The Occult & Black Magic

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Catholic Answers Apologist Jimmy Akin to discuss Catholic teaching on the Occult, Black Magic, and other mysterious dark forces.

Episode 139:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What is the Occult?
• What Aquinas wrote about The Occult
• Are Curses real? Can they be broken?
• Do Witches actually have powers?
• Can Catholics believe in Astrology?
• Do Ghosts exist?
• Do Crystals and Amulets have any effects?
• and much more

Show Notes:

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• St. Thomas Aquinas on the Occult

• Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World Podcast

• Jimmy Akin on Catholic Answers



9 comments on The Occult & Black Magic

  1. Ave Maria says:

    Speaking of the occult, I think that a discussion is important on the stang staff that Francis had back in 2018 at World Youth Day. I’m still surprised that he’d even accept one, let alone none of his staff telling him that it’s an occultish symbol. Perhaps he had no idea that it even had been a symbol for the occult. After all, he doesn’t seem to really understand traditional Catholicism, or have any interest in looking back at church history before Vatican II.

    All one can do is pray for him and hope that Christ leads him to the truth about false ecumenism and embracing heretics/schematics and stop attacking traditional Catholics.

    1. Ave Maria says:

      Correction to my previous post, I meant that Oct 2018 opening of the Bishops Synod.

    2. Mark Philip Quacoo Sekle says:

      Any power that’s not from God,is cultism or witchcrafting. This power does not do anything without reward.The reward involving fatal sacrifices includes human blood and quest for practices that are always opposite to God’s ordained practices like same sex marriage (Gay,Lesbianism)

  2. Andrea says:

    Great show! I am still laughing from your first show on astrology as Ryan Scheel was super funny and droll that day about the silliness of horoscopes. I had read them faithfully in the paper daily for years when I was young. I even ‘played’ with a ouija board until one day when I was alone and attempting to use it the planchette just flew by itself across the board. Well, I never used the board again after that and I threw away the planchette. It was years later before I got rid of the board itself because I was afraid that it had a demon inside it that may harm an innocent. I should have burned it instead of tossing it.

    I laughed at Fr. Pagano’s story about the girl who was being confirmed trying to talk to the confirmation bishop about his personal horoscope. LOL!! I was born on July 12th so I am Cancer on the horoscope wheel but powered by God as Fr. Pagano says. Empowered by God. Yes, thinking the stars rule negates free will. I never gave that a thought back then. It was my regular and singular amusement and a silly one. I never thought it was against my faith.

    I had heard that copper had scientific properties and was glad Jimmy explained why it is used especially in water piping.

    I have to read more Aquinas, especially on the occult, and I have to check out Jimmy Akin’s mysterious world. It was interesting to learn that Aquinas thought the planets had an impact on our bodies but not our souls. I also want to read the catechism 21:10-17 about all practices of the occult being contrary to the ‘virtue of religion’ as well as a sin and violation against God’s First Commandment. It seems obvious now but never gave it a thought then. I was all about exploring science fiction, astrology, astronomy, horror tales of the supernatural or the occult. I was playing with fire.

    During the past few years I have had experiences twice with demons and I am sure I am not alone when I say this. I had even thought of going to an exorcist when first attack I had no less than 7 voices talking all at once in my head and I was living within visual hallucinations. I even drove and spent my entire day out in the world while within an hallucination! The cacophony of voices had me awake at night and praying to God for help when they first started as I couldn’t even function. I couldn’t hear what others were saying because I only heard the voices. I couldn’t hear God at first or my own inner voice. I thought I was disconnected from God and found out He was right there with me as well as my Guardian Angel.

    God answered my prayers and helped me then I got medical help as well. I couldn’t even reason enough to help myself until God quieted down the voices. I then embroiled them into ‘rational’ conversations and gave them names. I did this so that I could answer their questions and get rid of them one by one and only then was I able to seek out the medical community for more help. I needed medical attention and I was involved as well in some serious spiritual warfare. I was being psychically beaten up. My soul was under attack. My conscious brain attacked me. I survived all this bombardment thanks to God.

    What else helped me while recuperating from all this was the fact that the Catholic Church and all of you guys on the Catholic Talk show, and others too encountered within Catholic podcasts, recognize that demons are real as well as spirits or ghosts. I need to write a book on my experiences but some hallucinations have been fused into others and I would need to remember the details of both attacks more accurately in order to separate them. Not easy. Not even sure it can be done. (The Holy Spirit was also with me when I wrote my first book Thoughts on God. While writing it I went into a trance-like state and two chapters were edited completely out but done so well they didn’t impact the rest of the book and its flow! I just want to say the Holy Spirit is a terrific editor!) My book was a thank you note to God.

    I agree with most of you, except RS, that yoga exercises can be just that as long as you are not reciting the names of Hindu deities while still being a practicing member of the Catholic faith.

    I think it is a really good idea for another podcast with Jimmy Akin about extraterrestrials. Thanks so much for explaining about demon babies and their improbability. I thought Damien too RS! That was one scary movie like The Exorcist.

    “‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” Leviticus 19:31

    I am definitely watching this one again. I sometimes re-read a good book or replay a good podcast.

    Take care,

  3. Ave Maria says:

    Dear Andrea,

    Multiple Popes have said that St. Thomas is the best guide for any Catholic to understand the faith. One Minute Aquinas by Kevin Vost is a very good book to get St. Thomas in a more short and sweet kind of manner of reading.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thank you for the reading tip! It is appreciated.

  4. Claire Wraith says:

    There is nothing wrong with doing yoga as an exercise

  5. Pietra Fitness fan says:

    Another Catholic alternative to Yoga is Pietra Fitness. Check out pietrafitness.com. They also have articles from Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP regarding the practice of Yoga. FYI.

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