazi occupation.

    RD you are so honest about how much you need renewal to continue practicing your faith. Life is tough even with a loving family around you. I would like to read St. Faustina’s personal diary as she was the scribe and Jesus was the author, and she only had three years of formal schooling. What a wonderful story about the woman from Massachusetts who was cured at her tomb. The story about the priest cured of a lifetime heart condition was beautiful too.

    Happy New Year to all of you and yours! Keep up the good works!!

  2. KG Dan says:

    Please do a Podcast on the life of Bishop Fulton Sheen and his many publications. Many Catholics now are not aware of his life and teachings..

  3. Mary Blac says:

    Hey guys, where is the link that lays the image of the shroud of Turin and the image of the Divine Mercy? Love you guys!

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