Things Only Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Will Remember

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys reminisce and talk about things that only people who grew up as a Catholic will remember.

In this episode you will learn:

• Things you’ll remember about Mass as a kid
• 5 things you’ll remember about Catholic School
• Why Donut Sunday was the BEST
• Things you’ll remember about your 1st Communion
• Why giving the envelope as a kid was awesome
• Things Catholic kids remember about their Grandmother
• and much more

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50 comments on Things Only Kids Who Grew Up Catholic Will Remember

  1. Martin Pfister says:

    1st Communion was 1958. No wine back in the day. We did, however, have a three hour fast before Communion.
    Our entire school, 1 – 8, attended daily mass, so there was a 15 minute breakfast time in our classrooms before we started any instruction. The Fridaybefore our First Communion, I had filled a Tupperware container with Rice Krispies ( we could buy an 8 oz. milk for a nickel) and set it on the counter so Mom could put it with my lunch the next Monday.
    When I received the host on Sunday, it lodged on the top of my mouth way back where I couldn’t get at it with my tongue. And I was sure that if I used a finger to dislodge it I’d probably be struck by lightning, or at least head slapped by my guardian angel. So I struggled with that host, nearly choking, until I thought I’d die. It finally turned into a soggy mess and slid hesitantly into my throat and I was able to gulp it down. Well, I went home from mass, returned the Krispies to the box whence they’d come and adjusted myself to the notion that I may have just received my first and last communion.
    To encourage children to receive communion, our school would let us preorder doughnuts for First Friday’s breakfast. In the second half of 3rd grade, my lust for fried, glazed yeast rings caused me to give it a second shot. That host went down almost as easily as the five doughnuts I had ordered (to the disbelief of that good sister). Moral of the story: the Holy Spirit can even use doughnuts to win a soul.

  2. Kathy White says:

    What I remember is REspect !! Responsibility for actions . Saturday was confession day . Before First communion was learning the Latin so we could understand the mass . First communion day was very special . We were so privileged to recieve the host . It was so very special . After Mass we were given a beautiful bouquet of white flowers . Always bakery goods after mass .. white veil & dress made you feel like a bride .

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Fr. Rich, I too loved Christmas Eve Mass the best. It was my favorite Mass of the year too. You were out at night and it was very mystical. That is the time of year I felt closest to Jesus other than Easter when I always felt really sad and very guilty. Kids shouldn’t feel that guilty. But on Christmas Eve you got to welcome the Baby Jesus first before all the people who attended Christmas Day Masses. I would fall asleep immediately when I got home so I was ready for Santa. The Christmas Eves that it snowed made even more beautiful magical memories as everything was covered in white. Purification.

    As far as Holy Communion I still remember dressing up and all my dress shoes scraped against the heels of my feet because I had what amounted to spurs or whatever on the back of them. I still have these spurs today, of course, I just get to pick out more comfortable shoes.

    Thinking about First Communion reminded me that every Sunday I would suffer in my best shoes. We had to put on our best clothes for Mass every Sunday. My first communion outfit went to one of my nieces who followed me a few years later. As far as parking lot memories our church was in walkable distance when I was a kid. I got a rosary for a gift plus a small white Bible and lots of money in envelopes. Lots of family pictures were taken and survived my family photo albums. All the money for First Communion went into my first savings account. We got donuts after Mass at the donut shop across the street from the church almost every Sunday. I still have the children’s size white Bible today. I don’t remember ever practicing receiving first communion. I was told to leave the wafer on my tongue to dissolve naturally. I did and don’t remember having any problems. We were asked not to chew it though.

    As far as Christmas I still have the nativity scene from when I was small and most pieces are gone. It was a plastic set and some figures were even chalk. My teething marks still on the sheep. I got to put up the nativity scene every year. It was my happy duty setting up the stable and animals and Baby Jesus.

    There are still religious processions today that happen in ethnic parts of my city for the Blessed Mother and for different saints. Traditions that have been around before I was born. They take place in Little Italy.

    I am glad you spoke out against nasty twitter accounts that keep arising about the abuses and scandals of the church. You did an excellent job guys refuting it. Unfortunately, there are those who could care less about the abused children they just use an excuse to hate and insult a church and faith they don’t understand. Some people need some institution or person to hate and these people found it in the Catholic faith. They are also conveniently overlooking all the domestic households throughout the world where babies and children are molested and abused from birth. They don’t care about the child abuse they care about attacking our faith. Prayers need to be said for them as well. They are truly lost souls some of them. They have no anchor.

    I was no fan of some of the nuns I had through 12 years so there are plenty of adventures with the sisters that ended me being punished. I had teaching nuns so they planned their vocation to be with children and I swear to God some of them hated us! Mixed memories. My first grade nun was an older woman who loved kids. Truly an older woman not just from a kid’s viewpoint. She helped to make my First Communion special. Her name was Sr. Philomena Marie. I remember the names of quite a few nuns but she was special and gentle with small children as well as patient. I was reading at 5th grade level when I got to 1st grade so I read aloud to the class often. I was a bibliophile. That I remember too from back then as I think I had the sin of pride!

    I had no real or I should say lengthy grandmother experience just a loving grandfather experience until I turned 18. My paternal grandparents were dead before I was born. My maternal grandmother died when I was six. I do remember she was very sweet and loved kids. My Ma had the Danish cookies tin box filled with prayer cards and rosaries. That I remember and I put my small Communion bible into it after I received it. I still have the tin. It has survived moves. My children’s bible looks as old as I feel!

    Thanks for the memories! Stay safe and stay healthy as I ask God to bless us all during this pandemic.

  4. Patricia Naperola / Nelson says:

    I. Remember. My. FIRST COMMUNION. MAY. 6, 1956 All. Dressed up. In my. White. DRESS. And White VEIL, In those. Days. They had the COMMUNION RAIL .. .. Our. Parents dropped us off at our Parish School They. Went into church. Before. Us. And we Processed. From the School to the Church. With our. Hands put together. and then. We all. Processed into the Church. As all were. Singing….We sat in the pews. In front. . Without. Our parents . MASS was in LATIN. In those. Days…. When Communion time came. We processed. And took. Our place at the. Communion Rail … One. PRIEST. And 1 Altar Server. With a packed. Church. …. .after Mass. we Processed. To Mary’s. Grotto. And had. Our Picture. Taken with. Her. Those. Were the DAYS.

  5. Diane Flower says:

    I have many fond memories of growing up Catholic. First Communion was April 26, 1963, day before my birthday. It was a Latin Mass, we had to fast for 3 hours, so my parents made me eat a bowl of cereal before bed the night before so I wouldn’t be hungry. I went to Catholic school, mostly nuns teaching back then. My dad opened a savings account at Third Federal for me with the money. I also have a bible that my dad received when he was a student at John Carroll University.
    As a child, we went to Mass on Christmas Day. My family went to the noon Mass at St. Therese every Sunday. The church was at the end of our street and I felt like I was walking on a cloud on the way home from mass. As a teenager, we went to midnight mass and came home with friends in tow. My mother would take the ham out of the oven and we ate and just had a good time with our friends.
    I also remember the guitar masses in the 70s. Our pastor would not allow it in the main church, so it was in the basement. Our next door neighbors were Lutheran, but they went to that mass every Sunday!
    I belong to St. Stanislaus in Cleveland, Oh. We have a big Polish festival every year in October. Our Music Director has trumpeters and a timpani player accompany us at all the masses and the church is decorated for the weekend. The food is also incredible and so are the drinks.
    I have so many more memories and thoughts, but don’t want to take up more space. Thanks for this show!

    1. We love Saint Stan’s! Whenever DellaCrosse visits Scheel in Cleveland, they go to Mass there and then lunch at Sokolowski’s after!

  6. Alice says:

    If you do another episode like this get someone from the ’50s to tell about the “real” 🙂 Catholic church with it’s traditions. recommend someone from NYC (n the Bronx is best 🙂

    1. I agree! We had so many meaningful traditions that help makes us sad when everything changed. My heart was broken and I was a young mother with children going to the same school. Some of the greatest moments was when, as a child, the Blessed Mother would understand my heart. Oh, and by the way my First Communion money went to be beer for my parents party. Yeah, good memories.

    2. Andrea says:

      Any big city with a large Catholic population would do. I have heard many a tale from the fifties. The nuns liked to crack their whips. The priests liked to lord it all over the nuns. Discipline sometimes got out of hand during a time when you could hit a child and get away with it. Hellfire and brimstone sermons were the norm.

  7. Kelly Turner says:

    The kids went to early Christmas Eve Mass. Then we would be dropped off and Grandmas to make tamales for Christmas Dinner. Our parents would go to Midnight Mass then to the local bar. Grandma would scold them and tell them not to all go in the same car. That way if the got killed in an accident we ALL wouldn’t be orphans!
    My Grandma was very much Catholic from Mexico. Goodtimes

  8. Ruben Flores says:

    Feast day for us in Hispanic neighborhood was a huge water fight. water balloons, hoses, those stupid small water pistols. now me and my brothers try to catch each other off guard. i set up my sprinkler next to the drive way because I had a feeling they we going to try and catch me. Well they showed up and as they got water balloons out is turned on the sprinkler right into their trucks. also my mom makes a sign of the cross for everything. the first four tamales in the pot formed a cross and don’t argue about it

  9. Sue Watsib says:

    Regarding receiving holy cards, medals or other religious objects as mail promotion: it is VERY unlikely that these items have been blessed and, consequently, don’t need to be disposed of by burning or burying. It’s OK to throw them away. However, Father Rich’s idea of putting them somewhere in the Narthex for folks to take home is a good one.

  10. Sue Watson says:

    Regarding receiving holy cards, medals or other religious objects as mail promotion: it is VERY unlikely that these items have been blessed and, consequently, don’t need to be disposed of by burning or burying. It’s OK to throw them away. However, Father Rich’s idea of putting them somewhere in the Narthex for folks to take home is a good one.

  11. Michele says:

    Growing up Catholic in the 60’s was much different. I went to catholic school and mass on Sunday we had to go with our class. Our nun would take attendance in church and we would go in line to the pews. It was 1st grade to 8th grade. You didn’t sit with your parents. I look fondly on all my memories and the structure we had was what formed me as an adult. The smell of incense always makes me know who I am.

  12. A Rivera says:

    Growing up in the fifties in Puerto Rico was getting up with my grandmother at four o’clock and [yes 4:00am], walking down to the road, hitching a ride to town and attending six am mass. Getting back home about ten am eating a quick breakfast and walking about three kilometers with all my cousins to catechism class. I remember my grandmother all week reminding us of the Homily last Sunday.

    1. Andrea says:

      Reading this reminds me of how spoiled I was and how spoiled I am! Even as a child you made sacrifices to be a good Catholic.

  13. FHL says:

    Wowsa talk about nostalgia. I need to collect a few of the more vivid memories to highlight.
    + grade 2 was First Communion in early 1970s (no money recall)
    + grade 4 was First Confession (I froze midway through the Act of Contrition but was encouraged to begin again and recited it aloud for the priest who also baptized me, very exciting – we went monthly as is required for First Friday devotion plenary indulgence)
    + grade 8 was Confirmation (I remember the dress, not much else, 1978?)
    + Midnight Mass – age 12, first time allowed to stay up that late, new tweed wool coat with fake fur sewn around neck and wrists, didn’t want to take it off, sat next to radiators along base of walls, overheated, fainted for the 1st time, Mum singing in the choir loft behind us saw the whole thing but never missed a note, Dad scooped me up, carried me down the long outside, revived me and there was no question about leaving, felt weak and wobbly but walked back up to our pew, left side next to stained glass window (30pcs of silver and bag with ties, among other images), 2nd from front, near Stations of the Cross #3 ahead/#4 behind, and in the 1888 gothic small town church, sat propped up away from the heater with the coat rolled up as a pillow (fainted only twice in my life, despite anemia, 2nd was at an assembly in grade 11/12), then home for a feast of bunsteads, since we had only an omelette/frittata prior (Mum couldn’t sing on a full stomach and needed to be there by 11:15pm for warm up, she was 1 of only 2 or 3 contraltos so never missed). These were only made once a year, served warm in the oven wrapped in tinfoil for when we drove home, heavenly smell. Unsure if it was a recipe or if Mum made it up. Bakery rolls filled with; tuna, hard-boiled eggs, cream cheese, minced sweet gherkin pickles/olives/onion/etc.
    + First Communion – photo of me posed in front of Mum’s immense peony bush, worried about bees, but also recall books only permitted to read on Sundays incl. St. Joseph Missal and Picture Bible for Children plus The Seven Sacraments, etc. which kept me occupied during long homilies
    + First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart – seated alphabetically boy girl boy girl from grade 1-8, whole school walked next door to Church, not 9 consecutive months but every First Friday for 8yrs, continued often in my adult life
    + Existential Crisis at age 7 – got a NT bible in class, brought it home, said to my dad “if we’re all going to die anyway, why am I here?” and without batting an eye or lifting his head from behind the newspaper he replied “to know God to love God and to serve Him, in this world and the next” to which I simply answered “oh, ok” and sat down to start my bible reading homework. =) crisis averted, for life!

    My dad served daily Mass as an altar boy, riding his bike there before school in the 30s/40s. Only son of Sicilan dad/Liverpool mom, raised devoutly in silent obligation. The priest, later a Monsignor, ran the parish for 40yrs. My dad received all his Sacraments there, including marriage in 1953, plus Baptisms of 3 daughters in 1954/57/59. Then he retired as Vatican ii began. Dad loved Pope John xxiii but was scared with the upheaval. He looked at me born smack in the middle of it, and just shrugged his shoulders. Kept saying responses in Latin. My mum was a convert (Anglican), receiving all Sacraments on her wedding day so any Faith instruction fell to Dad. We never were allowed to discuss religion/politics/sex at home but Butler/Baltimore? catechism instruction and kneeling bedside for nightly prayers were a given. Dad too. Bedtime story first, prayers after, never missed. I learned far more about deep pious unshakable devotion by watching his actions than by anything he ever said. Same with cooking. No recipes no measurement, just silent methodical discipline. It was unthinkable to contradict him. Mum learned alongside me which I thought was fun. They were married 55yrs and died 4yrs apart. I am still their child and it all matters. With 4 of my own in their 20s, RC grade school then public high school, all Sacraments intact, I know how fortunate I was/am.

  14. Clarice A. says:

    I finially made my First Communion in 1969 at age 14 with the 2nd graders.My parish was strict and the First Communion dress code for the girls was a poofy,top of the knees,short sleeve communion dress with the matching veil.lace anklets and the white mary jane shoes and under our dresses we had to wear a white tee shirt and white rubberpants. The little girls wore the gerber toddler size rubberpants and mom got me the Playtex toddler extra large size.The rubberpants fit me snug and were somewhat uncomfortable! It was somewhat warm that sunday morning in may and the rubberpants were making me even hotter and i was sweating some! Mom made me wear the rubberpants for my party and i finially took them off after supper and had a mild rash from them!

    1. Hannah L. says:

      I made my First Holy Communion at 15 and my parish requires us girls to wear the poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary janes and under our dresses a white tee shirt and cloth diaper and rubberpants! I felt embarrassed in the outfit in front the congregation and at my party,my friends and relatives lifted up my dress and checked out my diaper and rubberpants!

      1. Dianne L. says:

        I made my First Holy Communion at age 12 and remember having to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants and undershirt under my dress also! My mom sewed a package of 24×27 inch baby diapers together to make the diaper out of.After my bath that sunday morning,she babypowdered me,then pinned the diaper on me with pink diaper pins,then put extra large super size rubberpants on me over the diaper,then the undershirt.My communion dress was poofy and to the top of my knees and i had the lace anklets and white mary janes.I was somewhat paranoid that some how the wind would blow my dress up and people would see the diaper and rubberpants!Even tho everyone knew that us girls had to wear the diaper and rubberpants under our dresses,it was still a little embarrassing wearing them.Shortly before the end of my party,mom took the diaper off of me and i had to wear the rubberpants under my dress up untill bedtime.

    2. Jennifer M. says:

      To Clarice A.Iknow how you felt! I was confirmed at 14 and in 8th grade back in 1974.The boys had to wear a suit and ty and us girls had to wear white,poofy,short sleeve,knee length flowergirl trpe dresses with a veil,lace socks and white patent leather shoes.A white tee shirt with white rubberpants had to be worn under our dresses.The parish recommended the Empire brand of rubberpants in the extra large super size that were sold by McCrory’s as the best brand along with the Woolworths Patacake rubberpants in the super large size,and the Playtex brand in the toddler extra large size.Mom went to McCrorys and got me two pair of the rubberpants,one to wear under my dress and the other as a back up pair.The day before,on saturday,mom washed the rubberpants and tee shirt and then hade me wear them under my jeans to get my hair and nails done,so they would be stretched out for sunday.After my bath on sunday morning,mom babypowdered me then i put the rubberpants and tee shirt on,then the rest of my outfit went on.Most of the girls had the Empire rubberpants on and some had the Patacake brand.I got a rash from the rubberpants after my party and the elastic leg openings left a red ring around my leg joints!I was glad to get them off later on!

      1. Kathy D. says:

        To Jennifer M.-My 8th grade confirmation was just about like yours! All of us girls had to wear a white,poofy,knee length flowergirl dresses with a headwreath with ribbons down the back,lace socks and the white shoes and gloves. We too had to wear a white under shirt with rubberpants under our dresses! Mom got me the Playtex toddler extra large size and they fit me ok.All of the boys in my class knew that we had to wear them and it was a little weird having them on under our dresses! At my party my girlfriends lifted up my dress and checked out the rubberpants! After wards,mom put the rubberpants in my drawer and i had to wear them for Easter,christmas,weddings,etc untill i was 16.

        1. Josie K. says:

          My eighth grade catholic confirmation was almost similiar to yours as well.All of us girls had to wear a poofy,short sleeve,knee length,white flowergirl dress and matching veil with a white tee shirt,cloth diaper,rubberpants,white tights and white maryjane shoes.The parish gave each of us girls the pair of white rubberpants in adult size so we would all have the same kind on over our cloth diaper.Our tights had to be the high waist kind so as to completely cover the diaper and rubberpants and our tee shirts had to be tucked into the waist of our tights.It was a little embarrassing walking down the aisle and every one,including the boys,knowing we had the diaper and rubberpants on under our tights! At my party,my friends and girl relatives lifted up my dress to see what the diaper and rubberpants looked like under my tights!

      2. Emily H. says:

        My parish did confirmation at 15 and in 9th grade.The boys had to wear white suits and tys and us girls had to wear white,poofy,short sleeve,ankle length dresses with a veil,white gloves,lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.Under our dresses we had to wear a white tee shirt with white adult size plastic pants[aka-rubberpants].The parish bought the required rubberpants from Comco Inc and were milky white with the wide crotch and high waist and were just like baby rubberpants only in adult size.Each of us girls was given a pair of the rubberpants two weeks before confirmation sunday.Most of us girls wore the size medium,which fit us somewhat loose.Our moms were told to use babypowder on us with the rubberpants so we all smelled like babypowder during the ceremony.Our tee shirts had to be tucked into the waist of the rubberpants.It was different having to wear the rubberpants under my dress and the boys all knew we were wearing them.

    3. Grace B. says:

      I made my First Holy Communion at age 12 in 1973 and remember having to wear rubberpants under my poofy communion dress also!They were the popular Empire brand baby rubberpants in the extra large super size and were sold at McCroys dept.stores.They were about the largest size rubberpants on the market at the time and stretched out enough to fit girls up to teen size.Having them on under our communion dresses made us feel more pure!

      1. Tara G. says:

        To Grace B.-I did my First Holy C ommunion at 14 and wore the rubberpants under my communion dress! Mom got toddler size ones that fit me tight and were uncomfortable! It was warm that sunday morning of the ceremony and the rubberpants were causing me to perspire some and then the elastic leg openings were digging into my leg joints and causing me pain that way also!

        1. Haillie G. says:

          To Tara G.-I made my First Holy Communion also at 14 and the rubberpants and white undershirt were required under our dresses.Mom got youth size rubberpants for me to wear and it was weird having them next to my skin!My crush,who was 15,came to my party,and when we were briefly alone,he put his hand up under my dress and tried to pinch my butt and felt the rubberpants,i was so embarrassed,and had to explain to him why i was wearing them!

    4. Casey C. says:

      To Clarice-I made my First Holy Communion at age 13 in 1975 and the rubberpants and under shirt were the normal underwear worn under the communion dresses then.Mom got the Empire brand rubberpants in the extra large super size in white for me to wear under my communion dress.After my bath that sunday morning,mom babypowdered me then put the rubberpants on me.I was petite at the time and the rubberpants fit me ok.She put the undershirt on me them my communion dress and veil,lace anklets and the white maryjane shoes.Mom kept the rubberpants in my drawer and i wore them under my Christmas and Easter dresses,and also under my flowergirl dress in a wedding when i was 14.Easter sunday sunday when i was 15 was the last time i wore them.

  15. Lori S. says:

    I made my First Holy Communion at age 10,and a comisole and rubberpants were required under our poofy communion dresses!It was a little unusual wearing them for the day!

    1. lisa J. says:

      When i made my First Holy Communion just past age 11,i took a bath,then went into my room to be dressed in my outfit.Mom had a pair of white,toddler size rubberpants with babyprints on them and my undershirt laying on my bed.She had me take my towel off,sit down and lay back,then applied babypowder,then put the rubberpants on me along with my undershirt.She told me the rubberpants would make me feel more pure and little girlish for my First Communion.At my party my poofy dress got lifted up several times by my female relatives and my rubberpants checked out.

    2. Shawna D. says:

      When i made my FHC at 13,my parish also required rubberpants and a white tee shirt under our communion dresses.Our dresses had to be short sleeve and poofy that came to the top of our knees.We had to wear the veil,lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’shoes with our dresses.My aunt bought the rubberpants and tee shirt for me and she got the rubberpants in extra large super size and they had babyprints on them!She told me they would make me feel more pure and innocent for my FHC.Even tho mom used baby powder on me when she put them on me,when i took them off in the evening,i had a slight rash on my butt cheeks and groin! Mom had me wear the rubberpants for Easter and christmas and a wedding i was in untill i was 15.

      1. Mindy J. says:

        Yes,the rubberpants and an undershirt where the normal underwear worn under our communion dresses at my parish.I was 10 when i made my FHC,and mom sprinkled babypowder on me then put the toddler extra large size rubberpants on me,then my under shirt.I still remember feeling the rubberpants next to my skin for the day and how weird it felt!

      2. Amber P. says:

        I am relieved to read that other girls here had to wear either a diaper and rubberpants or just the rubberpants under their communion dresses! I was 15 going on 16 when i finially made my First Holy Communion in the class of 2nd graders.The Rel.Ed.Director told me and my parents that since i was in the class with the 7 year olds that i too should wear rubberpants under my dress to be like the little girls! Mom found a pair of white teen size rubberpants and i wore them under my dress all day long.

  16. Margo C. says:

    My First Holy Communion at age 8 was like any other,but it was our confirmation at 16 [10th grade] that was different.My parish was old and strict and for confirmation us girls had to wear white,poofy,floor length dresses and veils.The parish went by the canon law put into place by Pope Pius XI IN 1936 for the Reaffirmation of Innocence and Purity that calls for girls to emulate their purity of when they were infants by wearing a pristine,white cloth diaper and white rubberpants under their dresses with a camisole as the top.Our diaper was pinned on us with diaper pins and the parish gave each of us girls the milky white rubberpants in adult size.It was different that sunday morning walking down the aisle with my classmates and having the diaper and rubberpants on under my dress.The other girls also felt like i did.

  17. kaylee says:

    I finially made my First Holy Communion at 14 in Algona,Iowa.My parish required the girls to wear a short sleeve,poofy,top of the knees communion dress and bonnet! No veil,just the white,tie under the chin,infant style bonnet with the dress and the lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’shoes and like Dianne L. and Hannah,all of us had to wear a cloth diaper,rubberpants and tee shirt under our dresses! It didnt phase the little girls having to wear the outfit,but me being 14,i was somewhat embarrassed walking down the aisle with the little kids and every one seeing me in my poofy dress and bonnet and knowing that i had the diaper and rubberpants on under it!

    1. Courtney Barron says:

      To Kaylee-My Easter vigil baptism at age 15 was similiar to your First Holy Communion! For Easter Vigil baptism all girls 17 and under were considered “babies” and the dress code for us was a white,poofy,short sleeve,above the knees baptism dress and matching bonnet with lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’shoes and a white tee shirt with a thick cloth diaper and adult size rubberpants under our dresses!We carried our baptism dresses in a garment bag to the bridal dressing room and our bonnet,tee shirt,diaper,rubberpants,babypowder,lace anklets and the shoes in a diaper bag.The diaper and rubberpants was put on us first by our moms,then the tee shirt,dress,bonnet,lace anklets and the shoes.We each had a white pacifier on a ribbon hung around our necks that we were to suck on during our baptism ceremony.Our rubberpants were required to fit us blousy over our diaper so we would look like regular babies under our dresses.After we were all dressed in our outfits,we were declared ‘babies’ by our priest and ready for our baptisms.The teen boys got a real kick out of seeing us girls dressed as babies.After we all got home,we wore our diaper,rubberpants and tee shirt under our nightgowns or pj’s to bed as newly baptized babies!

      1. Amanda J. says:

        When i was 16,i too was baptized at Easter vigil and was put into a cloth diaper with adult size,crinkly rubberpants over it with a tee shirt as my top,then a short sleeve,below the knees baptism gown and bonnet were put on me next,then lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.I was considered a ‘baby’ for my baptism.Most of the other tween and teen girls baptized with me were dress like me as well.

    2. veronica J. says:

      To Kaylee-When i made my First Holy Communion at 15,all of us girls were considered as ‘Brides of Christ’ and to further our purity,we all had to wear the poofy communion dress,veil,tights and white shoes and a cloth diaper and ‘rubberpants’ under our tights with an under shirt as our top.Mom got my cloth diaper and white rubberpants from Babypants.com. and our tights had to be the high waist kind.It was quite different being a bride of christ and having the diaper and rubberpants on under our tights!

  18. Leeann J. says:

    I made my First Holy Communion when i was older,at age 14,and had to wear the poofy communion dress and veil,lace socks and white mary janes.Rubberpants and a white undershirt were required under our dresses and mom got me the same toddler extra large size rubberpants as worn by the little girls.Even tho i was petite,the rubberpants fit me snug.She used babypowder on me when she put them on me and my pubic hair was removed so i would be like the little girls.The rubberpants felt weird next to my skin and i started sweating after a while.Having to wear the rubberpants under my dress somewhat spoiled my day and after my party,i was broken out in a mild rash from them!

  19. Justin M. says:

    I am a guy,17 who has a 15 year old sister who is some what slutty.When our parents go out she invites a boy over and i have caught her giving him oral sex on numerous occassions! She finially recieved her Sacrement of Baptism last sunday.Our parents dressed her in the standard white baptism gown and bonnet with lace socks and white shoes.Under her gown,our parents did a cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under her gown.She looked cute and babyish,but i thought it was very ironic! After her party,mom and dad went to the nursing home to check on our grandparents.Sis invited a boy over and they went to her room.I went to her room a while later and caught her on her knees with her gown off and giving the boy a blowjob!I love her and am worried that she will wind up pregnant one day.

  20. Emily H. says:

    When i turned 12.i started puberty and then bedwetting shortly after.My parents put me into cloth diapers and rubberpants for my bedwetting.It lasted all thru 12,13 and into 14.I was still bedwetting when my 8th grade confirmation came around and us girls had to wear white dresses and veils with tights and maryjane shoes.A week before the ceremony,mom and dad told me that i have to wear my diapers and rubberpants under the tights! I told them that i dont need them during the day time,but theytold me i have to wear them.I was some what upset!That sunday morning,after my shower,i came into my room and mom had the diapers and rubberpants laying on my bed with the tights next to them.Mom took my towel off and told me to lay down on the diapers. I reluctantly complied and mom powdered me,then pinned the diapers on me,then put the rubberpants on me over the diapers.Then she put the tights on me and my camisole.Then my poofy white dress was put on me,then the veil and the maryjanes.Mom then brought me out and showed me to dad and lifted up my dress and showed him the diapers and rubberpants under my tights.We left for the parish and it was weird having the diapers and rubberpants on under my tights as i had never worn them during the daytime! I joined the other girls in my class and was up tight and paranoid.I was in a group with 5 of the girls and we were talking about our outfits.One of the girls blurted out that she was pissed of at her parents and told us that her parents required her to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under her tights.The other girls laughed and told her her parents were weird! After our group broke up i went to the girl and told her that i had diapers and rubberpants on under my tights and that they are my bedwetting diapers and that my parents required me to wear them also.Her and i stuck together for the ceremony!

    1. Roselie S. says:

      To Emily H.-When i was 15,i made my First Holy Communion in the teen class! I was the only girl in the class with 5 teen boys! We had to follow the dress code and the boys had to wear white suits and i had to wear the poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress with a bonnet,lace anklets and white maryjane shoes and under my dress a diaper,rubberpants and white tee shirt! The diaper had to be either disposable or cloth and the rubberpants had to fit loose over it.Mom got the rubberpants from a website,then her and dad got a package of the size 8 pampers cruiser diapers that fit kids up to 120 pounds.That sunday morning,after my bath,I sat down on my bed naked and laid back.Mom slid the pampers under me,applied the baby powder,then fastened it on me.Then she pulled the rubberpants up my legs and over the pampers.I felt like a baby then! My tee shirt was put on next,then the lace anklets and the maryjanes. My dress went on next and was zipped up the back and adjusted.My bonnet was put on my head last and tied under my chin.It was an adult size,baby style bonnet that had lace on it,that mom found on a website.I was brought out and shown to dad and had to lift up my dress and show him the pampers and rubberpants! I felt somewhat embarrassed and weird being with the 5 boys during the ceremony.They all knew that i had the required diaper and rubberpants on under my dress! At my party that afternoon,my girlfriends lifted up my dress and checked out the pampers and rubberpants.

      1. Sarah J. says:

        I am 15 and my brother is 13.We are both making our First Communions this comming May 19th.I have to wear the communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white maryjane shoes.Mom and dad are requiring me to wear ‘rubberpants'[plastic pants] under my communion dress and a tee shirt as my top as they are what the little girls wear.I dont want my special day ruined with rubberpants on under my dress,but mom and dad are adamant and said i have to wear them!

        1. Morgan T. says:

          To Sarah J.-I hear you! When i made my FHC AT 14,i was in the class with the 7 year olds and after my bath that sunday morning,I had to lay on my bed and was rubbed down with baby powder,then a pair of toddler extra large size rubberpants were put on me by mom with a white tee shirt as my top.My poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil were put on me next,then the lace socks and white shoes.The rubberpants felt weird next to my skin all day long and at my party,my friends and some female relatives,lifted up the front of my dress and checked out the rubberpants.My crush came to my party and mom embarrassed me by lifting up my dress and showing him the rubberpants! I finially got to take them off at bedtime!

          1. Amber P. says:

            To Morgan T.-I can relate to you! I made my First Holy Communion at 13 and all of us girls had to wear the poofy,knee length communion dresses and veil with the lace anklets and white patent leather shoes with a white under shirt and the rubberpants under our dresses.The parish had two bins full of rubberpants in the nursery in toddler and super large size,so mom bought a pair of the super large size for me to wear under my dress.She babypowdered me before she put them on me and it was really different wearing them! They fit me just a little snug and i could feel them the whole time!

  21. Angela T. says:

    When i made my First Holy Communion at 12,all of us girls had to wear a knee length communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and the white maryjane shoes and under our dresses a cloth diaper,rubberpants and undershirt.Mom got a package of the Purity brand cloth diapers in the 26×27 inch size and sewed them together to make the one diaper out of them and got a card of pink diaper pins to pin it on me with.She found a pair of white toddler extra large size rubberpants in a thrift store that fit me over my diaper.That sunday morning,after my bath,i laid on my bed,mom baby powdered me,then pinned the diaper on me,then put the rubberpants on over it followed by the under shirt.Then my dress,veil,lace socks and the maryjane shoes were put on me.I wore the outfit all day up untill bedtime.Mom had my dress and veil dry cleaned and all of the rest of my outfit were put in a large box and saved.Two years later when i was 14,i was the flowergirl in a cousins wedding and wore a pastel pink,short sleeve,top of the knees flowergirl dress with a flower crown,white lace anklets with pink lace around the top and pink shoes.Mom took my First Communion rubberpants out of the box and had siz rows of pink lace sewn across the back.The morning of the wedding,she baby powdered me and put the rubberpants on me with a camisole as my top.It was different having the rubberpants next to my skin! Mom showed them to the bride and bridesmaids and they thought they looked cute under my dress.When we got home later that night,i took the outfit off and was broken ou in a slight rash from the rubberpants.

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