Fr. Aloysius Schwartz: The Next Catholic Saint?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by author Kevin Wells to explore the heroic and holy life of Ven. Fr. Aloysius Schwartz, who cared for poor orphans in Korea, the Philippines, and Mexico and could be the next saint of the Catholic Church.

Episode 150:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• Why Fr. Aloysius ASKED to go to the WORST places
• His epic battles with gangsters and bishops
• How his secret weapon was the handkerchief
• Why he is called “Priest and Beggar”
• How he saved 150,000+ orphans
• His extraordinary piety and efforts
• and much more

► “PRIEST & BEGGAR” by Kevin Wells:

Sponsor a Sister: https://www.worldvillages.org/sponsor-a-sister/
Help Feed and Clothe a Child: https://www.worldvillages.org/donate/


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2 comments on Fr. Aloysius Schwartz: The Next Catholic Saint?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hello gentlemen,
    For Venerable Fr. Al Schwartz to get his priestly vocation from God at such a young age is miraculous all in itself. He sounds like a male Mother Teresa as far as wanting to be sent to the worst spots in the world to serve. He also sounds like St. Francis who wanted to live out the gospel. Fr. Al went toward what some people, speaking for myself, would run from as being insurmountable. He was a saint and all that is missing is his beatification.

    Amazing what he accomplished for the poor in Korea in just ten years. His brilliant idea of an embroidered handkerchief as a product to be marketed in America paid out. Within 3 years millions were coming in to support the building of institutions to help lepers, the poor, orphans and disadvantaged children, boys towns, girls towns, etc. He did everything through Mary who was his inspiration.

    Kevin and Fr. Rich are correct. Work such as performed by Fr. Al and the Mary sisters is the mystical body of the church and I think it needs to be broadcast more to the world. We need more good PR. I agree with Kevin that he was a super hero like Fr. Al read about as a child and based himself upon. He gets diagnosed with ALS in 1989 which took him in 1991 and he almost immediately went to Mexico to continue to build boys towns and girls towns while he could. There are 15 throughout the world and 170,000 children have graduated from these towns.

    God does call us to be noble. I agree with Fr. Rich who quoted St Katherine of Sienna who said if you become who you are meant to be you will set the world on fire. Fr. Al did. A call went out during the podcast to priests in America to spend even just a week helping out under the auspices of world villages. There is a link to their website in the podcast. You can sponsor a sister of Mary which will support the children in her classroom.

    Fr. Rich asks that anyone listening in who knows of a child or a person in need of a miracle please ask for the intercession of Venerable Fr. Al who needs a miracle to be attributed to him for beatification.

    Beautiful podcast and story of Fr. Al. Thank you.

  2. I’m very happy for Fr Al. He certainly earned this honor.
    But it saddens me that Bishop Sheen has been ignored for so long to be elevated to the Beatified state.
    Please pray for him and to him for strength for those responsible for the delay to do what’s right.

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