Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory & Indulgences?

In this episode, the guys talk about the Biblical basis for Purgatory and Indulgences and what the Catholic Church actually teaches about them.

In this episode, you will learn:
• Is Purgatory in The Bible?
• What is Purgatory actually like?
• Does The Catholic Church sell indulgences?
• What do Indulgences do?
• Is Limbo still taught by the Church?
• and much more

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7 comments on Does The Catholic Church Still Teach Purgatory & Indulgences?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Let’s face it the soul takes a beating while we are alive. When our expiration date arrives it is one weary soul. It needs sustenance. It needs grace. It needs purification. I believe this and believe in Purgatory as the means to an end with the end being Heaven. The end being the presence of God. Personally, I believe I have heard the voice of God more than once in my life and when I needed to. I want to hear it continually. It was a happy voice and a voice of love. I also think my Guardian Angel guides me spiritually every day. It may be their assignment from God but their duty is done out of love. They are our true soul mates. They know our souls probably better than we know them ourselves.

    I worry about my sins and also the mortal sins I know others who are close to me are committing but they have to seek God. I can’t do it for them. I can suggest but only they can do. It is also up to me to acknowledge my own sins and seek reparation. It is up to them to do the same. I know someone right now who is restless and very unhappy with himself and others and needing a dialogue with God but he is an obstinate man who seemingly does not acknowledge God. He is at the end of his life and please pray for him, guys, that he will realize he needs to seek God. He had been raised Catholic but is not a practicing Catholic.

    What is sin is a good question. Good analogy as to venial vs mortal, RS. There are sins that are known and others we question. My moral life is based upon the Ten Commandments and its levels of gravity. I would accept the pains of Purgatory knowing what the end result is. The multiple visions that are out there are perceptions by these individuals as Fr. Rich proposes. Maybe God is projecting one vision and they are seeing it in terms of our humanity. RS, we couldn’t feel real physical pain in Purgatory because our bodies are either in urns or in coffins and left behind us in the physical world. I think we are not measuring time while we are there except for our eagerness to be with God. I am hoping that we can pray for others while we are in Purgatory.

    I have thankfully applied ‘indulgences’ to those who offended me or sinned against me. Sometimes I have to keep forgiving old transgressions as baggage I don’t want to carry around. I often think I haven’t truly forgiven if the memory won’t forget the incident or maybe I have to continually forgive. I do a lot of self-examination and self-analysis. Forgiveness is a gift for both of us.

    I like a quote attributed to Martin Luther. “Pray, and let God worry.” God knows exactly when our souls get purified in Purgatory and when we are ready to live within the presence of God and all the saints. There is no absence of God while in Purgatory but that is the horror of being in Hell. Hell to me is complete separation from God. That emptiness gets filled up with evil.

    The inquisition question is one I would answer that if they did not choose not to be baptized they committed no mortal sin and went home to God. God creates these states and Limbo is a state that man has devised or imagined. God’s mercy is what counts here I agree Fr. Rich. RS original sin is not defined as not being baptized. It is the capability of mankind to sin and babies by their very definition cannot sin. We are all sinners through execution and many times more through omission. Conscious choice.

    Fr. Rich glad you went after RS who seemed to be denying teachings as well as God’s mercy. RD went after RS too as the arbitrator of God’s love and mercy. Good going for both of you because RS is definitely one strong-minded dude who wants the last word and doesn’t always deserve it.

    Wishing us all a good Lenten Season of true repentance and redemption.

  2. Tim says:

    Concerning “The Inquisition” of Limbo: We have to abide by God’s sacraments. God doesn’t. Like RD said “God can do what ever he wants”. If he wants to bring aborted and mis-carried babies into Heaven, and maybe even those below the age of reason, He certainly has the right. It’s His house after all.

  3. Rosamma George says:

    Jesus Christ abandoned His human will to the Divine will of His Father and offered His life for the Salvation of Humanity and to share His divinity and divine consciousness, and shared His Holy Spirit with all. This mystery of Love of God is beyond human understanding. Almighty God, you shared your love in the Holy Eucharist, your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity to your beloved people, and the Word of God to all humanity. We thank you and praise you for your love and mercy.
    I enjoyed the Talk on purgatory. Thanks to each one of you. It was very educational.

  4. Rich says:

    Great topic gentlemen! As someone who will be (by God’s Grace), going there in a few years ( I just found out that I have ALS), I found your episode extremely informative. I found, too, that there are differing views of Purgatory and I was glad that you recognized this and gave your take on it. I do agree that purgation is absolutely necessary for a soul to enter a state of purification to meet the conditions of God’s Kingdom. As to the concepts of how much pain, time and suffering to be had, I hope that I will discover the answers by being counted as being worthy of entering into it.

    This episode has been enlightening. It went too fast and I could’ve listened to you go on for hours on this topic. Loved the “tension-filled” ending – LOL! I agree with RD & Fr. Rich. I thank you for The Catholic Talk Show – more now than ever.

    God Bless you!

    PS- RS, where are the posts on indulgences?

  5. Sarah says:

    Did no one go to heaven before Jesus because of original sin?

  6. Mark Graff says:

    Oh my what a delightful episode. It ended like a great Heavyweight Championship Fight, KO in the last seconds of the 12 round ✌️

  7. benita says:

    Where is the list of prayers for obtaining indulgences? Thanks.

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