7 Places Every Catholic Should Visit In Their Lifetime

Pack your bags for this episode of The Catholic Talk Show as we take you around the globe to 7 amazing Catholic pilgrimage locations you should see before you die!

In this episode you’ll learn:

• The Ancient walking pilgrimage route to the tomb of an Apostle
• The location of “The Gates of Hell” revealed by Jesus
• The macabre Church decorated entirely in human bones
• The unexpected location of the largest Church in the world
• The location of the tombs of each of the Apostles
• And much more!

12 comments on 7 Places Every Catholic Should Visit In Their Lifetime

  1. Allen Harvey says:

    You guys are great, so knowledgable and fascinating. I really like your new format and studio. I like your sense of humor and interactions with each other, but (just constructive criticism) I’m turned off by some of the sophomoric humor. Regardless, I’ll keep watching/listen to you guy. You’re wonderful.

    God Bless you all.

    1. Fe Uson says:

      You missed out on gates of hell!

  2. Anne says:

    I’m here in UK and have just discovered this great radio show. I’ve recently been on a pilgrimage to Walsingham in Norfolk. It was magical. X

    1. Fe Uson says:

      Instead of much talking why dont you just walk us through the place.

  3. Doug B says:

    Did anyone else notice the guy on top of the edicule in The Church of the Holy Sepulchre one the video preview???

  4. Diane says:

    Great place to go. Have done it. Met an 80 yr old lady who was doing her 29th pilgrimage so that give me the enthusiasm to finish it.
    Plus guys its called Lough Derg pronouced “Lock Derg” its in Northern Ireland… Love your shows by the way🌺

    1. Patrick Eoin Brogan says:

      Lough Derg, BTW, is not in Northern Ireland. It is in the Republic in Co. Donegal. During the all night vigil, they have persons with sticks that come around and make sure no one falls asleep. Just a friendly little poke.

  5. Patrick Eoin Brogan says:

    When going to Compestelo you can get a special passport with stamps at different stops. However, it is necessary to follow certain rules: you must pass along definite route, get stamped at official stops, and you must either walk, ride a beast of burden, or take a bicycle. If you use any sort of motorized transport you are disqualified.

  6. Ann says:

    Father, please pray for the soul of my Beloved Tadhg- deceased at Compostela. He always talked about us riding horseback to Compostela…and he wanted me to climb Craogh Patrick but he never mentioned Lough Derg.

  7. Cecilia Chai says:

    Great talks every time, guys! By the way, I’m curious… where did you get the figurines on the table?

  8. Greg in Louisville ky says:

    Love your alls show. I was sitting here praying the rosary trying to picture Mother Mary’s face, and wondering how close the paintings and sculptures are to her actual appearance. It’d be neat to do a show on her like the one on how Jesus really looked. Then again, she doesn’t have a shroud or anything to help with providing any features. Anyways, just a thought. Thanks for what y’all do.

  9. Liz says:

    What about the Holy House of Our Lady of Loreto, transported from Nazareth, where the Blessed Mother was born and where the Annunciation took place? So many graces from pilgrimage here!

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