How To Become Holy With Dr. Scott Hahn

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Dr. Scott Hahn to discuss Holiness and what it actually means Scripturally and practically.

Episode 209:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How does the Bible define Holiness?
• How can people become Holy?
• How is Holiness different in The Old Testament
• and much more


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3 comments on How To Become Holy With Dr. Scott Hahn

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    What a wonderful subject to cover and thanks for inviting Dr. Scott Hahn who is absolutely awesome. Scott says that love and mercy and God is my chummy friend describes some of the hippy happy view of religion but despite the fact they did not keep God holy and above humanity they were at least seeking a God. Righteousness is not the same as holiness. That is interesting. Be holy as opposed to being idolatrous. Scott always has a lot to say that is worth listening to.

    Scott says that the incarnation is the greatest act of holiness. The Seraphim sang of this. The greatest thing that happened is the fulfillment of the OT in Jesus. He has a new book out there on holiness and its achievement. We have got to become His property to become holy.

    Holiness is available to us in the sacraments as Ryan Scheel says. I don’t want to get to Heaven and just sit on my butt for eternity. I would hope to not only worship God but to also be working for him still somehow for the good of mankind or God’s creatures. I often wonder if these creatures, after the end times happen here on earth, are elsewhere in God’s Universe and are they human or humanoids is the question and do you have to be in order to possess a soul.

    I am bothered by purification by fire. I have to be honest as to why fire is associated with Hell and associated with Purgatory. I like the symbolism of water for holiness as Fr. Rich pointed out as far as Baptism being symbolic of its purity.

    Yes, Ryan Scheel you are so right about people not wanting to suffer and isolating themselves from God to avoid suffering like saints and suffering for their faith. I get tired of this message of suffering in order to achieve spiritual joy speaking for myself.

    This was an excellent show and thinking along with all of you makes me feel good.

  2. Siobhan Wright says:

    Where are you????

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