Republicans or Democrats? Who Should Catholics Vote For?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the Republican and Democratic parties and explore how a well-formed Catholic should vote.

Episode 91:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Which party fits with Catholic teaching?
• What are the “5 Non-Negotiable” Issues?
• The 3 Catholic Principles of Voting
• Should The Catholic Church even be involved in politics?
• How can a Catholic voter form their conscience?
• and much more

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54 comments on Republicans or Democrats? Who Should Catholics Vote For?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Great idea for a hotly contested and controversial podcast and here I am watching you guys in order to keep my blood pressure normal. So much for that! Also, the first thing you do Fr. Rich is point your finger and pretend to tell us who to vote for. I wanted to ‘byte’ it off. That said you guys came out of the gate stating how I feel right now, and I agree with both RD and RS and their opening statements plus as you said Fr. Rich I go with the person who best respects the dignity of the other. Religious upbringing is behind my judgements at all times when it comes to choosing a person to represent me in Congress or lead me in the White House.

    I vote locally depending upon the candidate and nationally I usually vote Democrat because they are behind the social programs that support the majority of Americans and they keep our allies with us instead of against us. They are lovers of our democracy. It should ideally be a matter of policy as well as morality as close as you get because as RS says two party systems do not represent the nuances and can’t so I don’t expect it to.

    This time around it is clear cut for me as in good vs evil. I am not voting for the lesser of two evils. I am voting for a good man vs an evil one. Anyone who hates mankind and actively de-constructs our country and destroys rather than builds and who is engaged in power grabs from the people is definitely someone I am not voting for. There is no humanity in the man and he doesn’t want any or maybe due to a lifetime mental disorder cannot even be human. Maybe he can’t be human or humane because he is an aberration of the human gene pool. Either way he is a monster who destroys. Living under him is like Godzilla taking over Tokyo again and again. I want a president who is moral and caring and recognizes that the world is not just filled with white people. The world, under God, is a colorful place. It is a beautiful place. God makes no distinctions why should he.

    I define families as those who care about others and love little children. As far as immigrants we are all the product of immigration unless we are Native Americans. The family separation policy still has children in wire cages at our southern border today. RS and RD you made my points and thoughts on immigration. We are aligned. We are morally responsible for our brothers and sisters and there has to be humane working policies. Again, the word humane needs to be exercised. What I like about all three of you are that you so very human. Your morals spring from the teachings of Jesus and the ten commandments which is where mine were fertilized as well.

    I don’t believe in the death penalty for most of the reasons that RS outlined. RD, I have long ago stopped hoping that a person rots in hell or wishing him dead. That was the passion of youth evidently. Now I worry about the soul. Everyone’s soul. Fr. Rich your trip to the maximum security prison was inspirational. Your job was to love them as a priest and a messenger from God. I am torn however as there are those who are criminally insane who are rabid murdering dogs or serial killers who would go out there and keep on slaughtering people in the most horrible ways. I think they should be put down. They may even be possessed by demons or at the very least working for the devil. There is that possibility. They are committing acts of war.

    One thing I do know from this podcast is that I am not a conservative like RS. I am a liberal like RD. I am proud of it. I also paid my way through life Fr. Rich and never expected my Ma to support me. I lost a father at ten. Nothing like growing up fast due to a major loss that was a like a crater opened up in the heart. Fr. Rich was raised by a grandfather. RS we are the United States of America and our social programs are supported by our taxes. I do agree with you that I don’t want the government taking over my health decisions.

    Good answer Fr. Rich for the inquisition from King Scheel. You lean toward monarchy because you are a man who almost always thinks he is right. Well, get over it and deflate that ego. Jesus had no ego why should you?

    You threw a lot out there for debate and that debate on issues would require more than a comment section to your podcast. I think my debating skills have left me too for the most part.

    God bless us and God bless our country and it is our citizens who make up this country not just one man who wants to be its divine ruler.

    1. Shay Connelly says:

      Wow .. lots of anger here. Lots of misinformation and listening to fake news for years.

      1. Dave says:

        “fake news”—-OK we all know where you are coming from. “Lots of misinformation”—-Yes we’ve been fed A LOT of that; but he just turns around and changes or denies what he said or he simply disregards the expert advice given him. (Of course, if he disagrees with you, you become a part6 of his revolving door administration) His philosophies are hardly “catholic” let alone “Christian” as evidenced by his past behavior.

        1. Frank says:

          Dave – You completely missed the point! Are you Catholic or not! Will you vote “FOR” abortion, homophilia, Godlessness and anarchy or will you vote your conscience! Unfortunately, I believe the answer to both is yes!

      2. Maria Allegretto says:

        Agree with Shay 100%. What happened to nuanced issues. Wow.

    2. P S says:

      Andrea, you obviously are upset. I will pray for you.

      1. Andrea says:

        All prayers at all times welcome! Thank you!

    3. Joan Krueger says:

      Thanks, Andrea, I like how you think. It would be wrong to believe that one party is totally in line with Catholic teaching, but if there is one party that comes close it’s sure not the Republican party.
      God bless.

      1. Karen says:

        So sad! This makes no sense to me!!! Do you believe in abortion????

        1. Sara says:

          I’m an Evangelical and I also feel like I have no party. The Republicans played political football with CHIP funding and I will no longer vote even if they give being pro-life lip service.

          1. Mark T says:

            Will Cutting $7 Billion From CHIP Really Have No Impact On The Program?

            That’s hard to say.

            There is $7 billion at stake. The administration says $5 billion can no longer be spent because the period for it to be sent to states has expired. The other $2 billion is being taken from a federal contingency fund for CHIP. That money is to be used only if they face a budget shortfall. The economy is improving, and the administration is betting demand for CHIP will wane, leaving little need for the contingency fund.

            “Anytime you cut spending, there is going to be some effect, said Marc Goldwein, senior vice president of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “But in terms of CHIP, it’s likely close to be zero — these are tiny cuts.”

            Still, child health advocates, who endured months of uncertainty about whether Congress would restore federal funding to CHIP in 2017, are worried.

            “I think the cut to the contingency fund is particularly troubling,” said Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus, an advocacy group.

      2. Michael says:

        All you guys are too emotional about the death penalty.
        If you murder others and mercilessly kill, you can not live among us.
        5th Commandment.

        St Paul killing St. Steven is not a viable argument against the death penalty.

        1 Maccabees 1:52
        Exodus 22:19
        Exodus 22:20
        Numbers 26:9 Core

    4. Matt says:

      I appreciate your view, and I agree with you. You are not alone.

    5. Mike Griffin says:

      Democrats vote for Abortion and the Murder of real innocents. How can anyone support that. Democrats support massive perversion of society with gender swapping and normalizing a sickness and Abomination to God. these things are in the Bible and Gods word is not disputed. Democrats still hate on the only President in a long time that has supported Christians and Pro Life and spoke of his love of God. The Judge based on their Hate and jealousy. The Democrat party has thrown God out of their platform. Liberalism is a Lie and just a issue about controlling people. This is about a fight for Good and Evil and Democrats are being controlled by Hate and Evil. The Change for Society they push for is sick and perverted. Hollywood that supports them is pushing for Mass Government paid Abortion and the total perversion of humanity! Their Movies are sick and perverted with massive violence and the School system teaches perversion as normal lifestyles. Democrats want legalization and decriminalization of illegal drugs that are killing society and familys. They have perverted the tradition family lifestyle given to us by God. I pray for your demons to leave you and you to repent and vote your faith if you have a real love of God and his son Jesus Christ.

      1. Maria says:

        Could not agree more. The two party system stinks. But until we have voice enough to influence a total system change, the Democrat party platform- and the required adherence to the socialist agenda – is no longer nuanced. Steal (taxes and Corp wealth) kill (babies) and destroy (law enforcement, education, history)…seems evident who has the greater influence on the agenda and it isnt God.

    6. Frank says:

      Again! Another “Catholic” who is not really Catholic! You’ve missed the point completely! Did you read the “5 Non-negotiable issues”? I must assume NO! I read “A LOT” of “I”s in your “personal diatribe” which is evidently lacking a true spiritual connection with the almighty …… and that’s not YOU! You must seek the spirit for the spirit to shed the much needed light in your life! Praying for you!

    7. Margaret ENID Timoney says:

      Wow Andrea that was brilliant

      1. Andrea says:

        Thank you Margaret that is super nice to say!

    8. Ruben says:

      Hi Andrea do you think Trump is Racist?
      Have you looked his policies?

      1. K.Kremers says:

        Is the pope Catholic ? He’s as racist as can be.

    9. Ken says:

      Well said and my beliefs exactly. As a kid growing up I always noticed that Republicans were money oriented and bossy. Nothing has changed. I vote by the persons actual lifetime of doing things otherwise Ex Trump would have everyone’s vote as he jumped the sinking ships faster than anyone to get to the next voting majority. I am surprised he didn’t claim he was a Buddhist as well.

  2. Matthew 12:25 – politics do not have a place inside our pews. Let us all pray for one another for an illumination of conscious and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest. He will guide each heart accordingly. Please, I beg you, stop sowing division among The Body of Christ and leave your political opinion on a ballot not as food for the wolves to slash other’s throats.

    1. Tim says:

      We can’t even talk about it??

      1. Lorena says:

        That is a discussion to be held with a spiritual director in a private conversation, not in a public platform. Look at the fruits that this talk alone gave birth to, anger, frustration, anxiety, division; complete opposite of the fruits of the Spirit and the building of God’s kingdom.

        1. Andrea says:

          Lorena, it sounds like you just want to discuss your political choice(s) in the confessional only. The fruits of the talk did not give birth to anger, frustration, anxiety and division – Trump did.

          1. Joe Rocha says:

            “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword”. Christ knew what the truth does. Trump didn t create any of the truths he exposes to all of us

        2. Christina says:

          I also think that on this podcast they made the argument and good argument that we SHOULD (sorry, no italics) be open to talking about this. Choosing not to allows the “yellers” to dominate the political conversation.

      2. Maria says:

        Tim, I agree…I was grateful to find this. We all avoid these difficult conversations because they stir emotions and we take sides. And then we wall away from each other with resentments. Being human is not easy. Recognizing the flaws in ourselves is harder than seeing them in others. Our inability to “fix” the problems we all see in the world is the real agony. It expresses itself in divisiveness and is this perpetual.

    2. Mike says:

      Good podcast. I believe the 5 non-negotiable issues tell us to never vote for the Democrats. You don’t have to vote Republican, but you should never vote Democrat. The fact that Nancy Pelosi claims to be Catholic disgusts me, thinking abortion is ok automatically makes you uncatholic.

      1. Andrea says:

        Maybe the third party should be Christianity.

    3. Christina says:

      I would also say that they did not really share their political opinions nor suggest that you must align with the ones that they did reveal. They simply spoke of the issues, that as Catholics, we should be against because of our faith, which are pretty clear (ie. the murder of preborn children). I think perhaps you are a little sensitive to this issue, but I hope you open your heart and mind to the conversation!


    4. Maria says:

      I appreciate the discussion in light of principled decision making.

  3. Noemi says:

    Father and Father, Listening to your comments about Catholic Social teaching on Immigration, “all immigrants coming to a country, by Catholic teaching, are to respect and assimilate into a culture and not try to force their culture on that country”.
    How do you/we explain the fact that any immigrant coming to this country today is NOT coming into a country of Native American (if that’s even the correct word for it) culture? How do we as citizens of the United States of America of 2020, and as Catholics, justify that statement to new immigrants in a country that has hardly a trace left of the people who lived here before it was supposedly “discovered”? This is a very difficult subject for me personally 🙁

    1. Frank says:

      Naomi – If there is one thing that mankind has been eternally guilty of throughout history ….. it’s discovery and conquest! Unfortunately it’s a byproduct of human nature! Not everyones human nature ….. we are all “follow-on” usurpers of our predecessors throughout history! We are, where we are, because of the actions (good, bad or indifferent) of those who came before us! Our charge is to do what we know (through a constant, conscious, contact with our creator) is right under His providence. We are judged at the end of this life according to the actions or inactions during it! Your heart is definitely in the right place! Bless you!

  4. T. "Dominic" C. says:

    For anyone saying God and politics don’t mix, and that the Church shouldn’t be involved in politics, they are correct. But to say that God and government don’t mix, and that the Church shouldn’t be involved in government, is not Biblical. God has always been involved in government. His prophets have always called out ungodly governments. His judgment is always on ungodly governments. Ungodly governments are those who abandon God’s law and establish laws counter to God’s law, counter to Christ. God established His law, not only for the righteous but for the unrighteous. As the Church, we are to teach…make disciples of all nations, including their governments. That doesn’t mean the Church controls the government, or that it becomes an alternative government, but that it influences the direction of government to be consistent with God’s law, supporting God’s law, by providing instruction, exhortation, warning, and guidance to governments, and by making disciples of those serving in government, and by encouraging devout Catholics to serve in government. All authority comes from God, and it is the Church’s responsibility to remind the government of that fact and what that means. Warning government (those in government) to not set itself up as God or in place of God or equal to God is the Church’s role. Therefore, the role of the Catholic voter is to vote for those running for government offices according to how closely they align their agenda and policies to supporting God’s law as conveyed in all Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. First and foremost, we must vote for those running for government office that ensures we maintain the liberty to worship and serve the one true God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that does not force us into idolatry; and, to maintain the liberty to worship and serve the one true God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ in a public assembly (the Church) with other worshipers. We must also vote for those running for office who uphold the dignity of the human being from natural conception to natural death. We must also vote for those running for office who uphold the sacrament of marriage between one man and one woman, and the importance of the role of both father and mother in the home. We must also vote for those running for office who uphold the freedom for our children to be educated in a way that includes the Holy Bible, Biblical Christianity, and the history of the Church that is fair and historically accurate, as well as the views of creation that are based on the Holy Bible and Church teachings (which are themselves varied yet Biblical).

    This November is not about Trump or Biden, Republican or Democrat, Right or Left; it is about Christ, His Law, and His Church. When you go to the voting booth, pray – ask the Holy Spirit to hep you make a decision, not based on personal feelings or worldly propaganda, but on what is holy, right and just in the sight of God. If Christ was voting, how would He vote? You are His representative in the voting booth.

    1. Odell L. Daniel says:

      Amen, nothing else needs to be said.

      Thank you

    2. Maria says:

      Wow, “Dominic”, you blew me away. Thank you!!!

  5. Denise Daniels says:

    Father, I’m still not clear. The reason is that Trump was pro choice before he ran for president. He switched when he decided to run on the republican ticket. How sincere is he? He does exactly what all of you spoke about regarding doing something to get more votes. It’s difficult for me because he has lied so many times, he cheated on his wife, he’s made fun of the handicapped, he treated immigrants horribly. How is he to be believed? Can you respond to this?

  6. Pat Roberts says:

    Thank you for a Christ-filled presentation. We need the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to treat people with dignity and to work for the common good.

  7. Bill Black says:

    I listened with interest to your show, and have some suggestions for expanding on the conversation you had.

    First, the idea of not mixing politics, religion and money is required by our founding documents: Re: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. May i suggest reading “The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States” and Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary (in order to understand the meaning of the words in the founding documents as the Founding Fathers meant them).
    Additionally, you could have mentioned the letter Bishop Vigano sent to President Trump. It was relavant, accurate and better frameworks the “2 party system” you disdane. You should have acknowledged the position President Trump has taken on the “5 non-negotiable” positions of the Church you listed, Which is clear he is boldly in support of all 5.

    In regard to the pulpit sermons, each Sunday is an opportunity to teach the people the principles they are called on to live their life – the moral principles.

    In regard to immigration, most immigrants are from countries that are considered Catholic. Maybe poverty is more the fault of the church not teaching people correctly, and holding leaders accountable.

    Capitalism is not a “tricky question” as you said, and your discussion shows a significant lack of understanding of what I would call “Christian Capitalism”, as the Pilgrams defined it. Read Compassionate Capitalism” by Rich DeVos to better understand the subject. The “Social Issues” you described are indeed part political, but are also part the responsibility of the Church to speak out and be involved. Especially Race issues.

    I feel your “hate speech” in regard to the 2 party system was a dis-service to your listeners, showed a lack of understanding of who we are as a country, and failed to acknowledge the Spiritual aspects of our current environment. To get away from the Monarchy is why the Founding Fathers created the Constitution in the first place.

    I expected much better from your conversation.

    Thank you


    1. Denise Daniels says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way, Bill. But, I can’t stand the two party system either. Neither offers what I, as a Catholic, would like to see. I guess that’s why there’s salt and pepper.

    2. Kevin Flynn says:

      Awesome response to the podcast!

      You said everything I was thinking as I listened in and did so with great clarity and the conviction ALL Catholics should have regarding our system of government and social climate.

      Personally, I am so tired of hearing people suggest the celebrant talking about politics or current social issues should be taboo during the Mass. If not then when? During the announcements as was suggested in the podcast? How absurd is that? The mere suggestion of only talking about social issues during the announcements implies they are no more important than being informed about which way the traffic scheme for parking on the church grounds is.
      It is the priest’s pastoral duty to guide the people in forming their Catholic conscience which requires they specifically speak about the 5 nonnegotiable issues outlined in the podcast. How is that more clear to these priests?

      Bravo once again for you Mr Bill Black for your comments, I tip my hat to you sir and hope your example reaches many.

      Kevin in Pensacola

  8. Henrietta R Hilbun says:

    I understand what y’all are saying, and agree with you.
    However, I must ask about the reality of the situation we find ourselves in.
    True both parties will say what they think will get your vote. However, The Democratic Party, as it is now, has specifically strong stances AGAINST many Catholic positions on the non-negotiable issues. The Republican Party, at least is more supportive, in theory, of many Catholic positions.
    Given the reality of the two party system – would not a vote for a “third” party simply help the Democrats in the long run?
    Since, our current President has been very helpful to the pro-life cause (whether out of convenience or conviction, doesn’t matter – actions matter), shouldn’t we help him stay in office, rather than helping the Democratic Party take control?
    I pray for our country and elected officials daily.
    I feel morally obligated to vote Republican in November, am I that far off-base??
    Thank you,

    1. Kevin Flynn says:

      Henrietta, You are spot on in citing the reasons all Catholics should be compelled to vote for Trump in the 2020 election.

      I agree with your position as your stated reasoning is quite sound.

    2. Kathleen says:

      Great points here!!
      I have to vote for the platform that aligns closest to my core values and that is not with the progressive left.

  9. Christina says:

    In college I heard the “argument” or principle that the idea that capital punishment is absolutely unnecessary in the modern age only applies to countries that do actually have those resources. For example, in a third world country or in a country with a poorly structured/developed prison system, they may not in fact have those resources, and therefore it may be safer for the public to actually condemn that person.

    You all mentioned on this episode that Pope Francis said that universally, we should all be against capital punishment. is this dismissive or forgetful of those countries that may not have the privilege of an established, secure prison system? (I do not mean to use accusatory language!) Wondering what ya’ll thought about this concept in general…. if you see this ….

  10. Amar Patel says:

    Thanks for mentioning the American Solidarity Party.
    Pro-life for the #WholeLife
    Christian Democracy means carrying the cross of your neighbor and going the extra mile like the Good Samaritan.

    Amar Patel
    ASP Chair

  11. Dan says:

    As a man who has some very serious reasons to vote for a pro-life candidate! It’s a slam dunk. Even though Biden “says” he’s Catholic, he’s no way getting my vote. End!

  12. Mary Whelan says:

    Best I have heard on voting as a Catholic! Thank you. You give me hope. Mary Whelan

  13. Andrea says:

    Wow, just been reading through or weeding through all the comments made since your original podcast, guys. Some are incendiary, some are totally chaotic and/or incoherent, a few are thought-provoking but one thing they all have in common is passion. Personally I usually save the discussion of politics to my family/social network as in addition to passion there is a lot of anger out there and a good deal of it being fed to a devouring beast called the body politic. I have to say I learned something about myself and others. I went down the proverbial rabbit hole or through the looking glass with some of the commenters! Not all issues are addressable either. They are political emojis.

    I was also just out at Church Pop and perused the Abp. Vigano letter to the godless one that a commenter mentioned. (Once I read his reference to a deep state I lost interest.) What an attention grabber Vigano is. Evidently he doesn’t like obscurity and irrelevancy. He reminded me of Senator Graham trying to ride on the coat tails of an unhinged man in power. They both are like grubby little men, Vigano and Graham, desirous of becoming bigger than they can be. Or greater than the sum of their own parts. Not possible.

    One thing I know for sure this election is going to be a heated one. (I love stating the obvious.) God bless us everyone and may each of us vote our conscience. That is all any of us can actually do. We battle for morality daily in our own lives and we take it to the polls with us. Amorality should never be in fashion. Certainly not in our elected officials.

  14. Brian says:

    I enjoy this program, it has opened my understanding of Catholic thinking and theology. However, in this episode I found in the first 10 minutes a lack of understanding of the the US political system. There is safety in the divisions in the branches of government, really? Conservative republicans have successfully infiltrated the judicial branch. Combined with an ultra conservative evangelical base, we may see the resurgence of the term PAPISTS again. “We are’t Christians!”, in the eyes of a large majority of the alt-right. Yes as a 2nd generation Black Latin Catholic immigrant living in the South, I have a unique view in regards to our politics. I will say I was taken a back at the lack of full understanding of US politics in comparison to the well thought out and in depth research and clarity you provide when speaking about Church history or doctrine. Keep up the good work! I love your show. Just please invest a quarter of the time you do to Church history to US political history next time.

    OH by the way, Fr P! As a member of the bartender community, I remind my customers that America was fostered in taverns and salons. Independence was spread amoung men blowing off steam about the the state of the day. Our forefathers, we secretly planning a revolt in bars. So the idea we can not speak about politics or religion in bars I reject. I talk about the Church to many people in bars ( especially my love for the Virgin Mary), and a few times they have joined me at Mass.

    One question.. What is a marriage that does support a family? Many hetreo normative family can not have children. Threre are too many children in foster care, why is a loving gay couple not an appropriate family? Why is Love not Love?

    Yes the Democratic Party does support the Pro Choice movement, but being Pro-Choice is not PRO ABORTION. That idea is a minimizing of the scope of CHOICE. I am not the the best Catholic, but I am Pro-Choice. I CHOOSE to CHOOSE LIFE! However, it is not my right to force my Choice on others. If I wanted to end Abortion, I would hope we as a Church could provide a loving supportive adoptive system for all children and the women who have to make this hard decsions.

    WOW, and when you moved into the immigration argument, you showed your WHITE privileged. Don’t we have National St Patrick’s day celebrations. Columbus days is a National holiday! Cinco de Mayo is a comedic day for the white elite to pretend to enjoy their culture. Americas not included in your culture argument. This nation is a conglomerate of many cultures.

    Fr P, I live in Florida and see the same type of sexual exploitation by American citizens of young trafficked people that you mentioned in the is podcast.

    The issue of the Church teaching on culture is correct for Europe or Asia or Africa, but no the United States. We are a nation of immigrants and our culture has been formed by the waves of the different immigrants that we have had an who we rejected. Do you thnk that as Catholics in America we have a collective sin for standing by in the rejection of thew Jews in their effort to flee the Holocaust?

    Still loving the podcast, just not happy with the lack of regards for the understanding of politics.

  15. Kathleen says:

    I am so disappointed in this podcast and the twisted information you spewed throughout it to serve your political side.
    Several comments submitted of voting good versus evil is sadly representing our country right now. You didn’t help the matter at all.
    Praying for a day when others listen to both sides and base decisions on what’s right rather than who is right—red or blue.

  16. Vickie says:

    As Christians we need our Churches to take a stand on what is right. You can’t walk softly around the topics. You played both sides which is disappointing from the church. Murder is wrong. The Democratic Party is voicing murder and riots with hate. Those are not of God. So as a Christian how can anyone support those beliefs? We must take a stand for God and his 10 commandments. You support the evil you have blood on your hands. Come on take a stand. Separation from church and state. The Democratic Party has stepped over that line by closing Churches they don’t have that right. We as Christians need to stand strong and use our gifts from God. Yes we still need to serve with love.

  17. Marilyn says:

    I will vote and it will be for Brian Carroll of the American Solidarity Party. The ASP was founded on Catholic moral principals and is very much pro-life from cradle to grave and for giving support to those who need it. Yes, he will likely not win. But it is evident to me that we shouldn’t feel forced into choosing the lesser of two evils or compromising our own immortal souls by how we vote. I do believe the two major parties cannot sustain the directions they moving towards. Maybe it is time for a new party to arise. And the only way it is going to gain the spotlight and momentum is by people saying, “no more” to the bones we are being served and vote who we best support, and that is Mr. Carroll and the ASP. Other parties have emerged in the past, and grew to prominence so while it has taken time, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. We are long overdue for that kind of change in this country.

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