Are Christians All Just A Bunch Of Hypocrites?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Ennie Hickman to discuss hypocrisy among Christians and ways to live an authentically Christian life.

Episode 89:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What did Jesus say about hypocrites?
• Where does the word hypocrite come from?
• How hypocrisy destroys the Church
• Does failing make you a hypocrite?
• How can you live an authentic Christian life?
• and much more

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8 comments on Are Christians All Just A Bunch Of Hypocrites?

  1. Mark Graff says:

    I am unable to watch the episode.
    The other episode is loading?

    1. Mark Graff says:

      Got it

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Good question. Good podcast. I know some people very much involved daily and weekly in the Catholic religion and serving their Christian community yet they are racists. You wouldn’t get them to admit this but they are. As this podcast says we have to understand that we are on a journey and we don’t have it all together yet. Most of us. The point is to keep trying to practice our faith. You have to know yourself in order to improve yourself. I examine my faith daily. The love for God is there but what do I believe comes under constant examination.

    I agree with Fr. Rich’s sister and there are hypocrites in Mass and many have no clue that they are not practicing their faith. I used to be hit and miss for attending Mass when I was young. There was an older usher in the church who only was nice or spoke to those who came every Sunday and made snide remarks about the hypocrites never realizing he was one himself. He reminded me of those who think they own the Church and the pew they sit in habitually. He crafted his own faith.

    As far as recognizing my neighbors I always did. My neighbor is the next guy. The guy beside me. The guy behind me, etc. Gender interchangeable.

    Fr. Rich excellent reminder to all those using social media you are interacting with REAL people. Real people all the time in real time. Not virtual people in virtual time. Be careful of what you say or hold yourself responsible for. More garbage gets spewed out there in mindless dumps of consciousness. Then there are the judgements. It is easy enough to fall into them especially if we are judging ourselves as we need to judge ourselves by others. We need examples. This is why it is so much better to model yourself on the teachings of Jesus as they are the best thoughts to be held about others.

    RS yes, religion has been politicized especially in today’s world in America. Even a pandemic has been politicized. Then there’s celebrity religions and celebrity priests. These TV evangelists are the real hypocrites as they are making money off the gullible. Money is their god and they live a lifestyle that their ‘flock’ will never see because they gave away their money. They think they can buy their virtue and their way into Heaven without any more work than being in a TV audience. A gathering of hypocrites. Not that I am not a hypocrite myself as far as knowing the right thing to do and not doing it because it is too inconvenient at the time. I don’t exempt myself.

    I also have to not wish my enemy harm and in today’s world this is even tougher as we have a president who claims to be a Christian and all he is doing is condemning and cursing others daily in his tweets and his public speeches. He wishes everyone who doesn’t agree with him great harm. He is the biggest Christian hypocrite out there in America today as he is in our face 24/7 deliberately as he beats us up and over the head. He is a betrayer and a destroyer. He builds up nothing, no institution, no human being just destroys with words and exalts himself in his power over others – 330M others. He doesn’t realize that every time he raises his middle finger to his fellow man he is raising it to God as well.

    RD you work hard at being a good man, good husband and good father. I enjoy your stories. Yes, your spouse is your first neighbor and deserves that first degree of respect. Communication is the basis for all working relationships. Lack of communication can lead to alienation. Communication does happen most often while at a table with friends and family.

    God bless us everyone.

    1. Lydia says:

      I’am going to pay more attention to his way of specking and body language.. soon we need to decided the lesser of two evils..God bless us..

  3. Does anyone really read these?

    1. Juan Ridaura says:


  4. Sophie says:

    Yes I do! 😊

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