What Do Catholic Bishops Really Do?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by His Excellency, Bishop David Toups of the Diocese of Beaumont to discuss the theology and role of Catholic Bishops.

Episode 115:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How are Bishops different than Priests?
• How does a priest get considered for the role of Bishop?
• How do you get told you’re becoming a Bishop?
• Should Catholics trust the Bishops?
• and much more

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5 comments on What Do Catholic Bishops Really Do?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    A handsome clean-shaven man is Bishop Toups and he seems down to earth despite his prestigious office. He is the reality of humility. If Jesus was humble so should his vicars be in the apostolic succession. Congratulations on your promotion and I wish you the best of success and good health. It was nice to meet a bishop albeit virtually.

    It was interesting to listen him go over the role and responsibilities of being a bishop. Despite having a staff he is one busy man. I like the story of how he found out he was made the Bishop of Beaumont. He was left with no wriggle out room. RD used a good sports draft analogy for how he was chosen.

    I liked the Bishop’s sense of humor and he fit right in with you guys! I hope he has free time again to come visit the show. He made a wonderful guest. I want him to share some bishop jokes next time around. I didn’t know there was such an animal. Frankly, I had thought the office of bishop was more pompously political than spiritual until this man came on your show. I thought they were a bunch of stuffed shirts despite the shepherd’s crook.

    Good answer Bishop Toups as to why we should trust our bishops. Good question RD about accountability – priests and bishops. I had to chuckle at the fact that people find Bishop Toups to be the Complaint Department of the diocese. Some people are sincere but others are just cranky cranks who think they should be crafting Catholicism. I like how you outlined transparency, Bishop Toups. I like how your brought in investigators to be sure what you had been told to date was the truth and factual going into your job with its reported issues and problems. As RS said it was a very wise move on your part. (My bosses all liked me because there were no surprises. I reported all the facts even the ugly ones. Many appreciated this a lot and others would rather not know. Surprises that bite you on the butt are not happy ones. I also presented possible solutions as well.)

    Thank you for your perspective on McCarrick, Bishop Toups. RS, excellent point about being married for 20 years or more and finding out the spouse had a secret life. The secular world can relate to this happening often enough. The man hid his secret sick life for 40 years and was helped.

    The camaraderie made for a great show and you can just tell Bishop Toups is most definitely a people person. I look forward to his return.

    Stay safe and stay healthy,

  2. Kelly says:

    I loved hearing the story of Bishop Toups’ phone call! Around Thanksgiving of last year, Bishop Austin Vetter of Helena, Montana was appointed. His story of accepting his Episcopal call is very similar. He got the phone call from the 202 number and when he finally did answer it, he too remembered Mary’s fiat and simply said, “In faith, yes.” I love how profoundly Mary is working in the Bishops of the day. Blessed be God!

  3. Nancy Bobal says:

    What a wonderful show with Bishop Toups. He has energized my faith in the role of Bishops and I pray that he instills that belief/faith throughout his Diocese. May God continue to bless him on his new journey and give him the strength to do the Will of God. And, may God continue to bless Fr. Pagano, Ryan D., and Ryan S. on spreading the Word of God. God bless you all!

  4. Javier Castillo says:

    Love his leadership, so happy for him to be my Bishop! Very humble man! Greeting from Beaumont, Texas!

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