The Meaning of 666: The Mark of The Beast

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys break down the meaning of the number 666 and explore who the Beast of Revelation might be

Episode 148:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What does “666” mean?
• Who is the Beast of Revelations?
• Is the Mark of the Beast actually “616”?
• Does 666 refer to The Pope?
• What is Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?
• and much more


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16 comments on The Meaning of 666: The Mark of The Beast

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,

    I avoid 666 whenever possible myself as we all know it is the devil’s symbol. I get an unpleasant jolt whenever I see the combination. I don’t even like to be behind a car that has those numbers on its license plate. (Fr. Rich .edu was my work domain in education for decades. I laughed at your slip of the lip.) I thought Greek letters related to a number code just as the Hebrew language does. Fascinating stuff! Leads to conspiracy theories as to why there is a code in the first place. Secret messages that can only be decoded by those fluent in the languages and knowledgeable about number assignments made to each letter.

    (Y2k wasn’t a conspiracy theory Fr. Rich. It was a simple year computer code change that needed to be made within computers. I worked on this project myself for higher education so that the year 2000 wouldn’t revert to 1900 and screw up programming. Just one thing out of whack would be the calendar for the year 1900 vs the calendar for the year 2000 never mind am and pm times.)

    The beast from the sea or 666 cooperates with Satan but is not Satan. I had read that 666 was the code for Nero Caesar in Revelations and that this is according to most Biblical scholars. Each letter spelling the name Jesus is comprised of 888. The Pythagoreans considered this a holy number. The number 7 is God’s number as it is the perfect number according to the Greek’s. 4 is physical 3 is trinity

    I love your segue into Hallow commercial Ryan Scheel! LOL! Now RD has to come up with a good segue to top yours!

    There is one 666 in the Bible – John 6:66 about the bread of life and the rejection of the Eucharist and how many of Jesus’ disciples turned from Him.

    We CTS patrons too love the community formed from the Catholic Talk Show and your episodes are just what you say they are, funny and enlightening. I don’t think I missed a week since I started watching and that is thanks to the content with its triad of presenters. Kudos!

  2. Katie says:

    What was the book you referred to? It sounded like you said Sacrepogeny ????
    Thank you for your Ministry and Messages…

    1. Richard Muterspaugh says:

      Sacra Pagina

    2. Richard says:

      Sacra Pagina

  3. Kim P says:

    Hey I appreciate your show today. I’ve been reading Revelations and wondered who is the beast. Very interesting about Nero. I loved hearing about Peter and how the very place he is buried is adorned with the bronze that was a statue of Nero. Justice feels good. And it dawned on me that that is (perhaps in a smaller sense) followers of Christ are adorned by the very thing that tempt and try us if we persevere. Example-the crowns we are given that we throw at Christ feet. Wanted to mention I’m a Protestant and I don’t diss my Catholic brothers. We all need each other. I love the revelation you have been granted by our Heavenly Father. I apologize for those Protestants who aren’t acting out of love and respect. My prayer is for unity. We don’t have to agree on everything.

  4. Renee says:

    Great episode. You mentioned that there are 2 beasts, if Nero is one who is the other ?

  5. Marc Larocque says:

    Great show gentleman thank you for all you do may God bless us all peace be with you guys Father Rich forever in our prayers

  6. Teresa says:

    The you tube link has been removed. :'(

    1. BENJAMIN Carvajal says:

      The beast is the Vatican ,the papacy kill 100 million Christian during 538 ac 1798.,who is the most influential person in the world ,answer the pope

  7. Tina U Beal says:

    I beleive what 666 is refers to a way. The way of the mark of the beast which is evil, the way Nero practiced his spirtual practices. The way of the occults which belongs to the sea monster in the abyss.

  8. Dee says:

    I wish you would make this information available in print form. Sometimes it is easier to read the info than listen to the episode.

  9. so much more depth in spiritual histoiicism and idealism

    Try this, from an essay on the necessity of the Old Covenant

    The Requirement of a Prefiguring Covenant prior to the Incarnation

    One of the primary arguments of our thesis is that God can in now wise enter Incarnate into a fallen world immediately after such fall if it is to be in any way significantly efficacious for the creatures’ renewal. Rather, at least several stages of Revelation and development are necessary in order that the Coming of Incarnation might be most efficacious.

    This will be argued as follows:

    Firstly, we remember that whereas the angelic creature, freed from the impediments of physical steps of intellectual development, is able to digest the profound mysteries in a single instant, the material creature of necessity can only progress in stages to comprehend the profound . In other words, just as a child must develop in intelligence into maturity only by a slower process, so also must humanity as a whole progress in its capacity to comprehend the spiritual mysteries.

    This is the first reason to argue that God can only progress humanity in stages of Revelation to prepare for their capacity to accept the fullness of truth that comes in the Incarnation.

    The second reason for preliminary ages to precede the Incarnation is humanity’s severe tendencies toward materialism and paganism because of its fallen nature. To illustrate, we perhaps recall the infamous “mark of the beast” in the NT apocalypse and that its number is 666. A mystical way to look at this symbolism is to reverse the relationship between God and man. We see this by first recalling that 7 is the number of perfection and so, in one sense, of God. It follows that 6 is a symbol of imperfection and therefore of man, who falls very short of God. But then, just as God is three Divine Persons in one Nature, so three 6’s in one numbersymbolizes man [6] making himself as God [three in one].

    Consequently, whereas God made man in the God’s Image and Likeness, the flip side is that, through the evil number above, man makes God in man’s image.

    Subsequently, when man makes God into his image, one greater result is paganism, which is precisely the nature of man projecting his image onto the Divine. For, in paganism, the deities are largely a reflection of the fallen nature of man, themselves finite in power and in constant struggle according to diverse, and many times arrogant and selfish, passions.

    An additional severe hurdle in the nature of man making God into his image is the blasphemous tendency of humanity to even deify themselves, presuming utter independence from God, the makers of their own destiny and fulfillment, and the final arbiter of truth.

    This very construct presents the supreme problem of the mystery of God’s Plan to impart the Revelation of the Incarnate One to a fallen world. Why? Well, firstly, because of paganism, man tends to see God in multiplicities and with conflicts , whether through the multiple gods of polytheism, or pantheism, where the god of the universe is having a bad dream from which man must help “him” [and therefore themselves also] to wake up.

    From this, we see that, preliminarily, God must first overcome the hurdle of multitheism and limited power of the deities by emphasizing the Unicity, Omnipotence, and Omniscience of God. Likewise, the emphasis on God’s unicity and infinite transcendence must also be ground in first to make certain the reality that man cannot ascend above God, fashion his own fulfillment, nor determine the truth independent of God.

    Only after this hurdle can the next much more profound mystery of the Incarnation and Trinity be made manifest, where we see the threefold family of love within God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, each different Persons but all fully God (which must not be confused with a multiplicity of limited deities ) and of the Son Himself taking on human nature, so as to suffer in humility for the creatures (not to be confused with a lack of potency on God’s part, nor to imply that man, as a mere creature, can ascend and become God, but to reveal His Immeasurable love to suffer in solidarity with and for fallen man).

    Hence, our first conclusion is that before the Incarnation, the Spiritual Nature, Unicity, Omnipotence, and Omniscience of God must be firmly grounded in Revelation.

  10. D. Colling says:

    I would rather read than listen to people. When I’m done reading then I will decide if I want to listen or not.

  11. Donna Beedy says:

    Thanks guys very informative certainly learned a lot this episode! As always love and looking
    forward to the next one

  12. 666 is a number that is associated with the devil. It is also a number that is associated with the Antichrist.

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