5 Things People Get Wrong About The Pope

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss 5 common misconceptions about what Catholics believe about the Pope.

Episode 121:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What is “Papal Infallibility”?
• Can the Pope ever be wrong or in error?
• Is the Pope the “Beast” from Revelations?
• Does the Holy Spirit select the Pope?
• Do Catholics worship the Pope?
• and much more


8 comments on 5 Things People Get Wrong About The Pope

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just cringed at the ‘Pope fiction’ joke Fr. Rich. Yes, people who really don’t know about our faith ask about the Pope all the time and they think he is supposed to be infallible. I agree Ryan Scheel. I love the quote Fr. Rich about upon this rock I will build my Church. Papal infallibility defines dogma but does not create it. Good definition, RS. I just got the goosebumps about Pope Francis and the succession since St. Peter. The rules are not up for debate just the opinions of the Pope. Good sports analogy RS. Like anyone else the Pope is entitled to his opinion.

    People, including Catholics, can’t get their head wrapped around the fact that the Pope sins. For some strange reason they think he should be without sin as an example for his flock. They must confuse him with the Blessed Mother who came into the world filled with grace. It is strange that from the outside looking into our faith that there are so many people who believe we worship the Pope. We worship the Trinity only as RS stated also. We don’t worship Mary but we pray through our Blessed Mother to Jesus. Jesus listens to his mother as we know from the wedding at Cana.

    RD, there are many people who will listen to this broadcast and learn nothing because they don’t want to be informed they just want to believe what they fallibly think is the truth of the matter. They prefer their truth to the facts. This is analogous to politics of one political party and its former leader. Alternate facts. Disinformation. Fake news. Outrageous lies. All this has been stuffed down our throats in the past 4 years and now everyone is on their guard against it because it has become part of our social fabric. Everyone who knows facts from nonsense or conspiracy theories has to stay on top of what others believe and many of them out there with nut job conspiracy theories are what I call Fringe People. Not surprised we don’t have them spinning along in the orbit of the Catholic faith as well.

    Pope Francis is expected to be perfect but lives with that expectation daily and just goes along being the Shepherd of Christ. He can’t get caught up with what others erroneously think of him. Do people think the Catholic Pope sits in judgement of the rest of the world? He doesn’t and can’t. His reaching out to different cultures and faiths prove this. Does he wish them all to come into our faith. Yes, he does but he isn’t going to clout them over the head to get them to convert.

    Selection of the Pope by the Holy Spirit is something that a lot of Catholics believe. I believe He guides the process as he would be present in the room of the college of cardinals during the process. But, how often do we listen to God even during important spiritual occasions?

    Uh oh, you just announced an inquisition for poor Fr. Rich. Fr. Rich said he would establish territory online for bishops or a digital dynasty if he could change something in the church. Good answer! Bishops are so far removed from their flock when you think of it. They connect with the priests who are their middle men to the people. I hope you have your favorite bishop back on the show and he would also run with this idea of yours Fr. Rich.

    P.S. I just love the Gorton’s fisherman bobblehead for Howard. I have been watching since August 2019 but you guys have been doing podcasts since 2018 and I want to congratulate you as well as thank you for quality shows and your upcoming third year of broadcasting within our faith with dedication to the facts as well as good humor. No fake news allowed here.

    Take care,

    1. Andrea says:

      Just in case anyone notices the time of my posting I am up in the wee hours of the morning because my adrenalin keeps pumping. I am packing and moving from an unhealthy environment to a healthier one. Hopefully, I am never moving again except feet first out the door.

    2. Mary says:

      So well said, Andrea! I enjoyed reading, and agree with, everything you said!

  2. Cathy says:

    Right out of the gate, I heard one of the participants say the Pope is “the successor of Jesus.” Not really! He is the successor of Peter, who was appointed by Jesus. But Peter, though emboldened and helped by the Holy Spirit, sometimes got things wrong, and needed to be corrected by his Christian brothers.


    Good job. But time and time again, why we have to field these type of questions especially from Catholic Christians (not just the matured) imply something seriously wrong in how and what the church (us) is being thought…

  4. Marc Larocque says:

    Great show gentlemen thank you again May our Lord and Savior bless us all

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