New Evidence For The Shroud of Turin?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show the guys are joined by Dr. Gilbert R. Lavoie, M.D. to examine the Shroud of Turin, comparing his scientific findings with Saint John’s Gospel account of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Episode 262:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• The reason why the shroud image isn’t mentioned in the Gospels
• Significant studies that demonstrate why the shroud cannot be a painting
• Details that confirm that the man of the shroud was crucified
• How the shroud corroborates the Gospel accounts of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus


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The Shroud of Jesus And the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed”
by Dr. Gilbert Lavoie –


3 comments on New Evidence For The Shroud of Turin?

  1. Mary Pal says:

    Interesting episode, and I have ordered Lavoie’s book to learn more. But I was disappointed by one thing this mentioned: it is simply not true that nobody has ever been able to re-create the kind of image found on the Shroud. The book “Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?” by Lynn Picknett features her team’s success in creating an image like the one on the Shroud which features many of the same anomalies. They did this using a camera obscura and technology available in the 14th century. Given the original carbon dating, you don’t need to buy into her theories as to who forged the Shroud to find this accomplishment intriguing. I would be very interested to see more debate on her theories regarding how the Shroud was created and any new evidence that would debunk it. So far, I haven’t found any.

    My intent is not to upset anyone who believes in the Shroud’s authenticity by mentioning this or questioning it. But I think we should be able to examine relics without feeling that it is an attack on faith, which should not rely on any physical artifacts to strengthen our beliefs.

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