A New Pope Elected In 2022?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys look at which Cardinals are most likely to be elected the next Pope after Francis, the odds of the next papal name, and more.

Episode 171:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Which Cardinals have the best odds?
• Which Cardinals are too old to be pope?
• What are the odds on the next papal name?
• and much more


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15 comments on A New Pope Elected In 2022?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Very interesting show as usual. I learned 67-75 is the usual age range for pope selection. I doubt that a cardinal would ever be elected from the United States. I would like to see my Bishop O’Malley selected but doubt it would happen. As a runner up I would love either an African pope or a Filipino pope.

    I want to just say thank you for all the show ideas and show content you provide. You do excellent work and it has been going on four years now that I have been following you guys.

    I go for pastoral choices vs administrative or bureaucratic choices. More chance of someone being apolitical or separating himself from all the power plays that go on within the Vatican instead of following in the footsteps of Jesus which is the job of the pope. Whatever else you think of Pope Francis he shed all the power and trappings of the office to be a real vicar of Christ. I would like a Pope Joseph the time has come to honor that name.

    Thank you guys for all things Catholic all the time!

    1. Carlton says:

      “I doubt that a cardinal would ever be elected from the United States.”

      You are probably right, but even just 60 years ago, many doubted a non-Italian would ever again be elected.

  2. Norman Camungol says:

    As a Filipino, I can tell you right now, that if Cardinal Tagle is elected, the celebration would be tremendous. It would rival the giddiness and euphoria of the 1986 EDSA revolution.

  3. D Johnson says:

    Cardinal Sara…should be high on the list. Time to go back to a traditional conservative Pontiff.

  4. Ed Siering says:

    Hey, Guys, if you can’t quit stroking your beard, shave.

    1. Cardinal Sean O’Malley or the Phillipine Cardinal.
      ….Pope Joseph

  5. Tom Lakatosh says:

    I’m only getting sound of your site…how do I get the entire picture?

  6. Kevin says:

    Cardinal Peter Erdo of Hungary is my hope. Peter the Roman?

  7. Linda Hilas says:

    What about ARCHBISHOP Carlo Maria Viganò

  8. Gloria says:

    What about the profecies about Pope Francis and Pope Benedict?

  9. Dorothea Winsor says:

    Pope Gregory or Pope Joe the1st

  10. Denise Linneman says:

    Wonderful insight! SO enjoyed the podcast!!

  11. Jess says:

    Cardinal Sarah is my guy! But is he still eligible? I don’t vote for Tagle. I think he is a softie and will not be able to handle the power clashes within the Vatican.

  12. Jeff Clemons says:

    Your ignorance of Tradition and the corruption of the mafia of Francis’ favorites makes me lose hope in the Church’s future. O’Malley was knowledgeable of MacCarrick’s acts of abuse. Tagle is goofy and brainless. Your presentation is a worthless waste of time.

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