Where Is The Lost Ark Of The Covenant?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys go raiding looking for the history and clues about The Lost Ark of The Covenant

Episode 147:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What exactly was The Ark of The Covenant?
• What did the Ark look like?
• When did the Ark go missing?
• What was inside the Ark of The Covenant?
• Why did the Ark kill those that touched it?
• Where IS The Ark of The Covenant today?
• and much more


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8 comments on Where Is The Lost Ark Of The Covenant?

  1. The Ark Of The Covenant is under Golgotha where Jesus was crucified and in the possession of the Israelis who have not disturbed it but happy in the knowledge where it is and its possession ensures victory in all battles and mind you i am happy that it is so!!!

    1. Koa Hart says:

      His is correct. Research the work and findings of Ron Wyatt.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Guys and Fr. Indiana Pagano,

    I LOVE the history of the ark and what it contained bread and water and our laws. (Aaron’s rod would find water in the desert miraculously.) Moses had it built according to God’s instructions but might have been more of a supervisor than worker depending upon his skill set. I too loved the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. I watch it every time it is repeated on TV. I know there were rules attached as far as not touching the ark unless you were a priest because of its power over life and death. Interesting how it had the power to zap anyone who touched it. Self-protection.

    It is hidden so well that it has yet to be found today. Some believe it was assumed into Heaven but others think it is still here on earth maybe even hiding in plain sight. The book of Ezra says it was taken off to Babylonia. Ethiopia thinks they have it because of the son David had with their Queen.

    Ryan Scheel thinks that King Hezekiah saved it and hid it within one of the caves under Jerusalem initially. Under the Temple Mount perhaps. Maybe it was removed during the Roman Empire destruction of the temple to a safe place. Some think it was taken to Rome. There are many theories out there some credible and some not. Ryan Scheel covered the most popular.

    It is a mystery that survived to this day. Ryan Scheel was the subject of the Inquisition today. He pondered the Knights Templar theory about where it was found then taken to France. RS personally thinks it is still buried under the Temple Mount and excavation there is not going to happen any time soon as RD says so it is safe. Fr. Pagano didn’t disagree.

    I enjoyed this podcast as much as you guys did! I loved the last two episodes, and all the ones that came before actually. They keep on getting better and you three are worth following weekly. Ryan Scheel thank you so much for your time in researching for us! Kudos!

    Take care!

  3. Anne K says:

    I thought you were going to finish up by saying that the Ark is every tabernacle in every Catholic and Eastern (et al) Orthodox Church around the world. Cuz that’s where it is.

    As for the historical Ark, I keep thinking it couldn’t have been schlepped all over the globe like so many theories say, because even though the shekinah glory departed the Temple (I forget when), I still think it would be a holy item and cause some sort of ripples everywhere it went. Trajan’s Column shows the golden lampstand from the Second Temple was carried to Rome, but it doesn’t show the Ark, so I don’t think the Ark went to Rome. I think the Jews were smart and hid it under the Temple Mount, where (hopefully) no one can get to it for now.

    I hate to start yet another urban legend, but here goes: what if the Ark is hiding in plain sight, inside the marble box that is the high altar at St. Peter’s Basilica, or the altar at St. John Lateran? I got this idea for no historical reason, just because one church where I used to go to Adoration would place their monstrance on a tabor atop their free-standing altar. To draw a verbal picture: The tabor was made of two brass cherubim, facing each other with wings reaching towards each other, and a sheet of clear glass was laid on top of their wings. Then the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament was placed on top of the glass shelf. It looked like Jesus was floating above the cherubim’s wings, and then I realized the rectangular mass of the altar was like a box, a little bit bigger than the historical Ark of the Covenant. So, where Jesus was in the monstrance, he looked to be hovering above the mercy seat. I don’t mean to send people off x-raying all the altars in Rome, but I love it as a meditation.

  4. Julie says:

    Why are people sure it would still exist? If it was replaced with the new covenant maybe the Godly power went out of the objects in the original ark and in time it was looted and destroyed by unbelievers ? (Apologies to Steven Spielberg and other treasure hunters).

  5. Rick and Robin Powell says:

    If you research Ron Wyatt and his search for the ark of the covenant, it will add much information to your discussion. Ron Wyatt did his discoveries at Jeremiah‘s grotto, Jeremiah‘s cave at the old bus station.

    1. Andrea Damon says:

      Is this a theory the Holy Catholic Church approves?

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