6 Amazing Mothers Who Are Also Catholic Saints

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, in celebration of Mother’s Day, the guys are talking about amazing mothers who became Catholic Saints!

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The mother who became the patron saint of archaeologists
  • The mother who became the first American-born saint!
  • Who is the grandmother of Jesus?
  • The saint known as “The Mother of Saints”
  • The widowed mother who wrote more words than Aquinas, while raising 9 kids!

3 comments on 6 Amazing Mothers Who Are Also Catholic Saints

  1. Joan Weber says:

    I recall that my mother spoke of a Father Pagano. I believe he was a priest in Rockford, Illinois probably 70+ years ago. Does Fr. Pagano of this program know anything about him? He might have baptized me but I’m unsure. I just thought you might find this to be of interest.

  2. Rita Ridgeway says:

    Another Mother who had twin boys was St. Rita. I wish you had included her in this episode. I remember reading about St. Rita in a Little Golden Book when I was very younger. I had never met anyone with my name, so I was feeling special because I had her name.

  3. Did anybody on the program read “The Confessions of St. Augustine” prior to taping the show about the six Catholic mothers who are also Catholic saints?

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