Are The Catholic 7 Sacraments Biblical?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the biblical proof for each of the 7 Catholic Sacraments.

Episode 111:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why do Catholics baptize differently than Protestants?
• Is Confession to a Priest Biblical?
• How The Letter of James explicitly contains Anointing of The Sick
• The Biblical proof of Confirmation by Bishops
• Is Marriage a Sacrament?
• Is The Catholic Priesthood in the Bible?
• and much more

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5 comments on Are The Catholic 7 Sacraments Biblical?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Stealing the Eucharist for black Masses probably falls under what Thomas Aquinas said “that in a false person sacraments do not produce any effect” .They can steal the Host but the powers of evil are defeated from the start. They can’t defile it. Their intention of sinfulness undoes them. Sacraments are acts of grace.

    Baptism is in many places within the Old and New Testament. Who was the first one baptized in our faith? It would have to be Jesus and maybe that was the point of His baptism although in the Old Testament baptism was for repentance and Jesus was free of sin although not from temptation.

    Confession is powerful and the apostles were given the power of forgiving the sins or not in the name of the Father. The sins retained, I think, are probably those not truly repented. Otherwise, what would be an example of a sin retained?

    The lineage of Bishops who ordain the priests going all the way back to Jesus is as impressive to me as it is to you three. The anointing of the sick with oil and the laying on of hands is another sacrament of grace being traced back to St. James. God bless all the priests out there anointing and giving the last rites to those infected with the coronavirus.

    St. Paul, in First Corinthians, preaching about the sacrament of matrimony and against divorce and saying that he is speaking for Jesus is a lengthy yet informative passage for sure. A friend of mine was most definitely married in the Church. He had three priests officiating and it was a high Mass. I remember I told him after the ceremony that he didn’t have a prayer in breaking his vows now or ever. He and his wife are very happily married still and it is now two decades or more later. They are devout Catholics and he travels 15 or 20 miles to his original parish where he grew up in order to play the organ for their Masses every Sunday. He is someone who seems automatically to do good without having to think about it.

    Thanks for a good podcast! Sad you always have to ask your ‘sisters and brothers’ to keep it charitable on your feed at the end of each show. My teaching bible mentions that we are all asked to read the holy scriptures in the accepted three ways of approach. As actual facts, or allegories or anagogical in nature. Yes, there are those who cling to the anagogical as far as the Eucharist and thinking it a spiritual symbol instead of the transubstantiation that takes place in every Mass.

    Stay safe and stay healthy,

  2. At adoration before mass on Tuesday evening I was reading a printout of the prayer Padre Pio wrote for after communion. I was completely blown away by how it spoke to me. After communion during mass…same effect – maybe even more powerful. Thank you so much for referring it during one of you other shows. I will be sharing this with everyone! Thank you for all you do and may the Lord doubly bless you!

    1. Marc Larocque says:

      I would like to know that prayer please

  3. Donna Beedy says:

    Awesome thanks again guys. Be safe.

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