10 Things Every Catholic Needs To Have

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys share 10 essential things that every Catholic should own.

Episode 144:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What type of Bible should a Catholic have?
• What religious medal should always wear?
• The one thing you need to add to your phone NOW
• What Church document should always keep safe?
• What you need to add to your will immediately!
• and much more


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Show Notes:

• RSCVE Catholic Bible – Buy Here
• Catholic Rosaries – Buy Here
• Scapulars – Buy Here
• Our Lady of Guadalupe Holy Water Font – Buy Here
How To Add “Contact A Catholic Priest In An Emergency” To Your Phone


16 comments on 10 Things Every Catholic Needs To Have

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    BTW, you all looked handsome with your hair cuts and beard trims! Even Ryan Scheel came in from the ‘desert’ and lost the John the Baptizer look! It was nice to see all of you together in your studio. Three smiling faces all in one place!

    I agree that with you that a crucifix, rosary, bible, holy water, and missal should always be kept at hand. Copies of your baptism, confirmation, marriage certificate, etc. should be kept in a safe place. Maybe within your family bible or within a safety security box within your bank. Express in writing that you want a Catholic burial and funeral. Have the document notarized advises Fr. Pagano. Or, put this into your will as a stipulation prior to the distribution of assets. You should also wear a holy medal of your confirmation patron saint. (I remember that my parents did that but I never thought of it as far as myself.) Or, you can select a patron saint and get a medal in his or her honor to wear.

    Additionally, every Catholic should have a card stating they are Catholic and in case of emergency notify a priest for last rites. Please call a priest. Put your emergency help information as well as medical information onto your phone. There is an application for this. Maybe Ryan Scheel can put this information out there where the links are.

    People should know that events and occasions recorded in the family bible are recognized by civil and canon courts of law. I got myself a study bible and agree with you they are the best to read through as you get so much more out of each scripture.

    I find it funny that some comments by listeners mentioned they want you guys to laugh more when I personally think you all laugh a lot. This was a fun and informative session. Thanks for the tips! I think I caught them all.


    1. Gabrielle says:

      May I add the Scapular? My Dad, my son and I always have one with us… the men in their wallets and me in my purse. ✝️

      1. Andrea says:

        Hi Gabrielle!
        Thank you I had forgotten the scapular. Recently I went through a treasure trove of medals my deceased parents had worn. I learned that St. Paul is the patron saint of writers, St. Rita, the patron saint of impossible dreams, St. Gerard, the patron saint of mothers and many others.

    2. Ave Maria says:

      I’d even advise making friends to an Eastern Rite Catholic priest, or if you have to use an Orthodox priest….you can for last rites (not ideal) but permissiable.

  2. Deanna says:

    Great show!! Praying for DellaCrosse to find his rosary. Saint Anthony please intercede. Could you guys feature a section in each show where you answer a Catholic question? If so, I have a question. Could Ryan Scheel talk about Pope Gregory IX and his supposed purge of cats? I would really like to know if it is a myth. Thanks! Keep up the good work

  3. Mary Beth Manarey says:

    Great show….have all 10. And i too lost my rosary from my God father that his father and grandfather had. It had my birthstone too…..ughh. Tony Tony come around our rosaries are lost and must be found.
    FYI. My sister had a small spritzer bottle of holy water that she would spray on us at church when fonts were closed or other times when needed.
    Great show!
    Awaken the Apostle Within!
    God bless,

  4. James Evans says:

    Can you share where you got the nice Prayer Rope you mention that you use for The Jesus Prayer?

  5. Al says:

    Do you have a resource for a family Bible? A Bible in which I can document family sacraments?
    Thank you 😊

  6. Tim Phistry says:

    God Bless all here, there was supposed to be a link for the “how to” set up emergency medical info on a phone. can you please provide this.

  7. Ave Maria says:

    The Douay Rheims is the best bible for any Catholic…Angelus press has great books for families on their site. Tan books have some good ones too.

    Father has good intentions and is trying to be helpful, but most of these modern priests do not even mention the Douay Rheims because of their modernist formation in the seminaries these days. Thomism/Neo-Scholastic theology has been abandoned….and all things Christ is not the focus anymore thanks to modernists like Karl Rahner. Any Bible translation published after 1963, I’d avoid if there are modernist commentaries or removing of certain verses etc.

    1. The Douay-Challoner is what Scheel uses and recommends.

  8. FHL says:

    When you walk into my home, my Catholicism is visible.
    In my collection of sacramentals;
    1. Crucifixes from grandparents
    2. Grandma’s rosary
    3. Mary statuary, posters, holy water font, etc.
    4. Holy Bible RSVCE, for daily use
    5. Holy Bible, my dad’s given to him by his parents in Dec1955
    6. Saint Joseph’s Missal (patron saint of Canada)
    7. First Communion Day gifts of Crucifix, Guardian Angel pendant, Lamb of God broach, bracelet with Faith Hope Charity (Cross/anchor/heart), tiny prayer books, etc.
    8. Lenten prayer book and daily prayers, both from 60s/70s
    9. Blessed candles, unscented, white
    10. Holy water from my children’s Baptism days
    11. Holy medals of Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Guadalupe, praying hands, Christ crowned with thorns, the Holy Face, Saints Benedict + Christopher + Josemaria Escriva, etc.
    12. Prayer cards from family funerals and other Sacraments with an assortment of holy men and women, martyrs, saints and angels.

    And yes, they are all in use, in rotation, according to the Faith season. Blessings to all.

    1. Ave Maria says:

      Blessed be God

  9. Mary Lou DeVriendt says:

    Wonderful episode! I learned so much. Your link “How To Add “Contact A Catholic Priest In An Emergency” To Your Phone only addresses an iphone. Do you have a link that tells how to do this on an android phone? Thanks!

  10. Allan James Freckleton says:

    I just found your utube site wow. The best site since the beginning of time. You guys are excellent, interesting and humourous which the church needs. I belong to the only parish in the Diecese of Hamilton (Canada) that has both the TLM and English Mass. The largest attenance is the TLM. I wonder why?
    Keep up the good work, God Bless your families and your Parish Father. PAX

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