7 Prayers Every Catholic Should Know

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share prayers that every Catholic should know… besides The Our Father and Hail Mary.

Episode 140:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The one prayer you should say EVERY day
• The oldest known prayer to Mary
• The Eastern prayer every Latin should say
• The simplest prayer you should say
• and much more

Show Notes:

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Prayers Mentioned In The Episode:

• Liturgy of The Hours

• Nicene Creed

• Apostles Creed

• The Memorare

• Divine Mercy Chaplet

• Act of Contrition

• Saint Michael Prayer


14 comments on 7 Prayers Every Catholic Should Know

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I pray the rosary every morning along with Keith Nester in a replay of his livestream daily rosary. He has a Rosary Crew and as a member I pray the rosary every day. At the end if it we pray the Memorare; a prayer to St. Joseph; and your oldest Marian prayer you mentioned. On my own I also do the Divine Chaplet afterward, Then the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Apostles Creed, the Guardian Angel prayer, the prayer to St, Michael plus the short prayers you recommended like ‘Jesus I trust in you’ and ‘Thy Will Be Done’. I say an Act of Contrition daily. The very one you read aloud Ryan Scheel. I also do the Jesus prayer or breath prayer because you had recommended it before Ryan Scheel. It a breathing exercise when high anxiety is about to take control of our senses.

    Wow, I am on the same prayer page with you guys!! It makes me feel good as well as comforted. In between my official prayers I talk to God all day long. A habit I have had since I was a small child. I include Him in my day’s activities. I think RD has the same relationship with God.

    You are so right RS that the biggest impediment to prayer is the fact we are sinners. I agree don’t make that an obstacle to your prayer time or time spent with God during your day. Every day is a gift from God. He already knows we are sinners. Ryan Dellacrosse you are so smart about how we need more forgiveness in our hearts. I agree with you.

    There is a woman who was mean to me a few times since I have known her as a child. I haven’t seen her in a long time but realize I don’t totally forgive her for her past behavior. What I do is that I forgive her then have to forgive again next time I think of her. It is like I have a warranty date on my forgiveness. I seem to need a forgiveness re-boot every time she comes to mind. I just want to forgive her once and for all and move on. I am hoping that is possible.

    I am going to look up the prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours. I agree with you guys that it is a major prayer weapon for prayer warriors. I will take your advice and learn the morning and evening prayers first. I pray mostly in the morning but have evening special intentions too.

    Prayers are informal conversations with God. Prayers are meditations. God listens to us. He hears them all if we are sincere. I have no doubt of that whatsoever. My favorite new daily prayer is the one to St. Michael because it means something extra special personally. St. Michael was there along with my own Guardian Angel when I needed him in my corner more than once and for spiritual warfare against demons.

    Thanks so much for this episode and your links to different prayers. It was a learning experience. Personally I like it too when each episode ends with a prayer.

    God bless us everyone as Fr Pagano and TT say.

  2. Veronica Lawler says:

    I would be interested in Text Me The Word, please.

  3. Debbie Robicheaux says:

    Very interested in text me the Word

  4. Melissa A Tousignant says:

    I would love for you to bring back the word of the day text.

  5. Donna Beedy says:

    Interested in the Word of the day absolutely

  6. Ryan Shepard says:

    I would be interested in Text me the Word.

  7. Raul Barraza, Jr. says:

    Great episode gentlemen. There are a lot of people out there who want to pray more, but have problems with what or how to get started with. Obviously, the Rosary should be a good starting point, but for some folks trying to get in the habit of praying daily again, need to start small and these prayers are so awesome, so strong and powerfully messaged, it would be good for someone wanting to be stronger in their faith to get started. Just became a patron to help with this movement of evangelization. Praying for you guys to stay healthy and safe, so that you can continue to reach others who are in need of more faith in their lives. Thanks to all of you!

    PS: I would be interested in Text me the Word.

  8. Ken Kessner says:

    My parish always prays the St. Michael Prayer at the end of Mass!

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