The Miracle Behind Fr. McGivney’s Beatification

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Daniel Schachle, the father of the child whose miraculous healing led to the beatification of Father McGivney, the Founder of The Knights Of Columbus, and Brian Caulfield, the Vice Postulator of his Cause for Canonization.

Episode 116:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• The true story of the miracle that led to the beatification
• How 5-year old Mikey Schachle was miraculously healed
• What doctors and medical experts said about the miracle
• Who was Blessed Father Michael McGivney?
• Why were the Knights of Columbus founded?
• and much more

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Show Notes:

• The Father McGivney Guild – www.fathermcgivney.org
Join The Knights of Columbus FREE FOR 1 YEAR – KofC.org/Join



5 comments on The Miracle Behind Fr. McGivney’s Beatification

  1. Andrea says:

    Excellent podcast. Beautiful story of a miracle. Thank you. How sad and tragic it could have been. What they went through and what his mother suffered carrying a child she thought was going to die. A stillbirth. How awful. I am so sorry for the agony his parents went through but they came out the other side of it with God. God bless that family and little Mikey. What a story all around. I felt privileged and blessed just to hear about it all. The canonization process was also interesting to learn about. What a wonderful show to have during the Season of love and miracles.

    I couldn’t help but identify with Fr. McGivney’s immigrant parents as my Irish great grandfather came over here with his young family from Ireland and during what was later called the Potato Famine. They lived through a great deal of discrimination in America as they escaped starvation in Ireland. He was a laborer on the first subway system in America that was built in Boston.

    RS, how lovely your own family story is. I wasn’t surprised that Fr. Rich did not know of your own young miracle child as you strike me as a very private individual. RD you were getting overwhelmed during the whole show because you were listening with your heart.

    I had a good friend awhile back who was K of C and I had heard all the good things they do for people all year through. An organization always there for people with need.

    “The heart of God is the hand of miracles.” Matshona Dhliwayo

    Merry Christmas to all and God bless us everyone,

  2. Be careful of your wording – this child was not “healed by Father McGivney”. He was healed by the Lord! It was through the INTERCESSION of Father McGivney. This could be exceptionally confusing and a point of consternation to many non – Catholics!
    God bless your work!

  3. Anna says:

    This show was so moving for me personally I had to pause it for a few days at first. Our little girl, Maria, was diagnosed with fetal hydrops also. We didn’t know about Fr. McGivney but sure prayed she would be our miracle! Our doctors said the same thing and were baffled that we did not want to abort. We eventually found a wonderful surgeon willing to operate on her in utero to try and save her, but sadly she was stillborn on Christmas Day four years ago. Today I found the strength to return to the show and listen to the end of the story. I was so moved. I decided to read more about this priest (I am Irish myself, living abroad too) and found that the healing of little Michael was declared a miracle on May 27th – this was my daughters due date, when we celebrate her short life, we call it “Maria Day”. I will be praying to Fr. McGivney so much now for mothers in similar situations, and for comfort, healing and acceptance for me and my family dealing with alot of baby loss this year. Thanks guys!

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