5 Unbelievable (But True) Catholic Miracles

Miracles are one part of the Catholic Faith that makes it hard for even the staunchest skeptic to refute the Divine nature of the Church. From bread turning into bleeding heart tissue, to the sun dancing in the sky in front of 100,000 people, some miracles simply cannot be explained by science.

On this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss 5 Catholic miracles that confound science.

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  1. Theresa 🙋🏻🙏🌻🌻🌻🕊🌞🌸🌺 Aragon says:

    Is this a very serious catholic show ?

    1. Seriously Catholic, but very lighthearted and fun.

      1. Gavin says:

        I have powers beyond belief, I can hear any camera with an operator and portray images to a mobile device without any device on person, please contact gavinmaguire@protonmail.com 07599 942125

    2. Joseph Carvalho says:

      Very serious!!

      1. Jennifer says:

        One of the Ryans said he didn’t really believe in the apparitions at Medugorji. (I think it was this show but have been binge listening to a bunch of them.) You should have Fr. Rick Wendell on the show! His story is amazing & will leave you wanting to see for yourself.
        Also, I would love to see a show about Our Lady of America & why she isn’t yet in the Shrine in D.C.
        Thanks & love the show!

        1. AJ says:

          I am very very weary of Medugorji. There are some really troubling things if the topic is researched. That doesn’t mean God’s grace cannot have an effect on the faithful there but I do not plan to ever visit unless the Church approves it whole heartily like Fatima or Guadelope.

  2. Carmel says:

    It seems to me that they are making fun of these miracles and I do not like this at all.

  3. Carol Walenga says:

    Why is AB+ a universal recipient?

    A person who has group AB blood and is therefore able to receive blood from a person with any other blood type. Group AB blood contains red blood cells that have both antigens A and B and thus does not have reactive antibodies in its plasma to these antigens, which are found in some other blood types.

  4. Margaret Kearns says:

    AB+ blood is the universal recipient type. To me this makes more sense as Christ is able to incorporate us all into himself. The universal donor is O-.

    1. Benjamin H. Cruz says:

      AB+ blood plasma is universal donor for certain diseases like dengue..

    2. Kristine Carpenter says:

      Exactly. Please check facts before saying stuff like this. It casts doubt on everything you say when you get stuff like this wrong.

      1. Joshua Nweyada says:

        Lord have mercy.

  5. Carolyn Braun says:

    this was good , i enjoyed it’

  6. Kristine Carpenter says:

    AB+ is the universal recipient. 0- is the universal donor.

  7. Teresa Simon says:

    I believe AB negative is the universal donor. I heard ABpositve said on the show-

  8. Patrick Eoin Brogan says:

    If said priest goes to the pope and admits to breaking the seal of confession, can the pope lift the penalty even though he was already familiar with the priest’s crime? Or would he have to admit that he himself was accidently eavesdropping and refer the case to the Apostolic Signatura or one of the other courts?

  9. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Yes, we all demand scientific evidence because we are not witnesses to the event. I believe in miracles and I too believe they happen every day. I have heard of a few in my lifetime. If something happens that is beyond the normal or natural it comes under the heading of supernatural,, or maybe it is using natural forces through knowledge only known to God. Another thing, I have never heard of a bad miracle when you think about it. All the miracles I have heard of have been good deeds.

    The miracle of the sun I saw recreated in a movie on Fatima, one done well, and I would have thought the end of the world was coming if I had been there, or at least at first. I believe they saw the miracle just in Portugal, but not sure of my facts if everyone else on that side of the planet was a witness to this miracle other than the 100k people who were there. Who could NOT believe in God after that! There must have been 100k conversions to the faith done that day. 100k hasty confessions at the local churches too.

    Some members of my family and extended family went to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage praying for the mobility of a member of our extended family who was hit and permanently paralyzed by a drunken driver. She forgave the driver during the court case. She is that loving a person. They went in the late 1980’s. No-one had any personal experiences other than they felt like they were in a holy place and I got my rosary beads I still use today from their trip. No miracle took place for that member of the family in serious need, but she is/was a young girl who never let life pass her by despite her wheelchair. She is an amazing adult. She lives her life to the fullest she possibly can although she would have liked to have had a family. She was denied that. She refuses to live her life bitterly which is the ongoing miracle.

    I had forgotten about the assassination attempt on JPII or Pope St. John Paul II. I never knew about his devotion to Our Lady either until these podcasts. As far as Lourdes I pray along with the EWTN rosary from Lourdes program sometimes. I have read there have been thousands of miracles at Lourdes but only 67 miracles have been confirmed by the Church. I have heard what you referred to, Fr. Rich, scientists or doctors are called upon by the Church to confirm the status of miracle or not. It is a lengthy but thorough process of proof, and only done when there are no more apparitions of the Blessed Mother sighted.

    This was another totally interesting podcast. What an amazing story about the blood liquifying, dried blood from 1848, on TV in front of Pope Francis. I often wonder how many miracles occur every day we never hear about because people don’t want to come under public scrutiny or scorn.

    Good inquisition question Ryan Scheel! I remember my Irish Ma worried sometimes who she got as a local priest in the confessional and what he would think of her after hearing she wasn’t a perfect wife, mother or person, etc. She told me this fear of hers once and I said pretty much what Fr. Rich said – priests hear it all and are under the seal of confession so it’s not as if he was going to exit the confessional booth and start gossiping about her life or critiquing it!

    Meanwhile the person who confessed to someone they don’t know got excommunicated on the spot would be exonerated on the spot, for his sins, I am sure, and due to the circumstances.

    Thanks guys, and take care!

  10. Angel Trujillo says:

    Incredibly beautiful and informative podcast

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