Why Does God Allow Children To Suffer?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Fr. Dan Leary to discuss why a good God would allow evil and suffering.

Episode 135:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What Aquinas said was the best proof AGAINST God’s existence
• Is God able to stop suffering?
• Can good come from evil?
• Is suffering a necessary part of free will?
• What can people do to help the suffering?
• and much more

Show Notes:

• Support Needy & Suffering Children

Salvifici Doloris – Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, 11 February 1984

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5 comments on Why Does God Allow Children To Suffer?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Fr. Pagano, Fr. Leary, Ryan and Ryan,

    Thank you Fr. Leary, and the good sisters, for your services to these children. You are doing God’s work for all of us. (On a tangential subject, one thing that happens in our foster care system here in America is a need to support the young who are literally thrown out of the system at 18 and left on their own. They need further education, or to learn a skill, they need a job and a place to live. They don’t get any of that unless their foster parents keep providing for them. Many end up on the streets. Little ones and those in abject poverty get attention but not this group of needy youth. They fall into a gap in the system that could become an abyss.)

    Why is suffering allowed is a question asked by everyone who believes in God. Then there’s free will. Would we give it up in order not to suffer any longer? I know I wouldn’t. I don’t want to suffer but that is part of living in this world. What we can all do is jump in to help alleviate this suffering everywhere we find it in the world. We are in this together as Jesus continually tells us. Let us not be indifferent to it or apathetic about suffering in others just because we have a lighter load. Thank God for your lighter load and try to reach out a hand to help others.

    I believe good comes from evil even when we just don’t see it at first. Yes, I want to not be a witness to all this suffering. I want to run from it instead of towards it to help and this happens too many times to count. I don’t want to see the pain of others and feel overwhelmed by its magnitude at times. I become a moral and emotional coward.

    I used to get very angry with Him at times about other people’s suffering and what seemed to be the silence of God’s indifference. It is really not God’s indifference but the universe’s indifference. I concur with Ryan Scheel. God cares. People care. God provides the right people to be there at the right time to aid others. You don’t have to be Catholic or even Christian to care. We are all creatures living together on this planet hurtling through space and time.

    You handled this subject very well and fortified the conclusions I have come to already after 70 years on the planet journeying to God and living within the community of mankind. This is a subject or an episode worth repeating and expanding upon. If God didn’t suffer right along with us would he have sent us Jesus? Jesus certainly knew suffering first hand. You guys are right – look to the cross for answers.

    Thank God daily for the blessings we do have and try to share them with others.

  2. margaret says:

    Father leary’s testamony of his work was very interesting, Everything he said was experiential, deep and touching. Unfortunately he wasnt given many opportunites to speak! i would have liked to listen him talk more about the children, his experiences and discoveries when working with them.

  3. Hi Fathers, I listen to your show as much as possible and enjoy it emensley. In regards to suffering, while you are going thru it , all you want to do is gwt out of it. Not realizing what you are getting out of it, yes?

  4. Charmaine Schrader says:

    Loved the dialogue of today’s show!
    Such an intense subject that delivered so much hope. Thank you 🙏 all

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