Is Society On The Brink Of Collapse?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Marc Barnes of New Polity to discuss the forces and causes leading to a potential collapse of Western Society.

Episode 117:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What is causing our rapid societal decay?
• What signs point to societal collapse?
• How can The Catholic Church fight back?
• Why “rest” is a secret weapon to fight back
• How greed and sin are leading to the collapse
• and much more

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8 comments on Is Society On The Brink Of Collapse?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Excellent topic as usual! The world is going to hell in a handbasket scenario. Thankfully, there are many people with a moral compass out there who will keep us from the abyss. What is in the abyss is the lack of respect and humanity for the other. Yes, my end goal is my destiny to rest in God, Marc. The ultimate peace and joy. Praying and especially praying the rosary and the chaplet of divine mercy bring me peace from my daily anxieties. The feeling is transitory although the peace may last me until the next prayer session.

    You are right Ryan Scheel, when true enjoyment is not felt the moment of celebration or enjoyment is just the means to an end. The wedding analogy is so on target. We have all been to weddings that were all about impressing others and making a social statement that most of the time is just not true. Many have overspent at destination weddings alone. The status of being married and having a groom is more important to them than taking their vows to become one with their husband. Then the next thing you know they are unhappy and not experiencing joy with each other. After that they fall out of love they want out of the marriage too. As far as I am concerned love wasn’t there in the first place. Perfect scenario for annulment.

    You are so right, Ryan Scheel, money is flowing in one direction in our society and that is upward. Up to the cannibals of consumerism. This spawns the continuous production of envy as Marc Barnes terms it. Once again RS, I agree with you. Envy becomes hatred and that leads to violence among those who cannot afford to keep up. First they will start groups of angry malcontents who refuse to hold themselves accountable for their lot in life like the white supremacist groups out there.

    Jesus keeps telling us peace I give to you. That is the only true peace there is in this world. I agree we can only be at rest with God as you can’t be at rest with society. Society right now is chaos caused mostly by one vile man and his supporters. But in all fairness it has been disintegrating around us for quite awhile now. When you don’t care about what happens to the other guy you are now sliding down the slope into cultural and moral chaos. You are turning your back on humanity and the sense of community with others.

    RD you are so right about FB as I know whole families who are constantly drawing attention to themselves. FB has been used and abused by Zuckerberg, and the members themselves. Posting kid pics is a lovely idea and FB is still a good media for that. I am not on FB but those who know what they are doing can sometimes send me these great kid pics via email. Meanwhile Zuckerberg is a multi billionaire because of FB and selling our personal data. On a tangential issue I was in one website to order Xmas presents online and when it asked me to log on the request was not unusual except this time it landed me on a FB account set up page! They had a host of names of possible friends and they were right on target as far as knowing many people in my life. I got out of there like I was at the gates of hell.

    My needs are more simple as I age and my budget doesn’t allow me to participate greatly in the Envy Economy as Marc Barnes terms it.

    Great question RS to Marc Barnes. Let Marc solve the riddle of the Universe. After all he dared to show up as a guest – hee hee. Erosion and invalidation of our personal moral compass is at the basis for the fall and decline of Western civilization. We want to fit in. We want to accept others and not judge them. We want to be accepted ourselves. We want to achieve status in society. We want to accept the norms of societal interaction.

    Fr. Rich you almost sound like you are warning yourself not to become the pastor in the Bishop’s Wife. His flock were telling him what his vocation should be. He was heading down the wrong path in his ministry. Due to the help of an angel and his loving wife he came back to God.

    This was an excellent show done well by all of you and we all need to be aware of the high ground we need to find when the dirt beneath our feet crumbles. The song from Michael Jackson about the man in the mirror comes to mind. We have to start with ourselves to prop up Western civilization. You guys have nailed it as far as being on a roll for shows. The shows are interesting, informative, entertaining, supportive and your fan base must be building. You are lifelines, like a few others out there, including Keith Nester, during the time of the pandemic and its effect on all of us. But you will not lose your contribution or relevance post pandemic. I also learned a new word termed ‘polity’.

    Sleep as an act of worship said Marc makes Dellacrosse the pope says Scheel. LOL! Thank you Marc Barnes for your contributions to this conversation. Interesting that you think sleep is an act of worship because we visit God and we visit our loved ones when we sleep. I woke up one morning a couple of months back right in the middle of a sentence that came out in another language. I was startled. No lie. No exaggeration. I barely speak elementary French. I tried to figure out how to spell the phrase I sputtered out loud and the Internet helped me out. I looked up the phrase and it was Aramaic meaning ‘with the help of Heaven’. I received the help of Heaven during some really bad times. It made me think about how God is always talking to us. Our Guardian angels too. We are all probably receiving spiritual instruction while we sleep.

    Stay safe and stay healthy,

    1. Kevin Kenealy says:

      Andrea, great points and thorough! Kevin

      1. Andrea says:

        Thank you Kevin! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

        1. Kevin Kenealy says:

          Thanks, Merry Christmas!

  2. Siobhan Wright says:

    GREED and the “God “ of SELF

    People are devolving into the most base reality of being human.

    I want, I need
    And I will have it and no one will deprive me of it.
    With no effort, responsibilities, or accountability

    1. Siobhan Wright says:

      This is the mantra of Western Society.

  3. Patty Oneil says:

    This was not my favorite program and I love your other shows. I believe there are other things to be said in response to some comments.
    Some comments from your guest sounded to me close to “reset”?
    Maybe I missed something. Many points discussed were excellent in my opinion and particularly the point of truly enjoying the moments you experience with family and or friends…peaceful and fun loving moments.
    Thank you and God Bless you! I have learned so much from the show and love you 3!!

  4. Dan says:

    This was one of the most impactful episodes of “The Catholic Talk Show” I’ve heard to-date. Thank you guys!

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