5 Things I’d Change About The Catholic Church If I Was The Pope

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share what they’d do and change if they were elected Pope.

Episode 184:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What things would we change?
• Pope DellaCrosse’s, uh, “entertaining” papacy…
• Pope Scheel’s reign of terror?
• Where we would send Fr. Rich as Pope?
• Who would make a better Pope: Scheel or DellaCrosse?• and much more


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2 comments on 5 Things I’d Change About The Catholic Church If I Was The Pope

  1. Andrea says:

    hi guys,
    A toss up between who would be the most effective pope or the most defective pope! HEE HEE You guys were hysterically funny and very clever.

    Pope Dellacrosse
    A Pope of the people. And no, you can’t vote for yourself RD! New rites for announcing Pope including fireworks, glitter bombs. Bishop Pagano of a new digital continent. No white smoke necessary. A golf course instead of a garden for the Pope’s Invitational golf tournament. Fulton Sheen would get his sainthood and stop the political BS that is going on. RD would be Pope Paul VI II. Pope Benedict will do all the background papal work for Pope Paul VI II.

    Pope Scheel
    No more Mr. Nice Guy Pope. Pope Athanasius Martel. Abolishment of the digital continent and name Bishop Pagano. As head of the Vatican City dual citizenship to every Catholic in the world. Pope Athanasius will have a military force to protect all Vatican City Catholic citizens. The Templars are coming back. New inquisition strictly for abuser priests. The Templars are going after them. Added to the creed will be the belief of the true Eucharistic presence. Making Catholic crypto currency. No more different dinero from churches around the world. Then he is going to fake his death.

    Hands down I would vote for Pope Paul VI II. Pope Scheel is too mean – hee hee I may even write in for Pope Pagano.

  2. Zel says:

    Pls correct the grammar. The situation is unreal, so it should be, “If I were the pope…”. Using “was” connotes the situation happened in the past.

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