Is It Time For Vatican III?

In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the history of Catholic Councils, get into a spirited debate on the effects of Vatican II, and explore the issues that need to be settled in Vatican III.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What is an Ecumenical Council?
• Did Vatican II do more harm than good?
• What issues does the church need to address in Vatican III?
• What are some of the biggest threats to the Church?
• Where will the next council be held?
• and much more

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30 comments on Is It Time For Vatican III?

  1. Kevin Sweeney says:

    Can’t wait to watch this one! I think I already know which side Scheel is on haha 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    A very interesting discussion. I listened to this after reading today’s article by J. Patrick Yodzis in “Where Peter is”, “The New Americanism, Part One: Americanism and Traditionalism” (https://wherepeteris.com/the-new-americanism-part-one-americanism-and-traditionalism/). I must say, the article is spot on, as was Pope Leo’s assessment of the Church a hundred years ago. It appears the experience of the Catholic Church in America is very different from other parts of the world. In Australia, the Catholic Church is more mainstream with fewer extremes. My reading of the American Church is that there are parallel Catholic Churches and these are often based on whether you support Pope Francis. I can’t believe the opposition to the Holy Father by a number of so-called Catholic Media outlets. We are talking about Christ’s Vicar and yet the Holy Father is dismissed because what he teaches does not fit into the mindset of the ‘Traditionalists’! And listening to (mainly) American Cardinals, Bishops, Laity and Religious supporting this criticism of the Holy Father is shocking. What has happened to the American Church, at least that small but very vocal group, to steer it away from the Holy Catholic Church? As for Vatican II, Ryan, the Church would be much smaller and irrelevant now if this Council was not held. I was pleased to hear Father speak so strongly regarding the Council. The Second Vatican Council addressed many of the issues of the day that WERE already happening. It was not possible to just continue on from Trent and Vatican I with “our” heads in the sand and not recognise the world was changing and in ways that were almost unimaginable. Thank goodness for Vatican II and especially for Pope Francis. Given the tumultuous times we are going through, we have a Pope who responds as Jesus did, by love and mercy.

    1. Marguerite Trombino says:

      St. Micheal prayer needs to come back…Quiet prayer after communion. “””Teaching of church doctrine to youngsters ( baltimore catechism)…Change to the hierarchy( the bishops)…Bring back our alter rails ,so we can kneel before our King and our God when we recieve HIM..Bring back our candles so we can go into church anytime to pray…..Put the tabernacle back where it belongs,and put that red light on…Bring back our church…Bring back adoration,benediction…WE ARE NOT PROTESTANT….WE ARE CATHOLIC

      1. Thank you so much for stating what my heart has always believed.

      2. VerumFidei says:

        Ave Maria!

      3. Lora Madore says:

        Marguerite, the Novus Ordo religion is not Catholic. A new religion was created at the false Vatican II council which is aping the Catholic Church and causing most to lose any faith they had left, as is obvious with the fact that people are calling Bergoglio,( an apostate, heretic) the pope, who in Catholicism is the Vicar of Christ. Pray to Mary for the light of Truth and if you truly desire it she will lead you back to the Catholic Church. God bless you…keep the Faith!

    2. Lora Madore says:

      Marguerite, the Novus Ordo religion is not Catholic. A new religion was created at the false Vatican II council which is aping the Catholic Church and causing most to lose any faith they had left, as is obvious with the fact that people are calling Bergoglio,( an apostate, heretic) the pope, who in Catholicism is the Vicar of Christ. Pray to Mary for the light of Truth and if you truly desire it she will lead you back to the Catholic Church. God bless you…keep the Faith!

    3. Lora Madore says:

      Your ‘Holy’ father doesn’t teach what the Catholic Church has taught for the last 2000 years. The Novus Ordo religion is from hell not from God. Wake up and learn the faith if you insist on calling yourself a Catholic.

    4. Thomas Sellon says:


      1. Thomas Sellon says:


  3. Peter says:

    Ryan, Synodality has been part of the Catholic Church since year dot! I can send you some info if you wish. Synodality is recognition of the universality of the Church as it plays out throughout the world. What’s important in America is not the same for Australia and definitely not for The Hipster Jugend Amazon, etc. As for Germany, you were wrong in your commentary. There is NO discussion at the German Synod on changing doctrine. It is the discipline and practice of the Church that is being discussed. Why do people keep getting this wrong? For example, priestly celibacy is not a doctrinal matter for the Church. Priestly celibacy is a discipline of the Church that was enacted over a period of time towards the end of the first millenium. But, this can change, just as Pope Benedict changed the requirement for celibacy for Anglican Clergy wanting to be ordained Catholic priests, or the acceptance of married priests in Eastern Catholic Churches. Synodality has always allowed for regional expression with the Catholic Church.

  4. Peter says:

    Also, Ryan, your comment about communion for divorced and remarried Catholics was wrong. From the earliest times within the Church, although divorce was unacceptable, it was tolerated. Jesus even allowed divorce in cases of adultery (I know there are various interpretations of this – depending which side you are on!). As for the tradition of the Church, in the first few centuries, men who divorced and then remarried were allowed back to the Sacraments after a period of penance, which could be from a month to a year or more. This was the practice in the East and the West and is still acceptable in the Orthodox Churches under various conditions.

  5. Peter says:

    Ryan, it’s not a matter of reconciling Traditionalists and Modernists. It is a matter of reconciling Traditionalists with Catholics. Traditionalists have separated themselves from the Holy Father. In the words of St Ambrose (4th Century), “Where Peter is, there is the Church. Where the Church is, there is Christ” (paraphrased!).

    1. Lora Madore says:

      Explain to me how Bergoglio is holy. Catholics believe in the Chair of Peter. A heretic cannot sit there.

      1. John says:

        Please provide proof for your scandalous assertion that Pope Francis is a heretic. You traditionalists are funny. You think Pius XII was the “last true pope,” and that his successors were all illegitimate, but you seem to forget that Pius XII’s successor was appointed by cardinals appointed by Pius XII or his predecessors. So how far back does the corruption have to go for your silly theories about Freemasons and heresies have to go before it makes sense? All the way to St. Peter?

    2. Dovie Corbin says:

      If a group of Catholic’s in your parish decided they should keep the “catholic” name, but make changes to the prayers, mass, actions and physical looks of your parish–etc. would you try to keep your parish as it serves you now? Well, the Traditionalists are just wanting their Catholic Church back. We never stopped our prayer life; and we searched for a Priest who would offer our beloved Mass for us. When we find a parish that offers daily Latin Mass-we attend it. Many drive over an hour to get there. We want our family to share in the baptism; first Communion; Confirmation; Holy Week; Midnight Mass: and funeral services that we prayed and took pride in the many years prior to V2. The beauty of chanting in prayer etc., Traditionalists did not stop their belief nor their prayers. V2 changed the minds of many catholic’s. I was one for a short time. Then I missed the spiritual life I had before, and the hunt began. Over, 30 years I church bounced, until I found a Parish that was still praying the prayers etc. that were prayed in the Church I joined when a teenager. when traveling or moving, high on the list of a Traditionalist is to locate the nearest Latin Mass parish. My question is “when a group wants to change the structure of its church etc. …why do they not go start their new practice some place else. Leave the existing practicing group in peace?” The Church was “one and universal”. Same Mass said in parishes around the world. In one language, with the local language on the adjoining page. The Priest prayed in one language so no translation error. When the changes came to our parishes, they were eased in and we were told it was good. At that time Catholic’s did not go against the Priest, Bishops etc. Thankfully there were a few who saved our Holy Mass and prayers. The number has grown. But has not recovered the large amount of Catholic’s who have left over the years. but, the families in our parishes do have large families like before. They count them as blessings. Many Saints came from large families too. Just felt the need to share my view on the subject.

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    I enjoyed this podcast and your arguments between yourselves and I vote or agree with Fr. Rich. For one thing, Vatican II was called to address what was already happening in the church. That much I know although admittedly unlearned as far as the rest. I did learn a lot from this podcast though and agree with all three of you as far as there needs to be a Vatican III. RS sometimes I think you enjoy being such a hard nosed authoritarian. I am glad you listen to RD at times because he makes good points. Sometimes I think he is not paying attention but then he surprises me with a right on comment. RS you are ALWAYS paying attention. It must hurt.

    Are there two new bobbleheads, both female, or just the one – St. Lucy? There is another one that seems to be in a habit but her name was blocked by the miniature Knights Templar during the broadcast. Are you guys going to reach out to us for future podcast ideas or subject matter? I like all your opinions and the information you impart but there are times I think RS has to be reminded that a lot of what he says are just opinions and not dogma according to Scheel. Facts are one thing, opinions are another. Dogma is for the Church to decide.

    Thanks for my early morning treat and take care!

  7. If there is ever a Vatican III, it will correct the main errors of Vatican II: ecumenism (that all faiths are equal), religious liberty (that people are free to embrace whatever religion they chose), and collegiality (that the church is a democracy). Vatican II was not a dogmatic council and so nothing new that it pronounced is binding. It entirely failed to condemn the greatest evil of our time: Communism. Vatican III will condemn that and return the Roman Mass, the only Mass of the Roman Rite, to its proper place. There will no longer be a novus ordo missae, a rite concocted by a group headed by a freemason (Bugnini). Vatican III will also repudiate and condemn again Neo modernism and require again the Anti Modernist oath from all priests and religious. Traditional theology and scholastic philosophy will again assume their proper first places.

    1. VerumFidei says:

      Thomism needs to return to the seminaries, the safeguards which were to prevent predatory priests from entering the priesthood and best attempt at filtering those people out was suddenly removed after Vatican II. I agree with you that we need the latin mass and the novus ordo needs to be removed.

      1. John says:

        Then how do you explain the fact that many of the perverts were ordained prior to the Second Vatican Council? Vatican II, if anything, helped to expose an activity that had been going on for decades and even centuries. The Protestant Reformers knew of the bad practices. Why else do you think they eliminated the requirement of celibacy for the priests and ended the requirement for little children to crawl into a dark closet to confess their sins to a priest?

  8. Dave says:

    As Father said Vatican II was not the problem but the implementation of it. Why were so many abuses allowed? I think because the Church in it’s humaness does a poor job of confronting and asserting what dogmas and doctrines teach. Too many in the Church from the Vatican down to the parish level are conflict avoidant and passive aggressive. There should have been directness from the Vatican to those Bishops to reign in the abuses or else. This is still a problem today of course as we see Bishops and Cardinals sit by in silence not confronting other Bishops who have fostered and enabled the abuse scandal. Until the Church learns some basic healthy assertive communication skills we will continue to have problems.

    1. VerumFidei says:

      The Novus Ordo Missae is at best 25% of the original mass in Latin, the Ottovini intervention is a great read to see why the Cardinal and theologians said that the new mass is not the same mass that the Council Of Trent reaffirmed is the true mass. The latin mass!

  9. VerumFidei says:

    Vatican II has done major damage to the salvation of the faithful following the heretical teachings which go against past councils, especially on ecumenism and worshiping with non-Catholics. Vatican III is long overdue to undo the damage of modernism making it’s way into the church as St Pope Pius X warned us about. Pope Leo XIII made it very clear that you can’t pit one Pope against another, their teachings should not contradict each other as Vatican II Popes have contradicted what was always taught in the past. The only way to bring the church back into being unified is to go back to tradition…

  10. OneFaith says:


    -An excellent conference discussion on the ordinary magisterium and devotion to the Pope by a traditional Catholic priest in Akron, OH.

    -Skip to about 8 minutes in to avoid the long intro.

  11. Lora Madore says:

    Marguerite, the Novus Ordo religion is not Catholic. A new religion was created at the false Vatican II council which is aping the Catholic Church and causing most to lose any faith they had left, as is obvious with the fact that people are calling Bergoglio,( an apostate, heretic) the pope, who in Catholicism is the Vicar of Christ. Pray to Mary for the light of Truth and if you truly desire it she will lead you back to the Catholic Church. God bless you…keep the Faith!

    1. Fr. Tom Hall SJ says:

      What a joke …you are what is wrong with the church today. The Traditionalists are so narrow and stuck in the past and fail to see the damage they are doing to our church. If you want your Latin mass go elsewhere, we need to embrace the Novus Ordo .

  12. Thomas Sellon says:

    Novus Ordo is a joke Fr. Tom. The Latin Mass will Always be the true Church Teachings. This is where the MONEY comes from, get it! If we wanted a preacher, we would go to a Protestant church listen to the music and perhaps a 5-to-10-minute speech on “something”. Oh, how about those confessions? Is it still only 30 minutes once a week? Are you saving souls father? Are you pushing for more days and longer confession times for your flock? I’ll answer for you, NO! WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM! HOW DEAR YOU SAY WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

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