Do You Really Have To Attend Mass EVERY Sunday?

In this episode of the The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss The Sunday Obligation and why you NEED to go to Mass EVERY Sunday.

Episode 228:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• What Is The Sunday Obligation?
• Is Missing Mass A Mortal Sin?
• What Counts For Attending Mass?
• Did Catholics Change The Sabbath?
• and much more


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5 comments on Do You Really Have To Attend Mass EVERY Sunday?

  1. David Whight says:

    During the Covid year we didn’t have to go to Mass, and it was not a requirement. So not a mortal sin to miss Mass. Now the church cannot say it’s OK to commit adultery, so it is different. During covid we attended a Mass online and got to know the priests, i.e., oh it’s him this week. So we were keeping to the ten commandments. Obviously we could not have communion, so not good. I think the church (hierarchy) should be careful not to follow the bad habits of the preceding church. The priests and pharisees used to make rules for all the faithful to follow. This right had been given to them to make rules, such as how to wash your hands up to the elbows before eating. The apostles were not complying with that as they walked through the cornfields. They were criticised to Jesus, and Jesus also said that the hierarch of the Jewish faith to which Jesus belonged, piled rules on the followers and that was not good. I am not saying you are wrong, but be careful.

  2. Virginia Garner says:

    Yes, I do have a problem with the way it was fine not to go to Mass all during the plandemic! Yes it was a plan to destroy the world & it was genocide. We were actually kicked out of a church for not wearing a mask! It makes you wonder what was going on with the church!

  3. Joan Hamby says:

    I had a Baptist tell me the Catholic Church moved the sabbath! I had just returned back to the Catholic faith and I had. I idea what he was talking about (he was a former Jew)

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