Answering The Most Googled Questions About Catholicism

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys answer the most searched questions about Catholicism.

Episode 215:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Fridays?
• Why Do Catholics Confess To A Priest?
• Why Do Catholics Do The Sign Of The Cross?
• Why Do Catholics Pray For The Dead?
• and much more


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2 comments on Answering The Most Googled Questions About Catholicism

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I missed your shows during the holidays and hope that each of you had a lovely Christmas and will have a good New Year to come.
    It is nice to see you guys again!

    Clever idea for a podcast! Congrats! Why do Catholics pray to Mary is number one asked question. So many people think why not pray directly and eliminate the middle man or woman in this case. Many non-Catholics think we worship her. They don’t seem to get it that we don’t! If they can understand that the saints are intercessors I have no idea why they can’t see Mary in the same light, actually a more brilliant light, since she is the mom of Jesus. I pray the rosary daily on the rosary channel with Keith Nester and since I started praying the rosary daily, a few years before I hooked up with Keith, I now understand why the grace of humility is attributed to Mary. She loves going to Her son for all our needs and feels honored that she is asked. That is the feeling I get from her at least. She is wonderful to us and for us. She loves us maybe not as much as God or Jesus does, but that love is there for us as her gift to each of us. She cares as our Mother. We are definitely her children.

    Yes guys, you are right, we believe Mary and the saints are in Heaven and not dead. They are alive in God. They take our prayers to God. They take our prayers to Jesus. Thank God they do although I know that God hears us all always. I actually feel that many written about in our Bible are alive in Heaven for the most part. They want to welcome us to Heaven and want to help us get there. I don’t always believe that suffering and sacrifice is the only way to go during our time on earth. God wants his people to thrive on earth as well as journey back to Him. He doesn’t want to see us suffering and in pain whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. That is what I think. Why would He joyfully create our world for us and then want us to suffer to prove our love?

    I agree Fr. Pagano, most of these Google questions are probably coming from non-Catholics.

    Ryan Scheel, that is old school tradition about babies not being allowed out of the house until baptized and the fact that a baby had to be safely baptized within a month from birth. My parents honored this tradition for all three of their children.

    I think that candles are lit because of God and Jesus being the Light of our world. The light of one candle dispels the darkness that the devil wants us to live within. The darkness of lies. The candle is the light of truth.

    Why do priests wear black or the total absence of color? Death of self as they live life of Christ says Fr. Rich. RS pointed out that the Roman collar was worn as a fashion statement during the 1500’s and the 1600’s. It was also a sweat collar so it had a practical use to save men’s shirts. I agree with you Fr. Rich, it is cool to wear a cassock and your flock thinks the same way as you do as priests stand out from the crowd as men dedicated to God. Nuns wear veils as well as habits for that reason.

    I love how you Googled the Catholic Talk Show too! I have to do that too for fun. I will do the same thing and Google Keith Nester. I just love you guys and Keith and thank God you are available to us. Thank you so much for being there for us and all that you do.

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