The 1st Annual Catholic Talk Show Fantasy Draft

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys conduct the 1st annual Catholic fantasy draft where they select a team of Saints and let you the audience decide who’s team is best! Plus, you can compete with other listeners to win the official Catholic Talk Show Fantasy League trophy! Watch or listen to the show to learn how to play!

Here are the positions in the draft if you want to enter to win:
• Popes
• Cardinals
• Bishops
• Parish Priests
• Nun/Women Religious
• Monk/Male Religious
• Missionary
• Catechist
• Warrior
• Exorcist

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21 comments on The 1st Annual Catholic Talk Show Fantasy Draft

  1. Andrea Landry says:

    Good morning guys,
    You are drafting a Catholic ‘Patriots’ Dream Team like the New England winning football team. I am psyched about putting my Catholic Dream Team together along with yours. Stop splitting hairs RS, I want Pope St. JP II for fantasy Pope. I am so with Fr. Rich on that. Pope John XXIII started the journey to the people with the ecumenical council and JP II finished it. Sorry RD, John Wayne would never have become celibate in his lifetime.

    My first pick for Cardinal is totally personal. A friend of my family died this past year, Fr. Sassani, and he loved his vocation, celebrating the Eucharist, and was a great people person. He could laugh loud and hardy. His face literally glowed with the love of his faith and his God. Otherwise I would go with St. Thomas Moore along with Fr. Rich. My second pick for Pope is also the same as Fr. Rich’s, Pope John XXIII for those very reasons.

    My pick for Bishop is definitely Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. I have seen a few of his shows and his dedication to his church and the people always came through as well as his great intellect. I would pick for parish priest a parish priest I had known as a child. Fr. Bailey had a brogue, a great love of humanity especially for the little children, and he was another man who was a very kind soul with a face that glowed with happiness reflecting his love of God. He also loved a joke even a lame one and had a great laugh. My second pick for parish priest is my other childhood priest hero or Fr. Don Camillo from the book the Little World of Don Camillo. He suffered along with the members of his poor parish and spent his day trying to get them fed as well as closer to God. My oldest sister forgot to return the book to the library and it was one of the first ones I read as a small child.

    I am with RD as far as Mother Theresa. I agree with Fr. Rich about St. Damien, solid pick for missionary. I pick St. Thomas Aquinas along with RS as catechist. I would go with John Wayne as exorcist, or Chuck Norris, RD. My selection of a warrior is St. Joan of Arc. My second choice for warrior is the same as Fr. Rich and I select St. Michael the Archangel. I say his prayer every morning.

    Fun show! Thank you! I pick Fr. Rich’s team as the picks were closest to mine for the most part. I can’t pick a second team as it would be a combination of selections from both RS and RD.

    As a happy FYI, my first book is now available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble! The title is Thoughts on God and since there is another one out there with the exact title you have to search by author name. My second and third books I just changed the titles of as they are still just living in my laptop although the second one has been approved for publishing. 40% of the books received by my publisher get released. Thoughts on God is a small work and a thank you to God for being there for me always.

    Take care!

  2. Fantasy Team GMs: Your fantasy sports agent and head of the Scandinavian Scouting Bureau reminds you to thoughtfully consider Saint Thorlak of Iceland as your team’s Bishop. Not only is he Patron Saint of Iceland, but he is currently under consideration by church authorities to be named Patron Saint of Autistic People. Furthermore, he was a formidable presence of mercy and morality in the Medieval Church… and, quite possibly, one of the first bishops to be placed on the chess board. His very name means “contender with Thor”… need we say more? BISHOP THORLAK THORHALLSSON. Thank you.

  3. Yazmin Mani says:

    The Catholic Talk Show,
    I didn’t understand the title for this topic and once I began to listen, Very Creative. Truly enjoyed it and learned about many other saints.
    Autumn Blessings,

  4. Patrick E. Brogan says:

    Benedict XVI indeed had a helicopter pilot’s license, however he did not have a drivers license.

  5. Matthew Davis says:

    Pope: St. Leo the Great
    Cardinal: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
    Bishop: Archbishop Charles Chaput
    Parish Priest: St. John Vianney
    Nun: St. Faustina
    Monk: St. Benedict
    Missionary: St. John DeMatha
    Chatecist: St. Thoma Aquinas
    Warrior: St. Michael
    Exorcist: Fr. Gabriel Amorth

    1. Nikolai Brelinsky says:

      Pope: St Charles Borromeo
      Cardinal: St Oscar Romero
      Bishop: Archbishop Charles Chaput
      Pastor: Father O’Flaherty (The Scarlet and the Black)
      Nun / Fem. Religious: Flannery O’Connor
      Monk / Male Religious: St Augustine
      Missionary: St Francis Xavier
      Chatecist: Mother Angelica
      Warrior: Father Emil Kaupan
      Exorcist: St Joseph (Terror of Demons)

    2. Jan Balajadia says:

      Pope: St. Pius X
      Cardinal: Giuseppe Cardinal Siri
      Bishop: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
      Parish Priest: St. John Marie Vianney
      Nun: Rita of Cascia
      Monk: St. Benedict
      Missionary St. Daniel Comboni
      Catechist: St. Thomas Aquinas
      Warrior: St. Vladimir of Kiev
      Exorcist: St. Pio of Pietrelcina

  6. John Donovan says:

    Pope – JPII
    Cardinal – King Solomon
    Bishop – Bishop Barron
    Priest – St. Francis de Sales
    Woman religious – St. Monica
    Monk/mans religious – St. Francis of Assisi
    Catechist- St. Augustine
    Missionary – St. Thérèse of Lisieux
    Warrior- St. Maximilian Kolbe
    Exorcist – St. Michael

    1. Patrick Koehr says:

      Pope – Pope Saint John Paul II
      Cardinal – Pope Benedict XVI
      Bishop – St. John Vianney
      Priest – St. Josemaría Escrivá
      Woman religious – St. Catherine of Siena
      Monk – St. Francis is Assisi
      Catechist- Bishop Robert Barron
      Missionary – St. Thérèse Lisieux
      Warrior- St. John of Arc
      Exorcist – St. Michael the Archangel

  7. Danny B says:

    Pope – Venerable Pope Pius XII:
    Battled the two greatest evils in Nazism and Communism (and evilest of men in Hitler and Stalin) in perhaps all of history in keeping the Church from annihilation. Fought masonists, communists, fascists, modernist and atheist and repulsed them all.

    Cardinal – St Sir Thomas More:
    A Cardinal and a martyr remain steadfast loyal to the Church and its teachings in the face of death. He was such a statesman that he was knighted.

    Bishop – Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen:
    Priest, evangelist, philosopher. A remarkable ability to speak of Christ and Christianity to Catholics and non-Catholics alike with comforting ease but also with the staunchness of the greatest of apologists.

    Parish Priest – St Padre Pio:
    One of the greatest example of a priest, blessed with holiness and devotion. His love for the mass, the Eucharist, confession is an example all priest should follow.

    Nun/Woman Religious – Empress St Helena of Constantinople:
    Responsible for converting Emperor Constantine to Christianity which led to it becoming the religion of the Empire, the conversion of masses and solidifying the position of the Church. Through her work we also have today many relics relating to Jesus and in particular His crucifixion as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

    Monk/Male Religious – Pope St Gregory I the Great:
    The servant of servants of God. He was the first monk to be chosen pope and one of the great pastoral popes, as well as one of the great evangelisers in evangelising the north of Europe.

    Missionary – St Francis Xavier:
    India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan – St Francis ventured far from the safety of Christian Europe to preach to Gospel. St Ignatius may have founded the Jesuits, but St Francis brought it to the world.

    Catechist – St. Augustine of Hippo:
    The Church has been blessed with many great and wonderful catechists but many of those stand of the shoulders of this giant.

    Warrior – Caspar Roist:
    Captain of the Swiss Guard who led the defence of the Vatican and died covering Pope Clement VII retreat against overwhelming odds. The heroic stand of the Swiss Guards and their Commander, Caspar Roist, are remembered to this day with May 6 (the day of the Sack of Rome) the day in which new recruits are sworn in every year.

    Exorcist – Pope St John Paul II the Great:
    Known to have performance exorcism with a famous case of one being performed in the Vatican. The great excorcist, Fr Gabriele Amorth claimed that the Pope St John Paul has been a powerful intercessor because as the devil said himself, “he disrupted me plans” (apparently in relation to the fall of communism).

  8. Gregory Gillis says:

    Pope – St. John Paul II the Great
    Cardinal – Bishop Charles Chaput
    Bishop – Bishop Robert Barron
    Priest – Fr. Mike Schmitz
    Woman religious – St. Therese Liseux
    Monk/mans religious – St. Benedict Nursia
    Catechist- Mother Angelica
    Missionary – St. John the Baptist
    Warrior- St. Michael
    Exorcist – St. Peter the Exorcist

  9. Mark N says:

    Pope – St. Pius V
    Cardinal – St. Robert Bellarmine
    Bishop – St. Francis de Sales
    Priest – St. John Vianney
    Woman religious – St. Catherine of Siena
    Monk/man religious – St. Anthony of Egypt
    Catechist – Mother Angelica
    Missionary – St. Francis Xavier
    Warrior – St. Michael
    Exorcist – St. Benedict of Nursia

  10. Oscar Gargallo says:

    • Popes – Pope Francis
    • Cardinals – Ratzinger
    • Bishops – Augustine
    • Parish Priests – St Martin de Porres
    • Nun/Women Religious – St theres The little way
    • Monk/Male Religious – SAINT BENEDIT
    • Missionary – Saint Francis
    • Catechist – Aquinas
    • Warrior – Joan of Arc
    • Exorcist – Padre Pio

    1. Eric Carlson says:

      Pope: JPII
      Cardinal: Charles Borromeo
      Bishop: Fulton Sheen
      Priest: Josemaria Escriva (able to call everyone, lay and clergy, to holiness)
      Sister: Clare of Assisi
      Brother: Francis of Assisi (I gotta feeling he and Clare will play well together. Also, Clare being the patron saint of television, she and fulton sheen will get right along)
      Catechist: Don Bosco
      Missionary: Dominic
      Warrior: Let’s punch heresy in the face…St. Nicholas.
      Exorcist: I went back and watched the rules again, you said no apostles, but said nothing about the Queen of Apostles. Let’s crush the serpent’s head…the Virgin Mary.

  11. pope.innocent 3rd…cardinal raymond burke…bishop fulton sheen…priest st john vianney…nun mother teresa…monk st benedict of nursia…missionary padre antonio vieira…catechist mother angelica…warrior st michael the archangel exorcict fr gabriele amorth

    1. Andrew Azzam says:

      Pope: Pope Leo XIII – He was a great diplomat and started the Vatican Observatory to show to the world that science and religion are not mutually exclusive.
      Cardinal: Pope St Paul VI – First pope in centuries to meet with heads of the Orthodox church to start building bridges. Also Humanae Vitae.
      Bishop: Pope Ven. John Paul I – We didn’t get to see enough of him and I’d like to see what he could do. Also after his election many Cardinals said they felt their vote was guided by God.
      Parish Priest: St John Bosco – He was such a good parish priest that others complained that he was stealing their parishoners.
      Female Religious: St Emilia – She raised her children so well in the faith that 5 of them became saints.
      Male Religious: St Jerome – Thanks to him and his mastery of languages, we have the bible. He’s also one of the Four Great Latin Fathers of the church.
      Missionary: St Vitalis of Gaza – Spent his wages on prostitutes to talk to them about the faith. Many of them converted and became good wives and mothers.
      Catechist: St John Chrysostom – The golden-tongued theologian of the Eastern church. He created the oldest liturgy still in use; the divine liturgy, which is used by the Eastern Rite catholics.
      Warrior: St George – Killed a dragon, ’nuff said.
      Exorcist: St Pope John Paul II – Satan is said to hate him because he has turned so many young people towards the church.

  12. Nick Petrillo says:

    Pope: St. Pope John Paul II (longevity, orthodoxy, star-power, fought Communism – and won)
    Cardinal: Cardinal Robert Sarah (Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, short, beautiful, and powerful statements)

    Bishop: Bishop Robert Barron (great catechist, liturgist, engaging)
    Parish Priest: St. Louis de Montfort (Marian Consecration – need anything more)

    Nun/Women Religious: St. Therese of Lisieux (Carmelite) (keep it simple)
    Monk/Male Religious: St. Andre Bessette (Congregation of the Holy Cross) (who doesn’t love this guy)

    Missionary: St. Francis (rebuilt the church)
    Catechist: Fr. Mike Schmitz (awesome videos, engaging)

    Warrior: St. Clare of Assisi (staved off invaders with the Eucharist!)
    Exorcist: St. Benedict of Nursia (the medal kicks…well…yeah)

  13. Margaret Chromey says:

    Pope – Pope Innocent III
    • Cardinal – Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman
    • Bishop – St. Thomas Becket
    • Parish Priest – St. Thomas Aquinas
    • Nun/Women Religious – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
    • Monk/Male Religious – St. Augustine of Hippo
    • Missionary – St. Patrick
    • Catechist – Pope John XXXIII
    • Warrior – St. George
    • Exorcist – Father Theophilus Riesinger

    This is such a cool idea!

  14. Lita says:

    Pope – Francis of Assisi (he fixed the church once, he can do it again)
    Cardinal – St. Benedict
    Bishop- John Vianney
    Priest – Padre Pio
    Nun – Edith Stein
    Monk St. Columba (Iona is still holy kids)
    Missionary – The Little Flower (her dream job at last)
    Catechist – Peter Claver (c’mon, over 300,000 converts and counting)
    Exorcist – Our Blessed Mother (who can kick satan’s butt better?)

  15. Patrick M says:

    My Fantasy Draft:
    Pope – John Paul II
    Cardinal – St.Leo the Great
    Bishop – St. John Vianney
    Priest – St. Padre Pio
    Nun/ Woman religious – St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    Monk/ Male Religious – St. Ignatius of Loyola
    Missionary- St. Francis Xavier
    Catechist- Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
    Warrior- St. Joan of Arc
    Exorcist – St. Michael the Archangel

  16. Will Feeks says:

    Awesome idea for a show. Loved it. It seems to me that in this day and age we need figures in the higher posts who aren’t afraid of challenging the norm or the powerful figures of society
    Pope: Gregory VII
    Cardinal: St John Paul II
    Bishop: St Thomas Beckett
    Priest: St John Vianney
    Nun/woman religious: St Gertrude the Great
    Monk/male religious: St Benedict
    Missionary: St John the Baptist
    Catechist: St Thomas Aquinas
    Warrior: Moses the Black
    Exorcist: St Joseph the Worker and Terror of Demons

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