7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You To Know

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Charles Fraune, author of the book “Slaying Dragons”, to discuss exorcism, demons, blessed and cursed items, and other secrets that Exorcists want everyone to know.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What motivates demons to attack us?
• Identifying the stages of demonic attack
• What do demons reveal during an exorcism?
• What items should you have blessed in your home?
• What holy items should you get to protect yourself?
• and much more

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29 comments on 7 Secrets Catholic Exorcists Want You To Know

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    EXCELLENT podcast! As an FYI, I do the rosary and say the St. Michael, the Archangel prayer daily. There are actually two prayers and I say both. I felt inspired to do this by God. Good idea for a podcast and a guest author, Charles Fraune. Another good book choice. Your choice of guests on the shows have been right on! BTW, supposedly the biblical meaning of ‘seven’ is that it is the most significant number in the Bible because it is the number of spiritual perfection and stamped on every work of God. The number seven represents divine perfection, totality, or completion and is mentioned at least 440 times in the Bible.

    I believe in demons some days and not so much others as a kid who watched a lot of make believe monsters. We are battling with evil every day and all day that I do know. Interesting that demons are so chatty about how they get into someone’s head. They sound like they are confessing to the exorcist. Yet the devil doesn’t want us to know he is real? Once found out it must be brag time.

    Excellent question that I had too RS. How do you know demon vs mental illness? Either a temporary condition or a permanent one? It is good to know that there is a standard practice of a psychological profile upfront. For one thing hallucinations have to be identified. Mental illness? Wrong medication? Demon? Visions or lessons from God? This can be hard to determine especially during the hallucinations themselves that people are experiencing. I have experienced hallucinations, due to a medical cause, and they take many shapes and forms and you can be in one most of the day or night. I also wondered if my mind opened up the door allowing possession and even during that time I heard voices in my head, at least 5 all at once, I made sure I prayed throughout the experience and called on God and my Guardian Angel. It was a horrible time for too long a while before taken care of, but I suffer no longer thankfully. There was even a point at the start when I felt empty and in despair as if God left this vessel, but that turned out to be false. Thinking back I think my soul was in danger. God never left me, I left Him for a time. I even wrote up some of the experiences after I was able to look at them clinically. It was a catharsis. I believe God takes care of His own whether there is mental illness or demons attacking them. He never let me fall into the abyss. Maybe I was to be temporarily possessed by my personal demon. As soon as I felt separated from God I called Him and He answered me. I wrote Him a thank you note by publishing a small inspirational work of my personal journey back through reading the scriptures.

    Scary about counter attacks by demons even after exorcism. I can believe that demons are big time plotters and that they wouldn’t be obvious in their attacks. The attacks on our mind. How awful frightening they can take over the home as in infestation. If you are not in a state of grace you can be possessed I have heard before. I am conscious of atmosphere and have often experienced bad vibes in a space. I had my first home blessed by the parish priest but I had a good vibe about that house before I even got out of the car to check it out for purchase. I may be a sensitive. Where I live now has not been blessed and there are times I feel uncomfortable.

    The Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God. The duality of good vs evil battle taking place every day until the Parousia. I too need to say my blessings daily before a meal, RD. I usually do this only during holiday meals.

    The arsenal of sacramentals against possession: Holy water, blessed salt, oil or candles, miraculous medals, scapulas, rosaries, and the St. Benedict medal. Interesting process Fr. Rich about your total immersion into a holy water/holy oil bath. All that was missing was St. John, the Baptist.

    When I was younger I played with the Ouija board and then stopped because the process made me nervous and I felt like I couldn’t throw away my Ouija board. I finally did as an adult. Curiosity can be a dangerous thing, I so agree.

    I believe to that God tests us at times and your point on the Our Father prayer and the section of lead us not into temptation is well taken. This podcast explaining exorcisms was totally educational and inspiring as far as demon fighting. We need to continually be aware of them and not be complacent. Not be complacent about evil in the world and our lives. What a fascinating subject. I am not surprised to hear that Our Lady shows up at the end of each exorcism ending the process of dispelling demons. I don’t give her enough ‘credit’ sometimes for her roles. I should never lose her connection to me.

    I truly believe that God empowered me to fight off my demons. I had to go through each early hallucination and wrest control back. I went through each of them and out the other side. Getting rid of the cacophony of voices was the first battle in order to hear myself and hear God. Thank you for such a meaningful podcast.

    Take care!

  2. Alex says:

    How can we trust what demons say? I mean, the devil is the father of lies.

    1. Tom McGuire says:

      I think the demons would find a bobblehead of the second Person of the most Holy Trinity amusing.

  3. Tina says:

    When was this podcast recorded? They mentioned about the 4 Exorcist request for prayer and fasting on December 6, 2019. The conversation sounded like it was prior to December 6th – but this podcast was just published a few days ago. Can you confirm?

    1. Andrea says:

      They pre-record as far as I know.

  4. Tom says:

    You tube must be run by demons. They removed the video for “hate speech” — whatever that might be.

  5. Mary says:

    I was making my way through that video and so disappointed to find it was removed. Any other way to view it?

  6. Zachary says:

    I cant believe they removed this from YouTube yesterday or today. I have showed my brother and fiance and couldn’t get it to play but i got them on your website!!! They love your site btw. GOD Bless you guys for what you do in the name of Jesus Christ !

  7. Kelley says:

    I cannot believe YouTube removed this video, calling it hate speech! I watched it, then got others to watch it. NO ONE understands why YouTube would remove it. I call BS. I tried to call YouTube and couldn’t get through to a human OR leave a message. I tried to post on the YouTube FB page, and the post disappeared. We bought the book, so maybe it will be easier to share that.

    1. The Catholic Talk Show posted the video on their Facebook page today.

  8. David says:

    Just re-upload the video to Vimeo.

    1. Robert Soderman says:

      Might be able to upload it on Godtube too.

  9. Cory says:

    This brings up a few points from the teachings in my past.
    #1: The greatest victory for the devil is convincing you he doesn’t exist.
    #2: In the gospel, the Apostles mention a man who is going around casting out demons. I’m not sure if this man was ever identified but it shows that with faith anything is possible.

  10. FHL says:

    My son (age 21) and I think the random comment concerning John Lennon near the end of the episode might be the reason why the youtube version was removed. Not so much for the exorcism topic but for a perceived element of ‘hate speech’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ due to the alleged 20 year contract with the devil. The reason we think this is because the exorcism video on youtube from 2018 remains intact.

  11. Robert Soderman says:

    I see that the reasons for it’s removal have been changed. Apparently YouTube can’t make up it’s own mind.

  12. FHL says:

    I stand corrected. The portion concerning Lennon occurs at the 27min mark, when the ‘fab four’ =) discuss a definition of subjugation, an example of intentionally entering a contract or pact with a demon (similar to Marlowe’s Faust), which the demon, of course, is not obliged to honour. Lies are lies, and getting duped is the easiest trick in the book. The fullness of the truth in the Roman Catholic faith is as critical now as it was in that very first century. Great effort, gentlemen, to share with us your own experiences and indepth knowledge in such an entertaining but inspirational way! I will now bypass youtube to enjoy the audio links. Continued prayers for your ongoing success in ministry and conversion of hearts to the Sacraments. (Believe it or not, I found you initially when researching the origin of the Hail Mary pass in football!)

  13. Andrea says:

    I was just out on Church Pop and read the statement made by Ryan Scheel on behalf of the Catholic Talk Show which is a good one. Sorry Charles Fraune is having a problem with his twitter account and the whole thing definitely has an air of mystery to it. Who knew demons had a union? The algorithm could have acted under demonic influence. It could have been a complaint made by an Anti-Catholic individual as there are plenty of those lying about. Quoting one celebrity or maybe another “there is no such thing as bad publicity”.

  14. Joseph Luis Santiago says:

    Fist time listener and subscriber. Was just looking for some show note from the demon episode.

  15. Mary says:

    Speaking of not trusting what demons have to say, did anyone mention “Warning from the Beyond: to the Church of today” or “Warning from Hell”?

    Though it is out of print, it is available via kindle.

    1. FHL says:

      Wow, great resource. I had never heard that particular story before and was able to read the majority of its details on Amazon site ‘preview window ‘. The repetition is bizarre but I suppose necessary. I know it’s a serious topic but some of the dialogue bordered slapstick comedy. Happy that Our Lady inflicted excruciating pain on those dastardly demons by enforcing truths. Eight priests, multiple hours, multiple days. Judas? Wanting to stay in her body since it was better than hell due to her ‘sharing his burden’ is simply creepy on every level. This case from the 70s read like an endurance sport type of torture for all involved. Wolves in the Vatican is a sobering thought, then and now. Godspeed.

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