7 Things A Catholic Priest Should Never Say

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about things a good priest should never say to his parishioners.

Episode 265:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why Priests Shouldn’t Talk Politics
• Should Priest EVER Deny Sacraments?
• Priests Who “Charge” Money
• What To Do When A Priest Crosses Boundaries
• And Much More


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2 comments on 7 Things A Catholic Priest Should Never Say

  1. Diane Thomas says:

    At age 8 in the confessional I told a priest that we were in the Sierra on vacation and Dad left with the car on Saturday to go back to work so there was no car and mass was offered at a different place a long way away. He told me I was really bad and that I should have gotten up and started walking and if I got killed on the way (this would have been a steep winding mountain road with lots of curves and many cars actually lost their brakes on the way down) I would have been a martyr, I do not remember more, but the same priest gave my younger brother such a digest that he stopped attending mass for years – still do not know if he ever got confirmed, and the priest along with one nun at the school drove my little sister not only away from the Church, or Christianity but from all religion, and only recently has she deigned to say God in some form exists!
    I would love a discussion of what happens to people particularly Religious who destroy or harm the Faith of anyone, more specifically children

  2. Camille Pimentel says:

    I enjoyed your discussion very much. I am a cradle Catholic. Growing up I attended weekly Mass and went to confession every other week. I was taught to I look up to priests and nuns and respect them.

    When I was in the 9th grade and attending religious classes for the sacrament of Confirmation at my Catholic church in Massachusetts, there was a young priest who was in charge of all the youth events as well as the CYO and religious education programs. He was rather brash and outspoken when he wasn’t saying Mass. When the CYO teams lost their games, he would let loose with all manner of vile swears and distasteful commentary at those poor kids. Telling them they were losers and would never get to heaven if they couldn’t win a game. One afternoon as I was headed into my CCD class, I overheard the priest talking to the mother of one of the students in the Penance classes. Her daughter had been sick for quite a while and the medicine she was prescribed made her gain a lot of weight. As I passed them by, I overheard the priest tell the girl’s mother that her daughter was very fat and God didn’t allow fat people into heaven. He went on to say that her daughter needed to lose weight and stop eating so much food if she wanted to get into heaven and not end up in hell.

    From that day forward I refused to attend any Mass that priest presided over. I had lost all respect for that man. Mind you, back in the 70’s, Catholic churches had 4-5 priests, so there was always someone else to say Mass at my church. 30 yrs later when he retired, the community rallied around him saying he was the best thing that ever happened to their parish. Really? Typing his name in my comments would only lend strength to evil.

    It is unfortunate that in their formative years, children should be subjected to such disregard and disdain by their religious leaders.

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