Exorcism & The Supernatural In The Catholic Church

Do Catholic Priests really encounter head spinning demons during an exorcism? What does the Catholic Church teach about Ghosts & Demons? Which recent Pope did the famed exorcist consider the most powerful exorcist?

On this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about exorcism, demons, ghost, and the supernatural in the Catholic Church.

Link to PDF of the diary of Father Raymond Bishop who participated in the 1949 exorcism that inspired the film “The Exorcist”

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  1. TG says:

    Much better guys. I felt you did a good job of staying on point and brining into focus some things that are too often avoided or played down by many in the Church today.

    It’s difficult to keep to the middle ground in these things ie to avoid sensationalism while not denying the truths made known to us in/through Christ Jesus.
    Evil is very real but we have been delivered through Christ.
    With what is going on in the world and The Church today, I think saying the prayer to Saint
    Michael at the end of The Mass again would be a good idea.
    Barring that, making it a prayer said frequently on our own would certainly be a good idea.

  2. Richard says:


  3. Chris Allegro says:

    Your show keeps getting better and better. This episode was loaded with great nuggets of information, very relevant to the times we are living in.

    Keep the great shows coming!

  4. Brittany says:

    First episode I’ve listened to and I loved it. (I’m a long time fan of The Dollop and now I think I’ll have another podcast to keep up with!) I was compelled to listen even though I normally avoid such topics.

    I was absolutely terrified when the movie Paranormal Activity came out, to the point where I stopped watching all scary movies. I got a lot of flack for it cause it was “so cheesy and fake and you didnt even see anything!” To which I attempted to relate it to the psychological masterpieces of Hitchcock and explain that the unseen is much more scary. But the bottom line is, it scares me because I believe demons are real. That was back when I was still a self proclaimed agnostic. I had no real basis for that belief. Just deep in my gut.

    Since then I have found the truth and grace and beauty of the church and I remember very clearly going through Rites leading up to Easter Vigil when I was finally baptized and confirmed. Our RCIA leaders discussed the logistics and how we would go through a series of “mini exorcisms” leading up to the big day and to expect to be tempted more than ever.

    I could feel the evil at work in those weeks leading up to my sacraments. The devil made every last ditch effort to sway me from my course and I learned in those moments that evil is very real, in a much less abstract way than I had before.

    Now I have a much fuller understanding of why one stupid movie scared me so much. I thought about it every time the Sunday reading talked about Jesus casting out demons (which is a LOT!) Of course, I know I am protected by the blood of Christ and every evil will eventually bow to his power. Both for myself and for our church!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    Oh, and Donny! He’s been a badass for how many seasons of Blue Bloods now?? Marky Mark only does it for one 2 hour movie at a time!

  5. Brian T. says:

    Nice episode. Shout out to Ryan S from another Cleveland native here.

  6. Smith says:

    You mentioned the field notes of the priests in the exorcism the movie was made from Can you give the web site

  7. Nancy De kok says:

    Good show. It’s interesting to see a younger priest having these discussions. I enjoyed it.

  8. T says:

    Please explain oppression versus possession and what we can look for in friends and family.

  9. Susan says:

    First episode and I loved it. Love the side discussions and references, I.e., Wahlbergs and Mutumbo. That helped my daughter connect as we laughed together and she could relate.

  10. Love reading The Catholic Talk Show.

  11. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    Excellent show and it is frightening how the devil and his demons attack us. Thank you Pastor Rick for the 3 tips about keeping demons at bay. There are times the devil is oppressive or repressive as far as keeping us from doing the right thing rather than making us out and out perform bad deeds. Fear is one of his weapons and there are many suffering from serious anxiety as a mental health disorder. Mental health disorders are on the rise worldwide and are a perfect platform for further attack. We are at our weakest. God may have been exorcising demons that arose from these issues as well as possession.

    Can we make our own vial of holy water by blessing ordinary water? You mentioned we can act as priests due to our baptism in the faith and I was wondering if that extended to sanctifying water. I copied the prayer to St. Michael and will say that each day along with the daily prayer to my guardian angel. I just started saying the rosary several times a week in the past couple of months and I felt compelled to. I have been saying daily prayers since I was two.

    Fr. Rich thank you for sharing so many interesting stories in your new lifetime vocation. Thank you guys for the stories of the most recent exorcisms by Pope JP II and Pope Benedict.

    Another episode could deal with apparitions and how many of us have seen them. I was taught in Catechism Class that there were no such things as ghosts because the soul left the body and moved on. I wondered if the soul was afraid to follow the light and got stuck earthbound. Is that at all possible? I am hoping that the apparitions we have seen were not evil spirits.

    God bless us all!

    1. Matthew says:

      About the holy water… we laymen cannot make holy water. Although we are kingdom priests by virtue of our baptism in the Lord, that power is reserved to the ministerial priesthood.
      Great question.
      May God bless you.
      ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

  12. Luis Solares says:

    About the “endemoniado” in St Peter Square whom pope Francis prayed over. This is the link: https://youtu.be/04hGsOqWvg0 (sorry its in spanish). Its a conference Padre Juan Rivas L.C. gave about that case. He is the priest who took Ángel (that´s the name of the man in the wheellchair) to the Vatican. He is a wonderful priest with strong character and love for the church.

    Link to the video of pope Francis prayin over that man in St Peter square. https://youtu.be/MDACDbKil4w Ok, also this won´t satisfy many people because the video is in spanish -but i think fr Pagano speaks it. It´s about the man pope Francis prayed over in St Peter square. The man is mexican, devout catholic, and his name is Ángel, who when Mexico legalized abortion he ofered himself as a victim for the sin of his nation. It seems that the 3(?) demons in him are under the authority of the virgin Mary and can not leave no mater how many exorcisms are prayed over him because Mamá Maria wants to show the demonic infestation that the abortion have caused over México. So the demons say they can´t leave. Finally, the demons said under obedience through the exorcisms that as many people are killed in abortions the Narco War will kill mexicans. So the statistics of abortions and murders by the cartels go parallel.

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