4 Prophecies On Birth Control From Pope Paul VI

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the predictions Paul VI made about the consequences of Birth Control in Humanae Vitae.

Episode 193:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Pope St. Paul VI’s prophetic Humanae Vitae
• Why birth control frees men more than women
• How birth control would lead to divorce rates SKYROCKETING
• How governments would manipulate birth control
• Why natural law being broke made these inevitable
• and much more


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3 comments on 4 Prophecies On Birth Control From Pope Paul VI

  1. Roberta Flannery says:

    This episode about the prophesies of Pope Paul is the best episode ever. I wish I had a chance to listen to your words in my young adulthood. Everything you said is true. This episode should be played in every CCD class to our young adults and their parents. I watched the episode 3 times as it touches some very personals chords for me then and now. I commend you for being bold and brave to tell the world how to live a Catholic life. God bless you. My prayers are with you always.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    This episode goes right to the root of the problem and that is indulging in sex without the responsibility of your actions.

    Contraceptives freed the males more than the females. I don’t believe in abortion. I wouldn’t believe in it even I wasn’t a Christian. It seems like murder to me. However, medical abortions are not totally taboo to me. I don’t believe in promiscuity, never did. Let’s face it women realized they were sexual animals too once freed in the 1960’s and wanted to use men the way men had been using women since right after the dawn of time. For pleasure. Women considered it an act of freedom on their part to become like a man and enjoy sex without responsibility. Sexual pleasure where your body may be in charge but your emotions don’t entirely get snuffed out. Many women fall in love with their sexual partners. Women are more likely to get emotionally attached to a sexual partner than a man is. It is a bodily function and release for men in a lot of cases. Let’s face it most men think sex is what makes them a man and it is ego-driven. That is a law of nature for them. The law of nature for women has been perverted. They now are trying to think like a man when it comes to gratuitous sex. Meanwhile God gave us sexual natures for the sake of procreation. Women still equate sex with love while men still equate sex with pleasure. Only those ready to start families have a healthy view of the importance of each role in a marriage plus the children that come from the union.

    However, natural law or not, there is the reality, and I believe in contraception especially if you cannot afford to or do not want the responsibility of loving, feeding and raising a child. In addition to child-bearing there was a whole lot of sex going on in the bible and a celebration of the differences between men and women. Women were considered property in the OT. Although it is 2022 there are way too many men who think they own their women. There are thriving cultures and religions still out there who consider women to be property. In America there is an entire political party working to take away women’s rights as well as the rights of gay people. Natural law makes them gay is my belief. I know a gay male who broke his parent’s hearts when he told them he was gay and was quite aware of his sexual orientation when he was only five. He came out when he was in his late teens.

    Thank you for a well-done episode and Pope St. Paul VI was definitely right on target.

  3. Sally Cooper says:

    Very thought provoking show. You guys are brave to take on this issue. On the whole the official Catholic belief makes sense in so many ways. But life doesn’t
    always go as it ” should”. For instance, in my situation, when the doctor told me another pregnancy would be life-threatening. Should I have just let the natural order of things happen and die, leaving my husband to raise two little children and possibly a newborn without their mother? Just like in the bad old days of pregnancy related deaths? As an older person who has lived through much of what you were talking about, my belief is birth control is something that can be used or abused for a person’s health or to detriment. Thank you for allowing for comment.

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