Catholic Exorcists Warn About The Occult Among Us

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Charles Fraune, author of the book “The Occult Among Us”, to discuss how The Occult has infiltrated society

Episode 281:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How Wide-Spread Is The Occult?
• Is The Occult Actually Dangerous?
• How Is The Occult Affecting Society?
• and much more


🔴 ► “The Occult Among Us”
Exorcists and Former Occultists Expose the Nature of This Modern Evil
by Charles Fraune
Get The Book Here: bit.ly/OccultAmongUs

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2 comments on Catholic Exorcists Warn About The Occult Among Us

  1. Porcius Festus says:

    Stopped listening at 1:51 when Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Mr Joseph Strickland both endorsed the book. Strike one.

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you for this!
    I had to fight against a Reiki master- who was our parish priest!!- from doing a reiki healing service with our youth group. I wasn’t popular with the Youth Director or the Priest after that, but I held my ground. (I was the Faith Formation Director)
    I wish all parish Priests, Deacons and lay people in ministry were required to learn about this, and other things that draw people away from Jesus, but this happened in the Diocese of Albany NY, so not much chance of that.

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