4th of July Special: The True History of Catholicism in America

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the history of Catholicism in America, from the anti-Catholic laws of The 13 Colonies, to the persecution of Catholics by the KKK, to how Catholics got the words “Under God” added to the Pledge of Allegiance, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why America is named after a Catholic
• The secret Catholics in the earliest American settlements
• The Anti-Catholic laws of the 13 colonies
• Who was the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence
• Why George Washington wrote a letter to American Catholics
• The persecution of Catholics by the KKK
• How Catholics got “Under God” added to the pledge
• and much more!

3 comments on 4th of July Special: The True History of Catholicism in America

  1. Michael Fairfax says:

    Just thought you may be interested to know there is a school of thought (although most historians dispute) that Washington converted to Catholicism on his death bed. Here is a good starting point if you want to look into this: https://catholicism.org/george-washington-died-a-catholic.html
    Also of interest, Confederate General James Longstreet did convert to Catholicism after the Civil War:

  2. Donna says:

    Happy 4th of July! Love you guys.😀

  3. Andrea Landry says:

    I have watched three of your broadcasts and am now watching the one you did for the Fourth of July. I am a new fan to your podcasts and enjoy learning the history behind the history of the church in America, and your discussions are educational, interesting and entertaining.

    I love your religious statues and bobble heads. Why no Blessed Mother? Or St. Joseph? Or God? (perhaps Michelangelo’s God). I wouldn’t worry too much I think Jesus has a sense of humor and Ryan Scheel has that head bobbing the entire show from the vibrating table.

    The first time I tuned into your show Rabbi Gordon was a guest, and all I could think of was the joke that starts out a rabbi, a priest, and a Catholic walk into a bar…..

    I have been reading the Bible more during the past couple of years and the words are living words not words back from the dead. You take the Bible further and I hope your show is successful. I have even written an inspirational book that is scheduled to be published this fall.

    I have always been intellectually curious about a myriad of subjects and as I said there is no reason why I can’t be entertained while I am learning new facts about Catholicism in America and the world. I hope your podcasts remain on the air. You are almost as entertaining as the cardinal who tossed his cape during his show, ‘Life is Worth Living’. Bishop Fulton Sheen. He is being beatified as Fr. Pagano probably knows, and had a powerful intellect. His show was live 60 years ago or more and what he said is still relevant if maybe his modern day analogies are now anachronistic.

    Keep up the good work, bring on some more guests, and investigate and analyze our faith. I am a truth seeker and I believe you three are also.

    Best of luck,

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