Myths About The Crusades That Too Many People Believe

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Historian Steve Weidenkopf to debunk myths and lies about The Crusades. Deus Vult!

In this episode, you will learn

  • Why every Catholic should be thankful for the Crusades
  • What was the true cause of the Crusades?
  • Were the Crusades unprovoked wars of aggression?
  • How Many Crusades were there?
  • The truth behind the sacks of Jerusalem and Constantinople
  • The unbelievable truth behind the “Children’s Crusade”?
  • Were the Crusaders murderous thugs or valiant knights?
  • Do The Crusades continue to be a cause of tension with Islam?
  • and much more!

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From Poland to Rome: 100 Years of Pope St. John Paul II Pilgrimage: Learn More

Books From Steve Weidenkpof: https://steveweidenkopf.com/

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2 comments on Myths About The Crusades That Too Many People Believe

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Great topic, great show and I always wondered about the Crusade and why we were fighting over there so long ago and against Islam, and why such violence and hatred still survives today. The word “crusade” is Latin from the word ‘crux’ for cross and the crusades were the ‘wars of the cross’. It was an excellent call to have the learned scholar, historian and prolific author Steve Weidenkopf on board. I learned there were a total of nine crusades and that the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher religious order still there today maintaining a presence for all of Christendom.

    The ‘why’ of the crusades was always fuzzy to me so learning that Islam under Mohammed caused the schism under a House of Islam vs the House of War – virtually everyone else and especially the Christians. Jihads are still happening there centuries later. We term them terrorists now.

    The first born sons who went on the first crusade and they often sold off their land to fund their crusade. They were motivated by their love of Christ as Steve mentioned and to receive the indulgence of Pope Urban II. They were not to take up this quest for wealth or to commit murder against the ‘heathen’. They were to protect and defend. The nine crusades started in 1099 and lasted two hundred years or thereabouts according to RS. I have heard of Peter the Hermit way back when in school and his “people’s crusade” in 1096. His name struck a memory chord. Their crusade ended badly and they were unarmed preachers.

    I had a friend who always thought we should never had gone over there which means Islam could have taken over at least half the world at that time and once they started killing Christians in their increasing aggression the knights would have become involved eventually anyway. Steve mentioned that we were invited by the Byzantine Empire to help we just didn’t show up unannounced. They involved the Pope and asked for his help and a mercenary army to aid their battles. We have crusades and Islam have jihads. Armed warriors in both cases except the knights did not behead their enemies as far as I know. I call that heathen in nature as well as horrendous.

    There are so many historical books out there and many on the Frankish (or French) Carolingian Empire, mainly remembered because of Charlemagne, and preceding the Holy Roman Empire. God is love but God went to war to when his people were being slaughtered. A war of defense against attacks on the church and Christendom.

    RS, there will always be slander and misunderstanding of intent for Catholics and Christianity. There are people who need a cause and a people to hate and many have chosen the Catholic Church in particular and Christianity in general. Interesting how a learned and intelligent Clinton spun out a myth when asked about the attacks of 9/11. It is not only the weak of intellect or the ignorant who labor under misconceptions of historical facts.

    (RD, they are going to continue to tease you about the wrong pronunciation of adjunct but then you know this. LOL!)

    Are the Knights Templar, or a military religious order, still exercising their vows to defend the state of Christendom? I wasn’t sure I heard the answer right to this question. While I was watching and listening to your podcast all I could think of was your audience and how many sincerely want to learn, and I include myself in that number, and how many will still mock. People are funny and want to believe what they want to believe no matter the facts. This is so true today in our American politics. We have a schism and the divisiveness is not only wanted but greatly encouraged. We are all personal crusaders in America trying to maintain our standing in this world despite external aggression.

    RS I just knew you wouldn’t have your guest suffer your inquisition as that is so much the sacrificial role of Fr. Pagano. Good question about re-conquest crusades being called by the Pope or their place in the future. I agree Fr. Rich, we are all called to a crusade today to protect our Catholicism. Our beliefs are always under attack. Your podcast arms us against the ignorant and the mocking. I try hard to retain the information that gets relayed under various subjects. A history of the Catholic Church should be a book that is on everyone’s shelf starting with my own.

    TTFN and God bless us everyone!

  2. Angela says:

    Is it possible to download these talks in order to be able to listen to them off line? I think you should make them downloadable, that would help a lot of people with internet connections.

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