Sex & The Catholic Church

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about what the Bible and The Catholic Church actually teach about sex.

In this episode you’ll learn:
• How are celibate priests qualified to teach about sex?
• What does the Bible and the Catechism actually say about sex?
• The Propechy of Pope St. Paul Vi about the sexual revolution…
• Why Pope St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” is so important
• What sin sends people to Hell according to Our Lady of Fatima?
• What is natural family planning? Is it just Catholic birth control?
• and much more!

5 comments on Sex & The Catholic Church

  1. James Sills says:

    I’d love to read this, not watch and listen.

  2. Karen Esposito says:

    This episode, as all episodes, was so interesting and enlightening. You all contribute in your unique ways which educates as well as entertains. Once again- thank you for your programs. And one note about how beautiful some of the Catholic Churches of Europe and the world are- St. James in Lakewood, Ohio has to rank among the most magnificent churches. One of my favorites.

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for this amazing episode.
    I loved every bit of it; you cleared my doubts.

  4. Father misspoke – NFP is not contraception as the unitive act of sex cannot be separated from its life-giving potential; however, it is a tool for birth control or planning for pregnancies. Contraception is ALWAYS disordered / birth control is only disordered if using contraception- this is a key difference.

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Good broadcast. If you find a partner outside of marriage who turns you on it doesn’t last. It doesn’t last because the partners eventually want more and that is exactly what you are expressing here. It is an emotional, intellectual, even spiritual act, as in marriage or a path toward that union, between two individuals rather than just strictly the physical act.

    I hear a lot of hate against the church teachings because atheists think the Catholic Church is the biggest hypocritical institution out there preaching for love and against lust when it is molesting minors. They focus on this and claim that when the Church cleans up its act then it will give a listen, maybe. They essentially think that sexuality is not the business of the Church. I wish they could have listened to this podcast as you did a great job. Sexuality has been cheapened and made into a whore by pornography being the only means of arousal. When it was all new to me I was fascinated by pornography myself but you don’t grow from it as far as sexuality, you grow away from it. You grow up as you need more than that and you realize it cheapens the act. Some, however, never do grow up sexually. It cannot be objectified only. That is your message. That is the Church’s message.

    Parental conversation plus church teachings are important to learn so you don’t cheapen yourself. So it is not a forbidden mystery that entices you to abuse. I had both plus, like every other pre-pubescent kid, I was all about the carnal aspect of it. I couldn’t read enough about it before the actual experiences. As I left the teens I knew it had to mean something to me and not just any partner would do.

    I think people need to learn about sexuality and Catholicism as this is so greatly misunderstood out there. However, I believe that pregnancies should be planned so that all your children can be taken care of. It takes more than just love, and Church it takes shelter and environment.

    Although women are mostly objectified, so are males and so are children who become victims of pedophiles. There is no psychiatric “fix” for pedophiles ergo no moral salvation although their souls are known only to God. The hierarchy of the Church covered up its sins in this area for decades and moved these sexual predatory priests from parish to parish which was wrong and criminal acts. I can separate my faith from all this apostasy but many looking on cannot. They not only blame the Church but every Catholic of faith. It is a global condemnation. The fact that these crimes are now in secular court gives everyone a feeling of justice being served for these victims. I wish the Church had moved more quickly but there was a hell of a lot of cover up going on! A hell of a lot of absolute denials by those who had been trusted by the Popes.

    There is a formula for good sex and those who are happy in their marriages know what it is. It also changes as we change too from day to day as marriage or union or life is never easy. We are externally bombarded by making constant moral decisions daily. Just think how we fight every day to keep the faith and that is what we do to keep sex joyful too. Catholics walk around with a lot of guilt because we question ourselves and our motives toward others daily.

    I am with Pope Francis as far as bringing children into a family where they are wanted, can be loved and appreciated, and shelter. We are to do our best by them that is our responsibility.

    You may want to send this podcast along to the schools, especially Christian or Catholic ones, for their sexual education classes. It is just that good.

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