The Four Marian Dogmas With Trent Horn

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Trent Horn from Catholic Answers to discuss the 4 Marian Dogmas.

Episode 212:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How Is Mary The Mother of God?
• Did Mary Remain A Virgin?
• Was Mary Sinless Her Whole Life?
• Was Mary Assumed Into Heaven?
• and much more


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One comment on “The Four Marian Dogmas With Trent Horn

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys!
    Trent Horn is a treat at all times for his knowledge and his considerable intellect and I just love you guys and the work you do for us as far as familiarizing your audience with the tenets of Catholicism. You are blessed. The Holy Spirit was with you guys the night you were out drinking and talking together and came up with this show which I so gratefully found a few years back and I have never stopped watching. Thanks to you I have also found Keith Nester and his rosary ministry which has changed my life also spiritually and considerably. He is a large part of my day.

    A dogma is a teaching of the Church in the highest authority says Trent. Then there are infallible teachings of the faith in canons, etc. as far as divine revelation. We need our Magisterium to understand scripture Trent points out. For example, is Andrew the brother of Peter? The Church says yes. Then there’s a question about whether Psalm 151 belongs in the Church or not. (Now I am curious and will read it again.)

    God gives us our souls not our parents. One soul per being is my belief and I don’t believe in reincarnation because of this. It would be too complicated and chaotic to attribute what sin to what lifetime! YIPES!

    It is interesting that there are many who claim Jesus is not God because Mary can’t be the mother of God. God is eternal, God has no mother. This is one of the arguments used that Jesus is not God. But, God came down to us in human form which meant through a woman. God experienced the human experience or His creation.

    As Ryan Scheel points out many people are obsessed with sex and he asked Trent how can she be a perpetual virgin after even including the birth of Jesus. These same people believe no-one can lead a chaste life because sex is a natural hormonal act.

    I have no problem with God creating life in Mary as He is the creator of life in us all. He creates life we don’t. Therefore, Jesus is the only begotten Son of the Father. He has no earthly father. Talking about brothers and sisters in Jesus has been taken literally to mean He had siblings which He did not. He was the only human experiment of God and our salvation. The vessel had to be pure and remain pure. God created Jesus in His image and as a human being. Son of God. There are also many women who are perpetual virgins perhaps even while married. Mary is not alone in her state of perpetual virginity. She made this choice when she took on the assignment from God exercising her free will, and how can you top the birth of Jesus?! The perfect child was produced. She stopped there as that was the divine design. (I often think my oldest sibling think our parents should have stopped with her as they achieved perfection. HEE HEE)

    It is interesting that Catholics don’t believe in sola scriptura as the only source of dogma. If Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant she carried the Word of God in her womb. She was free from original sin which meant her childbirth was not painful. (Interesting how men have determined that women are punished for original sin by the pains of childbirth. If that is true what is the corporal punishment experienced by men?) I think original sin shows that mankind is capable of sinning and we do sin – both men and women. Or are women solely punished for the sin of Eve?

    The last dogma entertained was the assumption of Mary. Pope Pius XII defined the assumption in 1950. As Trent said we believe in the resurrection of the body. John sees Mary in Revelation’s vision. But you would see any good soul in Heaven so why this is taken as proof of her assumption escapes me. What makes her sighting so different is that she was the mother of Jesus and must have appeared in total human form and not spiritual form to John? Was Mary assumed alive into Heaven like Elisha? God would spare her the pain of death is another argument. She suffered emotionally along with Jesus at the foot of the cross.

    Did death come to us through Eve and her sin or through the fallen angels becoming devils and demons. This segment answers questions and awakens others. Ryan Scheel touched intellectually upon answers to my questions as far as the assumption. I love his intellect as well.

    You are so right Fr. Pagano if you study theology you must study philosophy – Aristotle, etc. I had reached that conclusion a long time ago and have yet to read our Greek philosophers. Maybe I am doing it back asswards by reading spiritual works without being intellectually equipped with empirical knowledge gained through the philosophers. It may be why I have a problem sometimes with the material.

    Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful mind-stretching podcast. Thank you Trent.

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