5 Things All Catholic Men Need To Start Doing Again

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by James Baxter, executive director of Exodus 90, to discuss the challenges Catholic men face in society and 5 things ALL men need to start doing to truly become the man they were meant to be.

In this episode, we will discuss:
• The unique challenges Catholic men face
• The role of women in men’s spirituality
• The shocking stats about Mass attendance by men
• Why Catholic men NEED to hang out with other Catholic men
• How cold showers and exercise can change your life
• The seemingly innocent things destroying men’s potential
• and much more

Show Links & Resources:

Exodus 90: catholictalkshow.com/exodus90
Covenant Eyes: covenanteyes.com (use code CatholicTalk to get 30 days free)
Sayings of The Desert Fathers Ebook: exodus90.com/E90-Desert-Facebook


10 comments on 5 Things All Catholic Men Need To Start Doing Again

  1. Andrea says:

    Good morning guys,
    I never heard of Exodus 90 before this show, or James Baxter. My first thought before I watched was ‘only FIVE things men need to start doing’?! I like the whole idea of a podcast geared to men and their roles in the world as far as their faith. Children being raised without dads look for role models throughout their lives. The boys need a strong male role model, and the girls need a dad who is going to be the first male they encounter, the most important male in their life, and he should be kind, loving, firm as far as discipline and always supportive. He should not be afraid to show how much he loves his wife, respects his wife, supports his wife, and enjoys her company. Daughters are paying strict attention. Kids miss nothing.

    I agree RS – leadership, support and guiding are important attributes, and only weak men try to force others to do their will. I never thought of it but spirituality in a man just might be different from spirituality in a woman. There are a lot of demands made upon men. Women want them to be strong and stand up for themselves and their beliefs but not try to use brute force to get their way. As Fr. Rich mentions men can be slaves to their sexual appetites and their egos and miss out on spiritual growth. The men in the podcast, priest and family men, are good examples of the different needs of men out there relational to their lives and how they choose to live their lives and the calls from God they answered. RD outlined the sacrifices made to be a good husband and dad. Both RS and RD stress how much they get back from being family men and men of faith, and it is important that they share this. They are bonding with others out there who feel the same way or want to feel the same way.

    There is no living life without God. You are an empty shell. You are tether less floating in your own personal space. You feel unfulfilled and seek fulfillment everywhere else except through God. Exodus 90 must address this in their fraternity of Catholic men. My dad died when I was 10 but before that we went to Mass as a family. I grew up within a solid family unit that only an untimely death split up.

    As the podcast puts out there you don’t have to be machismo to be a man. My own dad was strong with other men to keep his place with them, and not put up with their ‘crap’, but gentle with his women at all times. I keep coming back to my dad as an example as the first male encountered in my life and reinforcing where this podcast is going, families need a dad committed to them and his faith. Our faith shows them the path to follow.

    Women form and wander in and out of groups more naturally than men who need to establish fraternities. Make it official. Good observation RS, your podcast is your own established fraternity of friends who like to talk and like to hang out together. Realization of the extent and content of your regular conversations having more meaning than your average small talk or sports talk grew into a podcast. I, for one, am grateful you all got together to produce this Catholic Talk Show. Thank you.

    Good luck with all your Exodus 90 endeavors! And, a guy who appreciates Frank Sinatra songs is a guy I can appreciate!

    God Bless Us Everyone as we surely need it!

    1. Love the feedback as always Andrea! Your father sounds like he was an amazing man. We will remember him in our prayers.

      1. Andrea says:

        Thank you on both counts! That is truly nice of all of you.

        1. Brad Stubitsch says:

          During the show you mentioned studies that claim if the father goes to church with the family the children will go as adults. Does that study include only two parent households, or does it also include single parents, divorced and/ or annulled marriages, and what about widows?

    2. Stacey says:

      I did exodus 90 and it is quite the eye opener. Any catholic man should give it a try and I do believe that there is a female version also but do not quote me on that! 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    What was the suggestion at the start that if men are dominant in society then women are abused?
    God clearly put men in a positional hierarchy over women and children, but below himself, and that is exactly why its difficult to be patriarchal, because you are responsible for everything, your wife, children, other family, other men, and yet still havent the greatest authority.

    All societies which altered this natural, Godly order have fallen into degeneration, abortion, sexual sin, violence, and ultimately self destruction. Your example of the father and faith is exactly what im saying, stop trying to give our burdens to people who cannot carry them.

    1. Gabby says:

      I would suggest looking more into Theology of the Body. Men and women are not in a hierarchy with each other, they are equal and with attributes that make them equally unique and beautiful. Sin comes when people turn away from God, not when they turn away from the hierarchy that we, as a society created because we cannot comprehend God’s mysteries and fall to the vices of power, pride, etc. (**cough cough** that’s why the Ten Commandments exist **cough cough**).

  3. Michael says:

    Not having a good connection with my Dad and being bullied by other boys has sadly left me with Same Sex Attraction. I think that proactive help is needed in the Church to help men with SSA to heal and grow. Only by offering actual healing opportunities (not just just chastity, which is absolutely vital) through connection, therapy etc can we offer hope in the face of the LGBTQ scourge today. God bless.

  4. Donna Beedy says:

    Love you guys thanks for everything you do and portray.

  5. J. A Scherer says:

    I’m brazilian, and recently i converted to catholicism, after some years of thinking about it and workind this idea, and i am really grateful for you guys, you are helping me to understand catholicism better and to become a better person, so thanks a lot. Your work is really important.

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