Is Catholicism Liberal or Conservative?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by the Most Reverend Erik T. Pohlmeier of The Diocese of St. Augustine to discuss the real and perceived divides in the Church along Liberal and Conservative lines.

Episode 238:

In this episode, we will discuss:
• Can liberals and conservatives both be Catholics?
• Has the Church always been divided?
• How modern media causes problems
• How to understand the other side
• and much more


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3 comments on Is Catholicism Liberal or Conservative?


    Good episode. I agree too, that it would be wonderful, if after Mass, parishioners go out and feed the poor. So many do not make the opportunity to touch the poor intimately.
    One other thing, I might note. Yesterday, I went to Confession and wanted to say my Rosary in Church before Mass. The choir was practicing and I could not focus. I finally got up and walked the parking lot to say the Rosary. My other problem is communing with Jesus after receiving Him in the Eucharist. Again the choir Communion song, distracts my communion with Jesus. This is Jesus. I want to talk to him in quiet. I suppose people get uncomfortable with quiet???
    Thank you for your YouTube Channel!

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