Why Are Catholic Statues Being Destroyed By Protestors?!?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about the statues of Catholic Saints being destroyed by rioters and protestors, racial issues, and Taylor Marshall vs. Bishop Barron.

Episode 94:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• How should Catholics respond?
• Should images of “White” Jesus be taken down?
• The Taylor Marshall vs. Bishop Barron Beef
• What The Iconoclastic Controversy can teach us today
• Should Catholics support “Black Lives Matter”?
• and much more

25 comments on Why Are Catholic Statues Being Destroyed By Protestors?!?

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys,

    “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1Corinthians 16:13

    Heartening words as the Catholic faith comes under attack. Note: Your website was down for awhile this morning which makes me wonder if it came under attack. Or maybe you had a problem loading it. It happens.

    As far as motivation for all this destruction who knows what an individual thinks. As far as protestors some are just caught up in their own destruction mode. A perfect example is an activist extremist named Shaun King. Maybe he wants to go down in history as leading a revolt against the Catholic Church. He should get little to no attention, I agree RD. Despite his accusation of white supremacy against the Catholic Church his real motives and agenda are unknown. I read about this BLM Activist on the Church Pop website. Evidently give Shaun a cause and he will twist it for his own purposes. God is no color or specific race, He is God. He is the Father of all races. He is even the Father of Shaun King who sounds like the prodigal son running even more amok out there in the world. He definitely needs a prayer or two. He sounds disconnected from God as well as the physical world. The Catholic faith is a rainbow of colors Shaun King.

    A specific target defaced and toppled was the the statue of Junipero Serra, the Franciscan monk. “Always forward and never turn back.” as you mentioned Fr. Rich. Yet when I googled him this excerpt of his life came up from recent news reporting. “He was canonized by Pope Francis in 2015 and has remained a controversial figure for what activists say was his treatment of Native Americans, including forcing them to convert to Catholicism and destroying their tribes and culture. The protest was held at the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana, a week after a statue of Serra was toppled in downtown Los Angeles near Olvera Street.” I never knew he was considered a controversial figure who did harm? By whom? I had thought he lived among Native Americans peacably from the little I remember learning about him back when I was a kid. More misinformation out there? Misinformation used to justify an act of vandalism? Pure vandalism. No matter how he tries to justify this act it was vandalism for the sake of vandalism. Protestors are now addicted to protesting as a new pattern of human behavior and have moved on from tackling and toppling political figures and our forefathers to religious figures of saints.

    I agree with Monsignor Stephen Rossi from this same Church Pop article that America is under demonic attack. I think bad or evil forces are gathering. But, the good news is that what is defeating all this surrounding hate right now is love. Trump is determined to divide and most of America is determined to unite. Unite against the pandemic, against racial violence, against any and all forms of tyranny. Hate divides. Love unites. I have to remember that myself at times.

    The two sides I see Fr. Rich is someone on the side of hating mankind vs the rest of us who want to love or try to love mankind. I want to fight for good and unity as well as embracing the message of loving your brothers and sisters.

    Yes Fr. Rich, Jesus asked the apostles to go out to every nation and baptize them. Yet I have heard through more than one channel that the RCC is refusing baptisms due to restrictions on godparents and their eligibility. This could be another subject brought up in a podcast. What is more important, the baptism of a soul or Church restrictions to be placed on godparents who already agree to raise the child Catholic upon the death of the parents. My opinion is cut out the nonsense and baptize these children as Jesus would want you to.

    I am sorry you three are under attack so often. I am so sorry that FB and Twitter got so corrupted but not surprised. They are forums for causes, all causes. I am not surprised you come under attack because the three of you have put yourselves out there. One thing we have all noticed is the amount of anger that is out there. Legacy anger. Righteous anger. Anger from fear of the unknown. Anger from ignorance.

    As always it is interesting to hear about your families. My lineage is similar to that of RS.

    We are all works in progress. As I grew up I have grown in tolerance, acceptance of others because of the very fact they exist. They are here on the planet contributing members of the human race and they are not going away. It is not logical to expect that or to try to segment mankind. Ending on the note of healing and unification was a good wrap-up Fr. Rich.

    Stay safe and stay well everyone.

    1. Check him out on Wikipedia and get the real unvarnished and accurate account of his life and his horrific treatment of the indigenous people

      1. Andrea says:

        I checked him out in Wikipedia as you suggested and the guys picked the wrong saint to defend. He treated the Native Americans as if they were children and was into corporal punishment. White power comes to mind. Racism comes to mind. He also coerced his audience instead of simply leading them into the light. As in over-zealous and a man of his time in Spanish Inquisitorial history. He was into self-flagellation which is not the product of a healthy mind. He is definitely a controversial figure among Native Americans, many of whom have kept the faith as of today. He had a free labor force or slave force for building the missions if you will. The only uncontested truth running through his life was that he believed that Baptism would save their souls and get them into Heaven. He considered them pagans needing to be civilized, but he also loved them in his own way and was afraid that they were doomed in their current state. The soul was his ultimate goal. Preserving their culture was not a thought in his head.

  2. Susan McClelland says:

    Thanks guys I was wondering what your thoughts were. I did see the video of Dr. Taylor Marshall about Bishop Barron.

  3. Eve says:

    You have no women on your show.
    What’s wrong with you?
    Sadly you have created a comfortable and smug male domain. No wonder people are leaving the church in droves.
    What would Jesus say ?
    Would Jesus Christ exclude women? No he would not.
    Does Christ live within women?
    Yes of course he does!!

    1. Andrea says:

      Hi Eve,
      I think the Three Amigos started this from their regular boy’s night out. Their own enterprise based upon their dynamics. Your point is valid though either leave the show as is but feature more women, or add a woman. They face the Biden decision as far as adding a woman as I think they should add a black woman. They have only had one woman guest I know of the editor from Church Pop.

    2. Theresa Simoneaux says:

      I think that these men are spreading great knowledge. Perhaps, no women have come forward to join their discussions. Should they look specifically for a woman just because she is female? Or should they find someone who has expertise regardless of gender or race?

    3. Charles Constantine says:

      Dear Eve,

      There are a few problems with that argument. First, it’s the men who are leaving the churches. At least part of the reason is the perceived “feminization” of the liturgy and the homilies. Parish leadership positions (excluding the priests) go to women, at least in the several parishes I’ve looked at. My common experience is to find men in the position of “minister of maintenance” or some such title, and often the financial officer. Other than that, it’s women “all the way down.”

      Secondly, every group below a certain size has it’s own “feel” or “atmosphere.” In large groups, smaller groups or teams break off to form their own group. These guys are friends and they’ve worked together for a long time (nearly 100 episodes). If they hadn’t created a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere they would have broken up a long time ago. Besides, add a woman to a group of men and the atmosphere changes immediately and noticeably. Maybe it’s chivalry or something else, but the group is changed

      Add another person to the group? Maybe they would, but I suspect it would have to be someone they could share a friendship or even a deep feeling with. In this case, the people, and the group they form, are the “product.” Adding new people would have to be done prayerfully and with consideration of what that person could add without disrupting the existing team.

      Adding, specifically, a woman? Why? Anyone added would have to bring something different or it would be the same show. Some “different” things don’t belong on a Catholic show, and not every show has to feature every possible Catholic point of view. Why do they have to add a woman? Why not add someone physically disabled? Adding an American Indian might bring an interesting perspective. How about an Asian? Maybe someone who thinks they are a different sex than what their body indicates?

      In short, leave the program alone. People will watch it or not, but it’s their program, they like it and so do many others. We, (you, I, and any other individual) have no right to tell them who they have to have in their group. Object to the ideas if you want, but an idea isn’t automatically good if it comes from a woman.

      (Oh, do you object to the ideas they introduce? Or do you just object to them because they are said by men?)

      1. Andrea says:

        Sorry if your momma wasn’t good to you Charles.

      2. Margarita says:

        Excellent reply ..be aware there are infiltrators posting to derail the spiritual purpose of the show..

        1. Andrea says:

          Hi Margarita,
          Thank you!

          I read the Washington Post online and yesterday there was an op ed article from the San Francisco Archbishop regarding the toppling of the St. Junipero Serra statue. It was good but not plumped out enough just a general defense not really outlining Serra’s history. What worries me all the time is the comment sections of WAPO tacked onto any religious reporting. Their comments are the comments of instigators, haters of the faith, haters in general, etc. Some say Catholics have committed genocide as in this case, and that we worship human beings hoping they will get us to Heaven, and how dare we go disturb another culture and wipe it out by bringing the gospels there. Then there were the usual ones about the Catholic Church condoning pedophilia by hiding sexual predators. They are attacking members of the faith who haven’t left the Church because of this which makes us all complicit in their minds. There is no expansion of thought in some minds. What scared me the most about all the comments was the intense anger behind them! Some I respond to, and some I just can’t figure out how to deal with or even should I deal with them. There are people who just want to continue spewing vitriol and throwing gasoline on the fire. They have no intention of listening as they have a personal vendetta agenda going on.

          I believe some of this anger is because people need a target of hate during these frightening times. Some are angry because they believe in God and some are angry because they don’t believe in God and feel disconnected or disenfranchised.

          The Church needs to advertise more about the good it does everywhere in the world. We need more good press.

    4. Margo Conklin says:

      Woo Hoo! You go girl! I wholeheartedly agree; it seems that the Catholic is male dominated, yet, Jesus held Mary, His Mother in high esteem as well as Mary Magdalene who traveled with Jesus and was actually an apostle which, of course, the Church denies.

      1. Heather says:

        You have a terrific show, really enjoy your perspectives on things and try to share with my “kids” …all over 30. My only objections to this episode is the comment on people who say they don’t see colour. I was brought up that all people were God’s people. Not seeing colour does not mean I don’t appreciate heritage and origins, in fact just the opposite. What it means is that I see all “people” as “people”, from all over the world, with so many interesting cultures, but all children of God. If God has a “colour”, we would be all the same, put on the brilliant colour of the Resurrection.
        Keep up the passion, pray for those who have not been gifted by the Holy Spirit as indicated by their comments.

  4. huberto m. decena says:

    I think that this is now satanic power taking over and I expect it since statues of Baphomet is now being enthroned in city halls, so his disciples take down the holy statues, soon it will Jesus’ statues and the tabernacle. Satan is taking over, ‘coz once you give him a finger, he takes your whole arm.. Politically, this can also be the move of CCP because they want Trump to have bad face and not win in November election. CCP has hacked your technological advances, even military secrets. Now they use dissenting Americans to destroy USA. CCP money is flowing into those crowds.

    1. Margarita says:

      You are correct ..and this is happening all over in Europe as well …in France Churches get vandalized monthly and the mobs demonstrating since last October are the same .. is call anarchists and socialists ..they all have an agenda ..China is manipulating the EU economy in particular Italy ..and they just took over Hong Kong …poor true demonstrators ..many Christian Catholics that prayed and stood so strong… The hate for our statues..is not racial..is demonic anti God ..nothing new revise the 20th Century all over the world ..starting with Russia and the Bolchevick revolution. . 60,000 plus religious killed .. pray and fast ..for this rioters ..they need salvation..and history education ..

  5. Rose says:

    Our USA 🇺🇸 is the melting pot for the world 🌎 We All belong here We are gonna Pray to God and pray for one another.Hopefully we can go forward and not go backward God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Sheldon Dsouza says:

    I guess the approach should be one of acknowledgement of the issue of racism, of bias. What’s antagonizing is that this upfront denial of the existence of the bias. The uproar is because of the lack of the acknowledgement.

  7. Sheldon Dsouza says:

    Hey Eve… Every show doesn’t need more men or more women. You have talk shows in the secular culture which are hosted only by women or a single person or two hosts (both men or both women) and there are many reasons you need to look into before deciding whether you wanna have an all female show or all male show or 1 man n 1 woman etc. Do you really want to see women on the show for the sake of women or just to stoke a controversy? If it is the former you would email the hosts of the show or DM them on FB or Twitter instead of commenting here. All comments don’t need to be appreciative, true, but even criticism needs to come from a place of construct than pulling down.

    1. Andrea says:

      Sheldon, just curious as to why Eve shouldn’t comment here which is just another outlet of their social media? Your comment reads that it is okay to be critical on FB or Twitter but not here. Why is that?

      The show could at least step up and have female guests. Almost 100 episodes and they only had one female guest, the editor at Church Pop website. There is nothing to be afraid of. Women have a voice in the Catholic Church. All three feel a great connection to Mary so there is that.

      Their topics are relevant to both sexes and there are shows out there with just male or female hosts. But right now we are talking about this particular show.

  8. Margo says:

    Since I learned that Jesus had dark skin, I do believe that paintings should depict him with dark skin. The existing paintings of Jesus with light skin and light eyes should not be destroyed because the artist did not know what color skin Jesus had.
    However, I must admit that it does irk me when I see the images of Christ portrayed with light skin. Paintings of Christ should be realistic and should not be altered to suit the preference of the artist After all, how would you like it if an artist painted a white person of someone you loved with dark skin.?
    People need not to be so sensitive to the fact that Jesus was a dark caucasin and not black. So what’s the problem?
    Jesus dies for ALL of us, that’s what’s important and that we are all brothers and sisters. So, get over it!

  9. I was thinking about your video and how these riots, statue attacks, etc. are being organized. I believe there is someone truly evil giving these rioters targets, and all of these situations are carefully contrived and planned to create chaos. Growing up on a farm, I recall my father being upset because all of us teenagers wanted to go see a movie. He stated the movie was foolishness and we needed to hoe the corn in the garden to keep the weeds down and the corn growing well. We knew that acre of corn was going to take us all evening. We went to the movie, and it was not worth the money we paid. The next day we needed to hoe the corn, but it rained. The weeds were twice as bad the next day, and we had to pull the weeds as well as hoe the smaller ones. That situation reminded me of all this rioting. The longer we take to confront the issues, and the rioters, the more time whoever is behind all this rioting has to plan and create more chaos, and the harder we will have to work to repair all the damage. All of us need to encourage everyone to research carefully before they protest, and prepare ourselves to give wise and correct counsel and answers for these situations. This is going to be hard work, but we must be firm and deal with these situations. On social media, we can post links that give information regarding the statues (as many are doing). We should post links to history videos that give pertinent information to hopefully defuse some of these situations. I believe videos will be more helpful than sources that need to be read, as the current generation is a video generation. God bless all the efforts good people are making to defuse these current crises and encourage people to think and research instead of racing out to riot and protest only to find they were in the wrong and acted wrongly on incorrect information.

  10. Mark Graff says:

    Ryan S.
    Wow, thank you I’m only 30 some minutes into your podcast and simply brilliant.
    Know that you, your works, your faith and The Catholic Talk Show are an amazing blessing in my life.
    Proud Patron
    FYI the hoodie and mug are very high quality

  11. Jon says:

    You guys are doing exactly what you are accusing Taylor Marshall of doing!

  12. Peter Joseph Egan says:

    Shields made an unfortunate comment about liberal professors having put forth a biased viewpoint about social issues. He has done this in other contexts. We need to quite labeling and stereotyping people because of some thing they THINK. We must listen with the love of Christ in our hearts.
    There is both good and bad in luberals as well as conservatives!

  13. Beowulf Norther says:

    I mean.. you Catholics desecrated countless priceless, incredible statues from ancient Rome throughout Italy for “modesty”, damaging beautiful relics of the ancient world because of minor nudity.
    So do you can’t really suddenly cry foul when it’s done to your own statues. Why is this the line you draw after ignoring millions of priest abuse scandals for centuries?

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