The Oddest Catholic Patron Saints

Almost everyone knows the patron saints of travelers or lost items. But what about the odd Patron Saints of Bearded Women, Murderers, Ugly People, and Hangovers?

On this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about the oddest Catholic Patron Saints.

One comment on “The Oddest Catholic Patron Saints

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    First, Ryan Scheel good comment, good statement, “God equips those called and he doesn’t call the equipped.” , makes me feel so much more worthy. If God sees something in me worthwhile, or a way I can serve God and others, he would work with the clay or show me the way. That is humbling in itself. Fr. Rich is doing God’s work and loving it and he still feels unworthy which is another word sometimes for humble.

    There was a time when cars had St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel, medals hanging from the rearview mirror and a small magnetic statue of Mary on the dashboard before they became plasticized. My parents drove such a Catholic car. They were devout. When I was small, my house had my grandmother’s Infant of Prague in it, a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the wall, and a statue of the Blessed Mother. Your shows jog religious memories.

    I am wondering if I could pray to St. Wilgefortus to prevent beard growth and as another woman who would understand better?!

    Interesting and funnily bizarre podcast. You guys do a great job on gathering and sharing esoteric religious trivia as well as sharing religious teachings and traditions.

    Just as FYI, visions, like the projected live mass, resemble hallucinations and appear within a cloud that expands outward in a widening circle that can sometimes become elliptical in shape with soft curled in edges. This happens while you are watching. I had a hyperthyroid glandular issue that caused hallucinations for a time so I have first hand experience. People can step right out of the cloud and into your reality, or the room you are in. Other hallucinations appear to be based in reality or reality itself. They are clinically interesting but only after you are no longer experiencing them and they are just distant memories.

    Fr. Rich you are so right. I have met and even still know some people who are so beautiful inside that when they smile their face glows like the sun. Makes me think of Moses having to wear a veil because his face glowed so brightly after being in the presence of God. He must have looked sunburnt though as people became afraid of him, even his brother Aaron.

    Thank you guys for another interesting podcast.
    God bless us all!

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