Who Are The Priests We Need To Save The Catholic Church?

In this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by author Kevin Wells, to discuss the shocking murder of his uncle, Monsignor Thomas Wells, and how his example is one every Catholic priest should follow.

In this episode, you will learn:
• What led to the murder of Monsignor Wells?
• How is his example needed for the Church?
• How are priests under attack in today’s world?
• What do priests need to do to save the Church?
• How can our priests lead the fight against evil?
• and much more

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3 comments on Who Are The Priests We Need To Save The Catholic Church?

  1. Madgalene says:

    Am reading the book and really enjoy it. I noted to a holy priest that this book reminded me of him and he immediately ordered the book! Yes, on page 72 is a list of items for a hoy priest to embrace. If all did, the world would change!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,
    God bless the soul of the martyred priest Fr. Tom Wells. I am so sorry how he died so horribly. He suffered and died for the sins of others, the evil of others who abused children from the sounds of his story. We never think of the bravery of the clean up crew who get called to parishes to bring them back to God. I am so glad his nephew is clearing his name and telling the tale of all the victims of the evil of child abuse. He was called to do this and saved by God through both priests, Fr. Tom, and the one by his bedside. I wonder too Kevin if Satan fingered Fr. Tom because of his healing successes.

    I had just such a charismatic priest touch my life. He too was attuned to everyone around him and the light of Christ would shine through him and touch each of us in his presence. He loved his ministry and was a power too as he held the office of Spiritual Director at one time in the Boston archdiocesan office. I wish that all priests could feel like they walk in the light of God all of their days. Some get tired on their journey and the light dims. I wish as one of His children and a member of His flock that I could remember that I walk with God every day and be filled with that joy always. It’s like the thought is too great and weighty to hold onto in this world of constant bombardment from others.

    Like Fr. Tom, I believe Fr. Sassani is working from the other side or our spiritual world. He would be doing this out of love. Kevin Wells is correct, Jesus gave priests the gift of healing souls and bodies. The power to drive out demons in all their forms. Fr. Rich I hear you as far as the structure of your life as a priest because I often feel like a hot mess some days. I use the structure of prayer for my day and I am writing because I am using one of the gifts God gave me to praise Him back.

    Interesting assessment of Kevin Well’s message or quest to the priesthood, Fr. Rich. It is not a journey of judgement more of enlightenment. Many people are calling on the Blessed Mother today. I took up her rosary because I believe I was asked to include her in my life again. I had hardened my heart against her because one visitation attributed to her had her yelling at the children as if blaming them for the sins of the world. That was not the mother I could embrace. My own mother led by teaching not yelling.

    Nice tribute to Fr. Rich RD and RS. That is the impression his audience receives of him so it is nice that we are validated. Listening is such a large part of what you do for others. Fr. Sassani listened always and heard the heart talk as well as the soul. Sometimes they are one and the same. That is my definition of spiritual joy.

    I read the comments of others for each podcast and there are some people out there hurting and needing healing. It is the reason why they tune into these podcasts as if you are going to provide them with answers. It makes me sad that they are looking externally for answers sometimes instead of within. I have a friend who loves to be distracted by the drama of life always in order to avoid deep thoughts. These thoughts scare her. I think life is full of drama and want less of it yet she is out there seeking more.

    You are so right Fr. Rich, if you don’t have an intimate relationship with Jesus through prayer you are liable to fail the priesthood. I wish your younger brother much luck in what I hope is a true calling for him. Priests everywhere have all my respect.

    I hope you have Kevin Wells on again so that we can pick his brain. He is as interesting as the rest of you. I believe that the Holy Spirit messages inspire many people to seek us out to help us or receive help from us. Our guardian angel also yaks it up with other guardian angels in our vicinity too as my life is filled with encounters I need.

    God bless us everyone as TT would say and thank you again for a good podcast and start to my Tuesday.

  3. Chris says:

    This is my first comment so I want to start out by saying how much your podcast has helped me and continues to help me become closer to Christ. So glad I found you.

    That being said, I am only halfway through this podcast but I have recognize the shout out to the Diocese of Scranton and Msgr. Esseff. I worked as the cathedral sacristan for 20 years and met many priests. Let me tell you – this man is a force of holiness. Thank you for recognizing him. I look forward to the rest of the podcast on my way to work tomorrow.

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