Pope Francis Allowing Same Sex Blessings?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss Pope Francis’ recent comments on blessing same sex marriages and what it means for the Church.

Episode 253:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Did Pope Francis approve same sex blessings?
• Why do Catholics object to same sex blessings?
• What is a Dubia?
• Could this cause a schism?
• and much more


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5 comments on Pope Francis Allowing Same Sex Blessings?

  1. Angel says:

    Hello. Thanks for this important episode.
    The fact that you discussed this issue as much as you did, and asked yourselves some really good questions along the way, illustrates the problem with the Popes response (or lack of it). I have struggled with fornication (doing OK now thanks in part to confession). If I went to confession and the priest said…well..you know….it depends….(or gave me any answer other than something to that effect that I am commiting a sin and need to stop with Gods help – and says this with all the compassion required) I would totally leave with an “official opening” to continue sinning. I have never gone to confess my sins and come out of the confessional feeling unclear and I have to the best of my memory never left feeling lack of compassion. The popes answer is unclear. He was asked about blessing of homosexual couples – so the expected answer is on that (not broader compassion which we already see practiced for all our other sins). Why should there be caveats or any other differences for dealing with same-sex “sin?” Either it is a sin or it is not. The Pope should have started with a yes or no and then added notes, as needed. Lack of clearer guidance from the Pope is a problem and a big pity for our faith, and it leads people like me – who has been taught to honor and beleive in the Pope and who have no interest in intrigue and taking sides on this matter – to wonder what is happening to our church. The catholicism I know doesnt adjust to mordernity – mordenity has to adjust to it or just be ex-ed out. Popes before Pope Francis have been compassionate and have held us to higer standards and been firm. Why suddenly should there be this change? With the deepest respect, I think the church must speak with no ambiguity on this matter so that we who are wondering how to manage this new reality have the gudance we need.

  2. Chris Terry says:

    Father Pagano- the issue is not ‘ can the Pope not bless people? ‘ ISSUE IS BLESSING A SAME-Sex UNION….

  3. Rose says:

    Pastoral challenges is indeed the discussion, the obvious discomfort of the hosts makes the statement by Pope Francis clearer. Avoid the grave hand of judgement.
    Please do not compare love between two people to abortion.

    1. Donna Greiner says:

      The Bible is clear on this subject.

  4. ED Pawlak says:

    Follow on Patreon and I Wish you would revisit this since the ambiguity Only got worse when Fr. Martin says it’s carte blanc and bless gay marry is ok; while Fr Murray (EWTN) a canonical lawyer / Fr Kirby / Fr Meeks all podcasters) as well as Bishop Strickland / AB Chaput / Cardinal Burke / Cardinal Muller. With All due respect Fr Ripperger & Fr Murray are correct – Pope’s process on this incorrect. BTW why now since the topic was REMOVED from the syndod. From the pew – I pray the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother guide the church as we need Good Shepherds to lead us. Vivat Jesu Blessed & Merry Christmas.

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