The Catholic Church & Alcohol

Of all the world’s religions, The Catholic Church has traditionally had the healthiest relationship with alcohol. We are not excessively Puritanical in shunning drink, nor are we cultists seeking enlightenment in intoxication. We give the just thanks for God’s gifts and treat them as such.

On this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss how the Catholic Church gave us Scotch, Champagne, amazing monk-brewed beers, and more contributions to the world of (lower case) spirits.

One comment on “The Catholic Church & Alcohol

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    As a new fan I think I am almost caught up on almost all the older podcasts from 2018 until now. Yes, Scheel, the Flannel Man, likes his comfort and I can’t fault that. He is more satirical than sartorial. Interesting segment on alcohol. I like various mixers but prefer wine. There was none in the house for me to enjoy while watching unfortunately. I am a social drinker and most of my friends and family enjoy alcohol during social occasions. We all wait until the sun is over the yardarm. (It is over the yardarm somewhere in the world when we imbibe we always say.)

    I am jealous of all those who are Latin scholars to one degree or another! I should add that to the list of subjects TO LEARN. That is a beautiful blessing, Fr. Rich, thank you.

    After fire I am sure the next invention for prehistoric man was alcohol. It was a tough life for prehistoric man out there hunting enormous predators for food. Life was precarious. I am also sure they came home to nagging women some days. (Honey, we are tired of red meat and wanted fish for dinner.) Nagging has since become a virtual art form.

    How very logical that your prevalent theory for the first alcoholic beverages was fermented grapes, and probably a fortuitous accident as many inventions are. Sounds true. Sounds smart. Mead I never tried. Yes, Fr. Rich, Ryan D. and Ryan S., raise a glass and toast yourselves for your podcasts whose time has come. You can reach audiences of various ages. Drinking is truly about moderation and prudence but that doesn’t rule out its enjoyment.

    I was definitely someone who drank to excess a few times when I was young and immature. I sure did have impaired judgement too, but my Guardian Angel was there for me those times, and he never asked me for OT or combat pay. Yes, Ryan D. they are called war stories! You are right a lot of us have them. Some make me laugh and others make me cringe.

    Cocaine was definitely more socially acceptable back when. I had heard about the coke in Coca-Cola and it is not folklore Ryan D.! It was removed from the beverage way before our lifetimes though.

    Good inquisition question about sacramental wine requirements. Canon 924 – natural from the fruit of the vine with no additives. Fermentation process has to be natural so it must be made especially, and worldwide, for Catholic use.

    God bless us everyone!

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