How To Fight The Devil With Spiritual Warfare

In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Dan Burke to discuss fighting evil with spiritual warfare and discerning spirits.

In this episode you will learn:

• How to discern good and evil spirits
• Spiritual warfare tactics every Catholic should know
• What scripture says about fighting evil
• and much more

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13 comments on How To Fight The Devil With Spiritual Warfare

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,

    What an excellent topic and podcast. Thank you for giving us an hour with Dan Burke, the author of a book on spiritual warfare and the discernment of spirits. A very interesting man whose road to conversion to Catholicism was not straight except by God’s standards. He admits he was a holy mess mostly because of his violently abusive childhood background, and his ailments throughout his life yet his journey brought him to the true faith.

    I like his take on the abuse scandals in our Church. They are not members of the church they are apostates. They came into the Church to become sexual predators. They are not the real deal as Dan says.

    Spiritual warfare. The battle of good and evil is the duality that exists in our Universe. The argument for God. Our faith. The devil tormenting us through our imagination. As RS and Dan Burke said God puts us through this test. Two forces at war for each of us every day. God wants to bring us to Heaven. The devil wants to bring us to hell. God put me through His own personal test which I feel I was blessed to receive and very much loved by God. I called to God and He answered me. I also believe what Dan says that we own the thoughts in our mind and we can control them with God’s help. I learned a lesson in thought control from God.

    Dan’s rejection of the lie that he is a POS strengthened him as he grew up. He replaced the lie made in Jesus name. He does what I do. He rejects the devil constantly and lets him know that Dan owns his mind and not the devil. We need to discern or know the thoughts that are being placed into our mind by the devil. The devil knows our weaknesses and God knows our strengths as far as I am concerned in this ongoing battle. I had God on my side when I went through my own personal darkness. Other thoughts come to me from God or my guardian angel especially when I need them.

    Dan and Fr. Rich mention that St. Ignatius is a spiritual warrior in our mystical Catholic tradition. Someone whose life I would like to read about. As Fr. Rich says resist the devil and he flees but we can’t do this alone. We need the authority of the priest. I say I had God and my guardian angel on my side during my worst times of despair. No offense Fr. Rich but I had to eliminate the middle man and go straight to God.

    I think our guardian angels are our spiritual directors during our lifetime. Mine puts his title into my head whenever I think of him. They are the guardians of our souls. When I was in total despair and felt separated from God I confessed to God. I asked for his forgiveness. I needed to make an immediate confession to God. I asked God directly to get me through bad times and not let me succumb to the devil.

    Dan says he is now living in a beautiful life of peace free of anxiety all due to living through the Catholic Church which is wonderful.

    I had a nightmare the other night that the devil starred in and with help I defeated him. He had me literally held in a stranglehold around my neck and he was sensuously rubbing the hair on my head and telling me that he owned me. Next thing I knew he was pulled away from me by ‘police officers’ or as I think guardian angels, and I safely walked past him toward my destination which was to God. An anagogical dream.

    Stay safe from the devil and the coronavirus. I wish you and yours good health spiritually and physically.

    1. Lydia Mila says:

      Thank you for the enlightenment. Thanks for letting us know the importance of our guardian angels as we embark on our journey here on earth. Honestly I never call upon my guardian angels but only God.and Mama Mary in times of difficulties. But now I know the importance of our guardian angels. Thank you and God protect us all against the Corona virus.

      1. Andrea says:

        Thank you for reading my posting and commenting on the gift from God called our guardian angels. St. Padre Pio had dialogues with his angel and I believe visions as well. He was truly blessed. St. Thomas Aquinas conversed with his. I should be so lucky! I have had adventures with him throughout my lifetime but not totally sure about conversations. They are also in constant contact with other guardian angels. I know this because the person I needed would come into my life. One guardian angel speaking to another.

        You too stay safe and healthy!

    2. Jimmy says:

      Hi l’m having a lot disturbance with evil one and demonic infestation and jezebel’s evil spirits attachment pythons and so on ………….

  2. FHL says:

    When I can’t walk, I crawl. My Faith has never been in question, not once in 55yrs. I celebrate my Baptism each year, and those of my 4 children, because they are God’s gifts to me. At times in my life, I’ve been the Prodigal Son, and at other times, the elder brother, now ultimately striving for the supreme charity of the father with open arms of unconditional love. I have my own father to thank for my unwavering Faith, and his father and his father, right back to the shores of Sicily. Blessed Agostino Novello, pray for us!

  3. FHL says:

    Found pages 44/45 helpful, from The Wonders of the Holy Name, by Father Paul O’Sullivan:
    “The Devil and The Name of Jesus
    The great, great evil, the great danger that threatens each of us every day and every night of our lives, is the devil.
    St. Peter and St. Paul warn us in the strongest language to beware of the devil, for he is using all his tremendous power, his mighty intelligence to ruin us, to harm, to hurt us in every way. There is no danger, no enemy in the world we have to fear as we should fear the devil.
    He cannot attack God, so he turns all his implacable hatred and malice against us.
    We are destined to take the thrones he and the other bad angels have lost. This lashes him into wild fury against us. Many foolish, ignorant Catholics never think of this; they take no care to defend themselves and thus allow the devil to inflict on them infinite harm and cause them untold sufferings.
    Our best, our easiest remedy is the Name of Jesus. It drives the devil flying from our sides and saves us from countless evils.
    Oh, Dear Readers, say constantly this all-powerful Name and the devil can do you no harm. Say it in all dangers, in all temptations. Wake up if you have been asleep. Open your eyes to the terrible enemy who is ever seeking your ruin.
    Priests should preach frequently on this all-important subject. They should warn their penitents in the confessional against the devil. They counsel people to avoid bad companions, who make them lead bad lives. Incomparably more dreadful is the influence of the devil on them.
    Teachers, catechists and mothers should constantly warn their children against the devil. All heir efforts will be only too little!”
    (written in Portugal 1947, my booklet copyright 1993 by TAN publishers)

    This is strong enthusiastic phrasing, but after reading that, what really came alive for me was your discussion of the scripture quote about fearing nothing of the flesh, but only the principalities, etc. This returns dignity to the body, which is not the enemy, but to take constant aim at the mischief of the mind. The revelation that a holy person could be possessed and still be a holy soul blew the shackles right off my ignorance! Also, that Confession as a Sacrament merits more strength to fight demonic persistence than the rite of exorcism. Who knew?! Now where’s my holy water…

  4. FHL says:

    Found it! Ephesians 6:12. Bingo =) This makes perfect sense to me on every level; emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual. Amen.
    (discussion near the 24min mark, 3rd time through, so far!)

  5. Janell says:

    Thank you for such a great topic and I am thankful for the discussion. I was raised Catholic and I can’t recall spiritual warfare ever being discussed in religion class. It wasn’t until, I experienced the darkness of hell and was seeking the light that I became aware of such attacks. Thank you for bringing to light such an important topic. I look forward to the purchase of your book and visiting your website.
    Also, Mr. Burke my heart is filled with joy to hear of your recovery and the candid sharing of your recent experience.
    God Bless

  6. FHL says:

    Absolutely! God be praised! Read last night about the miraculous healing from covid-19 virus which by all logic should have taken Mr. Burke’s life. Thanks to thousands praying for him to breathe on his own, unobstructed, from every corner of the globe, he recovered. To submit truly to God’s will in that precarious moment of life and death takes astounding courage. Peace be always with you and your family.

  7. Olivia says:

    Thanks so much for this insightful and engaging episode. Dan mentioned a number to text to access the online material. How can I access the material if I’m not based in the US? Thanks and God bless

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast, I am a warrior of Christ, God saved my life more times than I can count. The war is real, demons are real, satan is real, it is such a phenomenal and also mostly sadly unknown in the present day. I am one of the few lucky ones who, while at a Catholic youth conference, got my first sort of lightning strike from God, as a speaker happened to mention Spiritual Warfare, and that we all have it in us to fight and defend ourselves against satan and all the evil that prowls the earth. I was 15, I had been raised Catholic, I knew the devil was bad but didn’t know much about him, I had always struggled ,to know who I was and where I belonged as a child. At this conference, God planted a seed in my mind that would save my life 5 years later. I know now that from birth God had plans made for me, I slipped into a very dark place , for anout 3 years, I saw true evil, I saw demons, I saw what lies the devil told, i believed them for a little bit. God … he sent St. Michael to be with me , I didn’t know it until much later in life… but one day as I was headed to certain doom, I heard St. Michael and I think multiple saints very very loudly say “Enough, go home now”, and I became physically ill so I went home… I had seen and heard demons before but when I heard St Michael. .. it was this whole new feeling in my heart. So I left my “hell”, as pointed out in the podcast, even when you leave the darkness you bring pieces with you. I had multiple attempts of taking my own life, but one day, laying alone in a hospital bed, The Holy Spirit whispered to me “You don’t have to suffer like this, God loves you, he knows everything about you, He wants to forgive you, He wants to hold you in His arms and heal you, because God loves you so much, and He has plans for you.”, and I finally broke, everything inside me shattered, but in a way that let out all this horrendous anger and hatred and evil that had been festering inside me. Then ..slowly… God started putting me back together. I was so weak, I couldn’t go looking for answers, so God gave them to me, I learned how to trust again, I started growing stronger, I was still batteling severe depression and anxiety but God had opened my eyes, and everytime I fell back into darkness, I felt the presence of something good always with me. God placed people in my life, doctors, psychistrists, etc… and through his guidance I learned how to make the right choices, to discern whether the people I was talking to had the right choices for me… and often they didn’t. When I was strong enough God gave me a voice to stand up for myself and say “No more”, I wasn’t happy with what I was hearing so I started studying psychiatry and psychology myself (not in school , just for ‘fun’), God , through all this craziness I was dealing with… still managed to push my husband and I together. My husband went through his own ‘hell’ in Bosnia as a child… , but oh my…. God never stopped telling me “You two need each other. .. love him through his pain”…. we now have a 10 year old son, who has a Neurological Brain Disorder, ….basically he has a crazy high intelligence level, his comprehension of the world is more clear than most adults, he is an analytical thinker, who also has the love of Jesus shining through every inch of his heart…. but his brain can choose to become overstimulated for no reason and his body physically shuts down. He is best friends with St. Michael ☺ (this is what he says), It was through my son getting visited many times by St. Michael when he was very young ….at two he started telling me about his friend Michael who was all shiny and made him feel happy and made him laugh… It was only then that God flooded me with sudden knowledge and realization that I had never been alone… ever… I cried with joy and some pain during that time as I finally made a complete act of contrition. I had a vision of myself still teetering between God and the devil, Jesus was standing to my right side and said I had to choose. … (now I will be honest I didn’t like being told I had to choose… so I hesitated)…..I looked to either side of me and then jumped into Jesus’s arms. Since then I have had many battles, but also an insane amount of miracles, The Holy Spirit has given me very very many gifts, which I am still learning about… and Yes I suffer still… a lot. ..but I am free, I have a beyond humanly possible close relationship with God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Mary, and St. Michael. I have learned the best weapon to defeat the devil is love, to not give him any power over you, because we know who wins the war. God has given me enlightenment. I still stumble, but that’s okay. God Bless you All

    1. Andrea says:

      After reading this I decided to add you to my special intention prayers for a while as you are a brave, loving soul going through so much right now along with your family. I am so glad you are working your way toward God thanks to all his help and the help of St. Michael. May the peace of Jesus be with you. I too know about guardian angels and how God sent us this gift of love, support, guidance and protection. Mine is very special to me for personal reasons too based on our experiences together.

  9. Jon says:

    where are the promised links ???

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